Ever wonder what Freddy Krueger would sound like singing a slow jazz song?

Wonder no more, the puppet web series "Glove and Boots" has just put up a Halloween episode and it features the "Nightmare on Elm Street" antagonist singing a version of the classic jazz song.

The episode starts with Mario having far too much junk food before he goes to bed, which then leads to a nightmare featuring a crooning Krueger.

Here are the words to the song (we dare you to read it without singing it in your head).


Hey guess who's right above you?
Don't you wish you didn't eat that burrito?
That plus an added pint of added of ice cream
Made you dream a dream of me

Hi, my first name is Freddy
Tonight's nightmare will be brought to you by me


I want to wake up cause I have to go pee


Sorry pal you're stuck with me

Start running cause I know all your fears
Like Gene Simmons from Kiss
Or driving a car with just one gear
Check out my fist

Stop running cause I'll find you
Don't hide there cause I'm standing behind you
Are you going to pick Door A or Door B
Congratulations it's Voorhies!

Keep running I still know all your fears
Like Vincent van Gogh I'm going to cut off my left ear
Where did you go?


While you were busy singing
I woke up and ate the rest of the ice cream
But now I think I'll catch some more Zs...
See you in a minute or three!

The highlight of the video, apart from the weird feeling you get from hearing Krueger's bloodcurdling voice singing to one of the most iconic jazz songs ever written, is Jason's impassioned piano solo. This, combined with Kiss and van Gogh references make up a Halloween episode that's just the right amount of creepy but still funny. Any weirder, perhaps, and it would just have been, downright disturbing.

Fans took to Twitter to express their fascination over the new "Glove and Boots" episode featuring Krueger.

Watch the video shown, and let us know what you think of Krueger's crooning in the comments below.

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