Who Wants A New House? This 3D Printer Can Build You One In Just A Day


The Apis Cor 3D printer is powerful enough to be able to print a whole building in just one day, and yet is still small enough that it can be transported with relatively low transportation and preparation costs.

The Apis Cor 3D printer, which was developed by Nikita Chen-yun-tai, a Russian engineer, can be used to print a building on one spot and then easily transported to another spot where it can print another building the next day.

The usage of 3D printers to create houses is not an entirely new idea. However, what makes the Apis Cor 3D printer special is that for its capabilities, it has a small size of 16.4 feet by 5 feet, weighing 2.5 tons. The assembly of the printer can also be finished in just 30 minutes.

These characteristics allow the Apis Cor 3D printer to be moved without the need for expensive methods of transportation and setting up. The device also does not need the site where it would be assembled to be prepared beforehand, allowing the Apis Cor 3D printer to be assembled and deployed right away on a location.

The device prints on a single point without the need for railings that are used by other 3D printers to be able to move across the construction site. However, despite the single-point design of the Apis Cor 3D printer, it has a printing zone extending to a maximum of 630 square feet with no limit on the structure's height. The device achieves this through its swiveling extruder head which is able to provide simultaneous two-plane printing. The efficiency of the design allows the Apis Cor 3D printer to have a high-speed operation that could print a house over the course of one day.

In addition, the Apis Cor 3D printer is eco-friendly, using up only 8 kilowatts of power and creating no form of construction waste during the printing of a building. This lack of construction waste is very beneficial to both the builder, who will no longer need to think about the proper disposal of such waste, and the homeowner, who will not be spending on materials that would be transformed to waste.

The Apis Cor 3D Printer is looking to revolutionize the usage of 3D printers for construction purposes, especially for developing nations where such low-cost and time-efficient methods are essential. As such, there are already several investors that are interested in the project, including from countries such as South Korea, China and the United Arab Emirates.

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