Letting your twins run free and posting about it on social media with hashtag #NoBraDay may cause a ruckus, and not all of them from the supposed adoring public. In a hope to raise awareness about breast cancer, Oct. 13, 2015 has been dubbed National No Bra Day.

People have been posting on social media photos, quotes and even jokes about the sheer sexual aspect of the campaign. Critics claim it has become a day when one can get free boob shots instead of raising awareness about early breast cancer detection.

The campaign draws ire among family members of breast cancer survivors and those who have lost family and friends to the illness. Actress Mara Wilson, famous for the lead role in the 1996 film Matilda, tweeted "As someone whose mother died of breast cancer, f----------ck #NoBraDay. By all means, take cute selfies. But don't pretend it's for this."

The online advertisement for the National No Bra Day event leaves much to be criticized. The advertisement copy started by praising the ta-tas. It explained the event as a means to celebrate 'boobs for being fantastic'. Women are encouraged to free the girls for 24 hours or wear a purple shirt during the day if one must absolutely need to wear the garment support on that day. Men can be part of the celebration too by wearing something purple. As for breast cancer awareness? The one-liner can be seen at the bottom, "**Breast Cancer is something you should take seriously and be checked for.**"

Critics have also attacked the hashtag #NoBraDay saying the widespread message reduces a woman's worth down to her breasts alone. In recent years, cheeky slogans such as "Save Second Base" and "Save the Boobies" have raised more ire than consciousness when it comes to breast cancer awareness efforts.

National Breast Cancer Foundation doesn't seem to recognize the #NoBraDay. However, the foundation has been busy in further increasing awareness through fundraisers during the breast cancer awareness month of October. The foundation's Facebook page is filled with informative guides on how to perform self-exams as well as symptoms and signs to look out for.

Photo: Helga Weber | Flickr  

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