iPhone 6s Upgraders, Take Note: Apple Could Owe You Money, So Here's How To Collect


In spite of many months of leaks concerning the new iPhone models, Apple fans still have things to learn about their favorite smartphone manufacturer.

The Cupertino-based company broke sales records with the introduction of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, thanks to the enthusiasm that backed the release of the phones. An additional week of preorders, as well as placing China in the first batch of countries that received the handsets aided the booming marketing efforts.

According to numbers from the company, millions of phone upgrades to iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus were registered. To users who did this, good news are in store: Apple might owe you a bit of cash. Read further to know how you can collect.

Important retailers insist that customers get expensive protection plans for their electronic devices, but most people pass them over in an attempt to save money. Things change when we refer to Apple's clients, who enjoy the extra protection that the AppleCare+ plans offer to iPhone, iPad and Mac models.

Fact is that Apple's safety plans for the iPhone force the buyer to purchase two years of protection. In short, if you recently returned a newer-than-two-years iPhone and received an iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6s Plus in return, you have some AppleCare+ coverage in effect for your device. This means you purchased a service that you can no longer use, and that further implies a refund from the company.

A support page on Apple's website sports the suggestive title "How to request a refund for an AppleCare plan." In it, a guided step by step process explains to users what they have to do in order to receive the refund for the protection plan's unused part.

For example, a $99 AppleCare plan that has one year left and zero reported incidents can return around $44.

You can contact the manufacturer by phone, fax or email, and you should know the exchanged gadget's serial number, the AppleCare agreement series and have the original sales receipt. If you directly bought the device from Apple, the receipt becomes unnecessary.

A detailed overview on the expected refund levels can he found here.

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