Qualcomm Atheros and Wilocity brought to one table the visions of a faster wireless technology for computing, networking and mobile devices and started to make things happen by forging the latest acquisition deal.

Qualcomm announced the deal, which aims to deliver a multi-gigabit with 60GHz wireless technology, on July 2. The financial terms were undisclosed, however.

“Qualcomm is continually innovating and investing in leadership technologies to drive value for our customers while creating new growth opportunities for our mobile, computing and networking platforms,” Qualcomm president Amir Faintuch says in a statement.

“Qualcomm Atheros and Wilocity have a successful history of collaboration and share a culture of invention,” Tal Tamir, Wilocity’s CEO, says in a statement.

Since 2008, Qualcomm has been investing in Wilocity. In 2011, the two closely collaborated in the creation and distribution of tri-band technological solutions to its computing market.

Wilocity is a leading provider of 60GHz wireless chipsets that are grounded on a technology called WiGig®, or an IEEE 802.11ad standard. Qualcomm says it plans to deliver a family of tri-band platforms combining its Wi-Fi technology and WiGig that would considerably beef up the performance and allow innovative wireless applications.

Faintuch says WiGig will have a significant role in his company’s move to resolve issues and meet requirements of high-tech mobile and computing devices to be able to support apps that consumers would love to enjoy. With such technological partnership, he sees brighter days for Qualcomm.

“Combining multi-gigabit speeds and low energy use, WiGig technology will strengthen Qualcomm Atheros’ connectivity leadership and create exciting new experiences that will accelerate the commercialization and adoption of 802.11ad technology,” says Faintuch, with Qualcomm eventually addressing the surging demands in mobile data.

Since data traffic in mobile computing is projected to significantly develop in the years to come, Qualcomm and its affiliates are boosting its technology ahead so as to meet the surging demands when it finally comes.

Wilocity’s 60GHz technological solutions offers multi-gigabit speeds, considerable improvements on capacity and efficient power performance that are seen as necessary factors to meet the requirements of future media apps.

Tamir says its team “will build upon Qualcomm’s strengths and leadership to collaboratively deliver innovative wireless technology” for all customers in computing, networking and mobile industry.

When combined with the networking and mobile innovation of Qualcomm, both companies will be able to deliver the much-needed performance, coverage, compatibility and capacity that business and home networks will need in the future.

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