Jay-Z, a rap legend who is also the owner of the Tidal music streaming service, has been spotted paying a visit at Samsung's headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Variety has been quick to speculate that Samsung might be planning to team up with Jay-Z's music service. Moreover, the report says a possibility does exist that the tech giant is buying Tidal.

Interestingly, videos as well as photos leaked out over the Internet show off Jay-Z leaving Samsung Research America's office. Samsung Research America accommodates the unit managing the content strategy of Samsung, including the company's very own Milk Music service.

It was likewise discovered that one of the appointments of the Tidal boss during his visit was a meeting with the SVP of content and services Daren Tsui. His position also indicates he is the head of Milk Music. 

Jay-Z bought Tidal in early 2015 for $56 million. In March this year, he relaunched Tidal with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Daft Punk and a lot more, throwing in more attractive deals to musicians and offering hi-fi music to listeners.

"It's important that people understand we didn't create Tidal, we didn't put this together, we didn't all join forces because we're broke and we want more money," Madonna said in an interview. "The idea is we want to support other artists and we want people to understand this is our heart, this is our work, and we want people to recognize that and we want other artists to have a chance."

Tidal is facing a wide array of challenges. In fact, over the past few months, the company has gone through different CEOs. What's more, the unveiling of Apple's own music subscription service last summer has even added pressure to the company.

Partnering with the tech giant might then be a wise idea for Jay-Z's company as it it may be offered by Samsung, which certainly covers a wide distribution base, to preload Tidal's app into Samsung's handsets. On the other hand, the tech giant may also likely benefit from Jay-Z's name recognition.

In August, we delved on rumors claiming Jay-Z was planning an exit strategy for its music streaming service Tidal, which has been plagued with lawsuits, executive departures as well as low consumer interest.

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