We've known more heroes and villains from the Star Wars universe would be making their way into Star Wars Battlefront, but we didn't know who would make the cut.

Now, we do. As revealed in a new official PlayStation blog post, Princess Leia, Han Solo and Emperor Palpatine will all be joining the massive multiplayer battles of DICE's upcoming multiplayer shooter, and each character comes with his or her own unique weapons and abilities. 

Princess Leia, for starters, serves as a support hero for the Rebels. She excels at buffing teammates and holding defensive positions, but she is handy with a blaster as well. Her Trooper Bane ability will kill enemy troopers in one shot. Her enhanced personal shield allows her to shoot from within it, making it handy for assaulting heavily-fortified positions. Her supply drop ability will also be important, as she can call in power-ups for troops or additional health for hero characters. 

Moving on to Han Solo, DICE says he might be the easiest Hero character to learn. Han is essentially a more powerful Rebel trooper with increased damage output, health and mobility. His Rapid Fire ability lets him fire at will without fear of overheating his blaster. To get into (or out of) situations quickly, players can use his Shoulder Charge ability. Last but not least is Lucky Shot. This charge and release attack can deal big damage to enemy heroes and vehicles.

That brings us to Emperor Palpatine. The Sith Lord is a fearsome force on the battlefield. He can use his signature force lightning on enemy troops as well as call in supplies for his team. His looks are also more than a little deceiving. Despite being what appears to be an old man, Palpatine can move across the battlefield with frightening speed thanks to his Force Dash ability. 

You can read more about each hero and the design philosophy that went into their abilities here.

Star Wars Battlefront arrives for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Nov. 17. 

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