Anyone would laugh at a joke until the joke is turned on you, which is precisely what the official Star Wars Facebook page did to Mark Zuckerberg, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, when he expressed his love for the franchise after seeing the newest trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

"This looks amazing. I love Star Wars," Zuckerberg immediately commented and liked the video when he watched the new trailer. This is Mark Zuckerberg so, of course, the Star Wars social media team would not miss the chance to respond and, when they did, it was epic.

"We know," the Star Wars team answered, most likely after channeling their inner Han Solo.

We say: Best. Response. Ever.

Fans, of course, know why the exchange was perfect. For those who need a little reminder, think of the scene in "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back" when Han Solo was about to be encased in Carbonite. Princess Leia tells Han "I love you" only to be answered with a confident "I know" from Han. If you need more help, watch the scene shown.

"Star Wars" released the trailer on social media on Oct. 19 and immediately received many views and responses to it, including reactions from the cast themselves who watched the trailer for the first time when it debuted.

On Facebook alone, the trailer already received more than 9.97 million views and YouTube views have already reached more than 21.9 million. If those numbers are not an indication of fans eagerly awaiting the release of the latest film, we don't know what is. "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is set for theatrical release on Dec. 18

We can't blame Zuckerberg for his excitement, though, because it appears no one is immune to being overwhelmed. Just ask The Capt.

We wonder if Zuckerberg had the same reaction as Princess Leia when Han Solo answered her the same way.

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