As we eagerly await the arrival of the official Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie poster, trailer, and tickets going on sale — expected throughout Sunday October 18th and Monday the 19th — we've just learned that some theaters will be going all out when the movie finally arrives in December.

Fandango has a new page on its website advertising a seven-movie Star Wars marathon that includes all six of the earlier movies, followed by what we assume will be the first midnight showings of The Force Awakens on the night of December 17th. The Force Awakens opens properly on December 18th.

The movies will be shown in chronological (not release) order, as in Episode I, II, III, IV, and so on. Fans planning to sit through all seven should plan to attend at a theater with really comfy chairs, since we're talking about a 15+ hour event. Sign up for Fandango text alerts to find out as soon as tickets go on sale.

Rumor has it the new trailer could debut during Monday Night Football on ESPN, during a broadcast that may even be themed around Star Wars.

Stay tuned to T-Lounge. We'll have the Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster and trailer online as soon as they're available.

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