​HTC promises its unlocked One A9 will get every Android update soon after Nexus.

HTC just unveiled its new hero device on Tuesday, Oct. 20, the HTC One A9, touting a slew of fascinating features, including Marshmallow out of the box, a chic metallic design, a fingerprint scanner and more. Apart from offering impressive, solid hardware at $399, HTC likewise claims a modest software experience with its One A9.

Jason Mackenzie, president of HTC America, said during the announcement of its unlocked version of the One A9 that the company will offer “every software update within 15 days of Google’s first push to Nexus.” This suggests users of HTC One A9 will get upcoming updates to Android 6.0 Marshmallow around two weeks after Google rolls it out to its Nexus handsets.

Mackenzie likewise posted a Tweet confirming the news.

A report, however, says HTC's claim seems "pretty bold," considering how HTC fell behind its 90-day assurance way back in the days of Lollipop.

The Nexus smartphone and tablet lineup of the Mountain View-based company always receives updates instantaneously as the company keeps its software free from third-party apps to make the upgrade cycle as swift as possible.

In the meantime, the HTC One M9 works with the HTC Sense, HTC's  interpretation of Android. Every time Google rolls out a new update, HTC needs to tweak Google's software to fit its own software.

It is speculated that HTC might have found a way to detach its very own HTC Sense software from Android that it is able to upgrade one without the need to fiddle with the other.

However, others are skeptical of HTC's promise, pointing out that the company might have a hard time staying true to its promise, specifically with carrier versions, which will be at the mercy of the carriers before updates are adapted.

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