According to reliable sources, Microsoft will roll out the Windows 10 Threshold 2 on Nov. 2, and it will be called Windows 10 Fall Update. This upcoming Windows version is numbered as 1511, where "15" stands for the year of 2015 and "11" stands for the month of November, which reinforces the talk of a release coming in a few weeks' time.

Unlike the previous full builds, the Windows 10 Fall Update will be cumulative, which means that it's just an update, not a full installation. What this entails is that there will be no need to reactivate Windows and it will be distributed via Windows Update labeled "Windows 10 November 2015" — just like security updates.

The Windows 10 Fall Update doesn't need any specific build installed first, meaning that the RTM version of Windows 10 can be upgraded immediately. Also, when upgrading from any previous OS versions such as Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, Windows will automatically install this updated Windows 10 version.

Now, regarding the changes included in the Windows 10 Fall Update, Cortana will be getting some nice improvements and additional features, including texting from the desktop using the virtual assistant. Other highlights are an improved Media Creation Tool, a range of improvements for Edge and new locales. Unfortunately, this update doesn't come with extensions for Microsoft's latest browser, but those add-ons are scheduled to go live sometime next year.

On an interesting note, the recovery tools are also affected by the November update. When the PC is reset using the tools, it will recover an updated Windows 10 1511 version instead of the July RTM release.

With over 110 million users running Windows 10, Microsoft has a tall order to fill.

"In just a few short months, it's been incredible to see more than 110 million devices already running Windows 10," Terry Myerson, Microsoft's executive VP of the Windows and Devices Group, posted on Microsoft's blog.

Knowing Microsoft, we shouldn't get our hopes up for a Nov. 2 release that much, even though it won't hurt to do so. Until Microsoft announces an official release date, all we can do is sit back and wait.

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