At MCM Comic Con, currently taking place in London (and pretty much the U.K.'s equivalent of San Diego Comic-Con), Marvel is announcing five new ongoing titles.

International Iron Man gives Tony Stark a second monthly series, this one also written by Brian Michael Bendis, who currently pens Invincible Iron Man. So what's the difference in International? Bendis told Entertainment Weekly that Invincible is Tony teaming up with a "repentant" Dr. Doom, who's "showing Tony things about the Marvel Universe he did not know existed." International, on the other hand, is about Tony's journey to discover his place in the world.

Why the sudden existential angst? Because Tony recently — not long before Secret Wars — discovered that he's adopted. A big thrust of International Iron Man will be the search for Tony's birth parents, which Bendis promises to reveal over the next year. Doom will show up in International at times, as well. In keeping with its name, International Iron Man will also be translated and published in over 20 countries. Bendis' frequent collaborator Alex Maleev is handling the art.

Frank Castle returns in The Punisher, written by Gotham Academy's Becky Cloonan with art by Steve Dillon, who makes his anticipated return to the character. Cloonan told that this is going to be almost as dark as Punisher MAX, following Frank on a drug bust that goes sideways when he realizes that the drug creates "unstable super soldiers." Cloonan also advised younger fans of her work on Gotham Academy or Demo to stay far away from this book!

X-Men: Worst X-Man Ever comes from the mind of Say Anything lead singer Max Bemis, with art by Michael Walsh. Comic Vine reveals that it's the story of Bailey Hoskins, a new mutant and student at Xavier's School. The story is set outside of current continuity, with X-Men favorites of all eras on board, and is described as being about "the outcast among the outcasts." Bailey is the ultimate character that doesn't fit in. Worst X-Man Ever will be a digital first starting in December, followed by a print run kicking off in February.

A pair of Squadron Supreme characters round out Marvel's announcements out of London. Nighthawk, written by David Walker, sends its Batman-esque vigilante to Chicago, where he'll fight the criminal element by taking a page or two from Punisher's play book: by any means necessary. What's unique about this Nighthawk is that he's the last remaining survivor of his home dimension.

Likewise, Hyperion is the sole survivor of his homeworld as well, but he'll be located in America's heartland, where he'll search for his own place in the world with a more philosophical, intellectual bent. It's being written by Star Wars: Aftermath novelist Chuck Wendig with art by Nik Virella.

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