If you download the beta version of the Xbox app for Windows 10 (the beta app is a separate one), you'll find a nifty new functionality built in: You'll be able to find your Facebook friends on Xbox Live.

All you have to do is link up your Facebook account, and the app takes it from there. All of your Facebook friends that are on Xbox Live will show up in the recommended friends list. Microsoft says this was the feature most requested by fans. It's just the latest addition Microsoft is trying out in the beta version of the Windows 10 app.

Another new addition adds the ability to record your voice with your Game DVR videos, so you can narrate your clips. Anyone who posts game videos to YouTube will appreciate the usefulness of this feature. You can also redeem download codes inside the Windows 10 app, letting you download Games with Gold to your console.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve and try out the latest Xbox app features on your Windows 10 device before everyone else, the Xbox beta app is a free download from the Windows app store.

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