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'Gotham' Cast Teases What's Coming Up On Season 2 At New York Comic Con

'Gotham' season 2 is heating up after last week's shocking episode. The cast of the show revealed what that means for the rest of season 2.

Feature | Culture October 12, 2015

Exclusive Preview: 'Lara Croft And The Frozen Omen' #2, Writer Corinna Bechko Talks Similarities With Iconic Character

Writer Corinna Bechko talks about her shared interests with Lara Croft in the new miniseries 'Lara Croft and the Frozen Omen.'

Feature | Culture October 16, 2015

Interview: Elliot Knight Of 'Once Upon A Time' Discusses Reimagining Merlin For A New Generation

In an interview with Tech Times, actor Elliot Knight discusses taking on the role of Merlin in 'Once Upon A Time,' and offers a few hints of what we can expect in future episodes.

Feature | Culture October 10, 2015

'Jughead' #1 Review: A Mirror Made Of Ground Beef

Jughead #1 gives a little hope to the cynical nerds.

Feature | Culture October 9, 2015

8 Foreign Horror Movies On Netflix You Should Watch This Halloween

American directors definitely know how to make you scream, but don't forget to look overseas for your Halloween entertainment this year. You can't go wrong with these eight foreign horror movies streaming on Netflix now.

Feature | Culture October 9, 2015

'Destiny's Legendary Sleeper Simulant Has Been Found, Here's How To Get It

The mystery has finally been solved, as 'Destiny's'most sought-after gun becomes a reality.

Feature | Culture October 8, 2015

The Complete 'Halo' Series Timeline: From 'Reach' To 'Guardians'

With 'Halo 5: Guardians' gearing up for launch, it's time to take a look back at the history of the franchise: here's the complete 'Halo' timeline, from 'Reach' to 'Guardians.'

Feature | Culture October 15, 2015

'Batman & Robin Eternal' #1 Review: Batman's Worst Sin

The next big weekly Batman story is here, in the form of 'Batman & Robin Eternal.' How does it stack up, and what is this mysterious danger that's threatening all of the Robins?

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

'Haven' Stars Emily Rose And Adam Copeland Discuss The End Of The Series

With Syfy's 'Haven' wrapping up its series with this one final season, series stars Emily Rose and Adam Copeland spoke to press about the end of 'Haven' and how it will satisfy viewers.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

Interview: 'Manhattan' Cast Discusses Changes In Season 2

'Manhattan' actors Katja Herbers, Harry Lloyd, Michael Chernus and Christopher Denham discuss their changed relationships in season two, as well as how they'll deal with the spy living among them.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

Review: Disney Infinity 3.0: 'Rise Against The Empire' Flips The Star Wars Script

It's round three of our 'Disney Infinity 3.0' reviews. After 'Twilight of the Republic' and 'Inside Out,' let's take another trip to Star Wars — and this time, it's about the original trilogy. Does the game measure up?

Feature | Culture October 6, 2015

Before He Gave You 'Goosebumps,' RL Stine Brought The Laughs

R.L. Stine is most famous for his children's horror book series 'Goosebumps.' However, before Stine was thinking of monsters to keep you up at night, he tried to lift up your spirits with jokes.

Feature | Culture October 8, 2015

'Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection' Review

With 'Uncharted 4' pushed back to spring 2016, Sony has collected the first three games into one remastered package. Is 'Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection' worth it for those who already own the originals?

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

George R.R. Martin's 'A Knight Of The Seven Kingdoms' Is A Vital Piece Of 'Game Of Thrones' Mythology

The adventures of Dunk and Egg are far more than a simple 'Game of Thrones' spin-off.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

Fantasy Football Tips For Week 5: Sleepers, Replacements And Potential Letdowns

Following these pointers could spell another victory in the win column.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

'iZombie' Isn't Like All Those Other Zombie Shows, And That's Exactly Why You Should Be Watching

'iZombie', which goes back on air tonight at the CW for its second season, is going above and beyond to redefine the genre about what shows about zombies can do.

Feature | Culture October 6, 2015

Universal Studios Releases 'Jaws 19' Trailer To Celebrate 30th Anniversary Of 'Back to the Future' Trilogy

Watch the trailer for 'Jaws 19,' the sequel that was playing in theaters when Marty McFly arrived in the future in the 1989 sequel to 'Back to the Future.'

Feature | Culture October 6, 2015

Rescued Pet Raccoon Thinks It's A Dog:. Explosion of Cuteness Begins

Meet Pumpkin, the rescued raccoon who easily made her way into the home and hearts of the Young family. Pumpkin is the cutest addition to this family of two human parents and two Royal Bahamian Potcake rescues.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

Kardashians Declared 'America's First Family' By Cosmopolitan. Here's What Twitterverse Thinks

The Kardashian sisters, along with mother Kris Jenner grace the cover of Cosmopolitan's 50th birthday. This family once again makes headlines, but this time, not for their reality show or their personal lives.

Feature | Culture October 6, 2015

The Biggest Differences Between 'The Martian' Book And Movie

Ridley Scott's highly anticipated new film 'The Martian' opened to critical and commercial acclaim this weekend. How does it hold up to the best-selling book by Andy Weir on which it is based?

Feature | Culture October 5, 2015

The 2015 Fall TV Season Is A Golden Age For Horror Fans

The horror genre continues to shine on prime time TV, with new seasons of hit shows like 'American Horror Story: Hotel' and 'The Walking Dead' premiering in October. We stalked the genre to uncover the creepiest shows that will send chills down your spine.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

'Arrow' Season 4 Death Pool: Which Character Is Next On The Chopping Block?

A new season of 'Arrow' means a shocking death won't be far behind. But who is the most likely target? We're looking at the odds.

Feature | Culture October 5, 2015

Interview: Andre Tricoteux Reveals What We Can Expect From Colossus In The Upcoming 'Deadpool' Movie

Taking on the role of 'Colossus' in the upcoming 'Deadpool' movie is no small feat. Actor Andre Tricoteux spoke to T-Lounge about what it was like filming one of this winter's most-anticipated films.

Feature | Culture October 7, 2015

'Sleepy Hollow' Season 3: Everything We Know About Pandora And Betsy Ross

Fans were introduced to two new strong female characters in the Season 3 premiere of 'Sleepy Hollow' on Thursday. Here's everything we know about them so far.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

How 'The Taken King' Transforms 'Destiny' Into The Game It Always Wanted To Be

'The Taken King' has come to 'Destiny,' but don't call it an expansion pack. This is nothing less than a total transformation of the entire game — along with a boatload of killer new content.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

Margaret At The Movies #2: 'Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back'

Comedian Timmy Williams and his four-year-old daughter continue their 'Star Wars' movie marathon with 'The Empire Strikes Back.'

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

How To Learn About The Wild West By Only Watching Netflix

Follow our guide to these Westerns streaming on Netflix, and you won't just learn about the genre. You'll also discover how our American identities became what they are -- and what they mean to us today.

Feature | Culture October 5, 2015

The 5 Strangest Turkish Rip-Offs Of Hollywood Blockbusters

When it comes to blatant cinematic thievery, Turkey is the iron-fisted overlord. Check out these bizarre rip-offs.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

10 Terrifying Horror TV Shows On Netflix You Need To Stream Now

It's October, which means 'tis the season to get scary. Here are some of the most frightening horror TV shows on Netflix to keep you terrified all month long.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

Interview: 'League Of Denial' Authors Mark Fainaru-Wada And Steve Fainaru Talk Concussion Crisis In NFL

Before Will Smith magnifies the national spotlight on the NFL's battle with head trauma and CTE via the film 'Concussion' this December, ESPN reporters and brothers, Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru dug deep with the investigative reporting for the book League of Denial, which was released October 2013. Here, Tech Times speaks with the reporters about the book, concussions and CTE plaguing the NFL.

Feature | Culture October 5, 2015

Podmasters: GE's New Podcast 'The Message' Blends Sci-Fi With 'Sci-Real'

Following the story of the decoding of an extraterrestrial message, 'The Message' incorporates real GE technology into its narrative. Global Creative Director at GE Andy Goldberg spoke to T-Lounge about the new podcast.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

The 'Fallout' Series' Scariest Moments

It may sound strange, but horror is an integral part of 'Fallout.' With both Halloween and 'Fallout 4' quickly approaching, we decided to take a look at the scariest aspects of the franchise.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

Banned Books Week: Talking With CBLDF Director Charles Brownstein About The Freedom To Read

It's Banned Books Week 2015, and as always, your help and support is required in the good fight!

Feature | Culture October 1, 2015

Master Chief In Real Life: Every Live-Action 'Halo' Trailer To Date

'Halo' may be known for the games, but the series' live-action trailers are no jokes — some may say that they're better than most full video game movie adaptations.

Feature | Culture October 1, 2015

Remembering 'The Moxy Show': Cartoon Network's Forgotten First Original Series

Not long after Cartoon Network launched on Oct. 1, 1992, the network debuted its first original series, 'The Moxy Show.' Here's why Cartoon Network wouldn't be what it is today without it.

Feature | Culture October 1, 2015

5 Genuinely Creepy 'Goosebumps' Books To Read Before Seeing The Movie

With a 'Goosebumps' movie finally hitting screens in October, we're taking a look back at the best books in R.L. Stine's YA horror series.

Feature | Culture September 30, 2015

Interview: 'Manhattan' Executive Producers Sam Shaw And Director Thomas Schlamme Discuss Season 2

In an interview, 'Manhattan' executive producers Sam Shaw and Thomas Schlamme discuss the creation of the first weapon of mass destruction and how that affects characters on the series in season 2.

Feature | Culture September 30, 2015

The Rock's Pool Swimming Puppy, Brutus, Died From Poison Mushroom

Brutus, the dog that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson saved from drowning in their pool, died after eating a toxic mushroom in their backyard.

Feature | Culture October 2, 2015

The Real History Of Sleepy Hollow: How Much 'The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow' Ties Into The Series

Fox’s ‘Sleepy Hollow’ features many historical facts, including those about American history and the New York town the series is set in. Here is the true story of Sleepy Hollow, and how much the show takes from the timeless short story.

Feature | Culture October 1, 2015

Looking Back At 5 Underrated Vertigo Comics

We're revisiting some of the most underappreciated gems from DC's Vertigo line of comics.

Feature | Culture September 30, 2015

Archie #3 Review: Even Veronicas Get The Blues

The new Veronica finally makes her full-on debut in Archie #3, but this isn't the same vibrant brunette you grew up with.

Feature | Culture September 30, 2015

Interview: 'Nevermind' Game Developer Erin Reynolds Discusses Incorporating Biofeedback Into Gaming

'Nevermind' is one of the first games to use biofeedback to affect gameplay. But how did such an idea become reality? Developer Erin Reynolds discusses the concept behind the game, and explains how it works.

Feature | Culture September 29, 2015

Revenge Of The Pitch: 'The Many Malfunctions Of C-3PO, Human-Cyborg Relations'

Comedian Timmy Williams takes us through his idea for the perfect 'Star Wars' movie.

Feature | Culture September 29, 2015

Baltimore Comic-Con 2015: A New Kind Of Old School Comics Show

Baltimore maintains its comics roots in a world increasingly dominated by multimedia.

Feature | Culture September 28, 2015

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video October 2015: The Best Of What’s New To Streaming

Here are the new movies and TV series being added to the three popular streaming service platforms in the month of October.

Feature | Culture September 30, 2015

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