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South Pacific, Parts Of South America Set To Witness Total Solar Eclipse

Another total solar eclipse is bound to give some people an incredible experience. Now, those in the South Pacific will have the chance to witness the unique sky event.

Feature | Science July 2, 2019

Humans Evolving Bone Spikes At The Back Of The Head Because Of Smartphones

Are humans evolving as we speak because of using smartphones too much? Evidently, humans are growing a bony spike on their heads because of it.

Feature | Science June 16, 2019

The Sweetest Moon Of The Year: The Next Full Moon Is June's Sweet 'Strawberry Moon'

June's upcoming full moon is the sweet "strawberry moon." It is also called the "Honey moon," "LRO moon," "Mead moon," and even "Rose moon."

Feature | Science June 14, 2019

Written Testimony Calling Climate Change Effects 'Possibly Catastrophic' Blocked By White House

The White House reportedly blocked a written testimony about how climate change can threaten national security. The action is in line with President Trump's views on climate change.

Feature | Science June 9, 2019

The Moon Is A Part Of Mars? President Trump's Space Policy Tweet Sparks Confusion

The moon is a part of Mars? President Trump criticizes NASA over moon mission plan, saying they should focus on going to Mars instead, and sparks confusion with a tweet.

Feature | Science June 9, 2019

LOOK: Footage Of 1900's Solar Eclipse Is Oldest Surviving Film Of The Phenomenon

The oldest footage of a solar eclipse was captured by a British filmmaker in North Carolina in 1900. It was recently rediscovered and restored for all to enjoy.

Feature | Science May 30, 2019

Meteor The Size Of A Small Car Lights Up Australian Sky

A bright meteor streaked through Australia this week and lit up the night sky. Despite its size and brightness, it is still considered quite small by NASA's standards.

Feature | Science May 24, 2019

Yeti Footprint Photos Taken By Indian Army May Offer Proof The Abominable Snowman Is Real But Some Are Skeptical

The Indian Army has posted what it claims as pictures showing a Yeti footprint sighted in Nepal. Is this evidence that can prove the mythical Himalayan monster does exist?

Feature | Science April 30, 2019

Crispr Food Will Be Available Within 5 Years, Says Geneticist

Food created from the gene editing tool Crispr is making its way to the supermarket relatively soon. According to the geneticist who helped invent the Crispr tool, the next five years will see an influx of such products.

Feature | Science April 22, 2019

Men With Masculine Faces More Likely To Cheat On Partners, Study Says

A new study suggests that the more masculine a man's face appears, the more likely he is to cheat on his life partner. However, the same cannot be said about women.

Feature | Science April 22, 2019

Are We Close To Resurrecting The Dead? Scientists Revive Brain Cell Activities In Dead Pigs

A Yale University study successfully restores some functions to the brain of a dead pig. Could the resurrection of dead humans be next for researchers?

Feature | Science April 19, 2019

Sexist Trolls Undermine Katherine Bouman's Role In Black Hole Image

Her work in taking the first image of a black hole has gained Katie Bouman overnight fame. Unfortunately, sexist trolls were also quick to try and pass the credit to a white male scientist.

Feature | Science April 13, 2019

First Image Of A Black Hole Captured, And People Think It Looks Like The Eye Of Sauron

Scientists have captured the first ever image of a black hole, and many find that it resembles the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of The Rings. What else are people comparing the black hole to?

Feature | Science April 12, 2019

LOOK: Experiment Shows Massive Crustaceans Devouring Alligator Carcass On Ocean Floor

An eerie video shows massive pink crustaceans feasting on an alligator carcass at the bottom of the ocean. The experiment helps scientists understand deep sea and ancient food webs.

Feature | Science April 12, 2019

Toad The Dog Has A Second Mouth Where Her Ear Should Be

Toad the dog is a unique rescue dog that has a second mouth. She is just one of the dogs with a medical condition being cared for by the Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society.

Feature | Science April 6, 2019

World's Fastest Camera Captures Speed Of Light In Slow Motion

Scientists were able to capture the speed of light using the fastest camera in the world. YouTubers collaborated with experts to record light as it travels through a milk bottle in slow motion.

Feature | Science April 1, 2019

Ferry Hits Marine Animal In Sea Of Japan Injuring 80 Passengers

A ferry in Japan carrying 121 passengers and four crew members possibly collided with a whale. Many passengers were injured, 13 of which were serious.

Feature | Science March 9, 2019

Texas Grandma Judith Streng Poses For Photo On Throne-Shaped Iceberg, Gets Swept Out To Sea

A 77-year-old grandma was swept out to sea while posing for a photo on a throne-shaped iceberg. Fortunately, a boat captain saw her and made the rescue.

Feature | Science March 2, 2019

PETA Under Fire For Criticizing Steve Irwin Google Doodle

PETA is taking a lot of heat online after the organization criticized Steve Irwin in a tweet. The controversial tweet came after Google honored Irwin on what would have been his 57th birthday.

Feature | Science February 24, 2019

New Antibiotic Discovered In Insect-Associated Microbes

Researchers were able to create a new antibiotic from the microbes that they found in insects. They collected over 2,000 insects, tested over 10,000 microbes, and had to do 50,000 tests to see the microbes' antibiotic capabilities.

Feature | Science February 3, 2019

New Technology Uses Laser To Send Secret Audio Message To People's Ear: Here Are Its Potential Uses

MIT researchers developed a laser system that can send secret audio messages directly into a person's ear, without any else in the same area hearing the sound. What are its potential applications?

Feature | Science January 26, 2019

Why Sunday's Total Lunar Eclipse Is Called 'Super Blood Wolf Moon'

Why is the upcoming total lunar eclipse called the super blood wolf moon? The name sounds a little ominous, but there's actually a very simple explantion for it.

Feature | Science January 19, 2019

World's Oldest Periodic Table Chart Dating Back To 1885 Found In Storage Room Of British University

Thomas Purdie, a chemistry professor who worked at St Andrews, purchased the periodic table of elements chart in 1888. It likely hung in his classroom for years until he retired in 1909.

Feature | Science January 18, 2019

Repeated Racist Remarks Prompt Lab To Cut Ties With James Watson, Scientist Who Co-Discovered DNA Double Helix

James Watson, the scientist who co-discovered double helix structure of the DNA, has made several controversial statements about gender and race. The laboratory he once led is now stripping him of his titles for his repeated racist remarks.

Feature | Science January 14, 2019

DNA Evidence Clears Accused Golden State Killer Joseph DeAngelo Of 1975 Murder

The accused Golden State Killer is cleared of involvement in a 1975 murder case. DNA profile from a sample taken from Donna Jo Richmond's body does not match Joseph DeAngelo's genetic profile.

Feature | Science January 10, 2019

Chinese Scientist He Jiankui Who Created World's First CRISPR Babies May Face Death Penalty

The Chinese scientist who was instrumental to the birth of the world's first genetically edited babies has far worse predicament than earlier thought. He could face corruption and bribery charges, which are punishable by death in China.

Feature | Science January 7, 2019

Dutch Astronaut Reveals He Accidentally Dialed 911 While In Space

The ESA's Andre Kuipers admitted in an interview that he once accidentally contacted 911 while trying to get in contact with NASA. He was supposed to be dialing 011 instead.

Feature | Science January 4, 2019

Parachutes Do Not Save People Who Fall Out Of Airplanes: Study

An experiment sought to test the effectiveness of parachutes at preventing injuries in people falling out of an airplane. Researchers did not find any change in death rate because no one died during the experiment.

Feature | Science December 17, 2018

552-Carat Yellow Diamond Unearthed In Canada Is Largest In North America

The rough 552-carat yellow diamond found at the Diavik Diamond Mine in Canada in October is about the size of a chicken egg. It is now the largest diamond ever discovered in North America and seventh-largest ever found.

Feature | Science December 15, 2018

Ant-Man Technology? MIT Researchers Develop Method To Shrink Objects To Nanoscale

Using a process known as implosion fabrication, researchers from MIT said that they can shrink objects to the nanoscale level. What are the potential applications of this technology?

Feature | Science December 15, 2018

Dash Cam Video Captures Huge Fireball From Geminid Meteor Shower

Missed the geminid meteor shower? An Indiana officer got an incredible footage of one of the best meteor shows of the year on his dash cam.

Feature | Science December 14, 2018

Inherited Neanderthal Genes Influence Shape Of Human Skull And Brain

Researchers found two Neanderthal gene variants with a subtle effect on the skull shape of modern humans. Does having more Neanderthal DNA make people more likely to have an elongated head?

Feature | Science December 14, 2018

ISS Astronauts Have Thanksgiving Meal In Space

Three International Space Station astronauts shared turkey and pound cake more than 250 miles away from Earth on Thanksgiving. In a clip, two of the flight engineers sent their well-wishes.

Feature | Science November 23, 2018

China Planning To Launch 'Artificial Moon' Predicted To Be 8 Times Brighter Than The Real One

China is reportedly planning to launch an artificial moon above the province of Sichuan by 2020. Should it prove successful, the country will launch three more in 2022.

Feature | Science October 21, 2018

Healthy Mouse Brood Born From Same-Sex Parents Via Stem Cells And Gene Editing

Stem cell technology and gene editing allowed scientists to create a healthy brood of baby mice from same-sex parents. It was also easier to create the baby mice from two females compared to two male parents.

Feature | Science October 11, 2018

Researches On Voodoo Dolls And Roller Coaster For Kidney Stones Among Winners Of 2018 Ig Nobel Prize

This year's Ig Nobel Prize winners have been announced and honored at a ceremony at Harvard. The Nobel Prize parody celebrated the funniest and strangest researches of the year.

Feature | Science September 15, 2018

Genetic Study Involving 1.1 Million Participants Finds Genes Play Role In Educational Attainment

A large genetic study has identified 1,271 gene variants linked to a person's educational attainment. Researchers also developed a scoring system that can give a rough prediction of how educated a person is based on his or her DNA.

Feature | Science July 24, 2018

Experts Say DNA Study Of Atacama 'Alien' Mummy Is Flawed And Unethical

Experts raised concern that the DNA study of the Atacama mummy known as Ata is flawed and unethical. They said that the genetic study of the bizarre specimen should not have been conducted in the first place.

Feature | Science July 23, 2018

Paranormal Researcher May Have Found Time Warp Outside Las Vegas

Paranormal investigator Joshua Warren said that he found a spot in the desert just north of Las Vegas where he watched time slow down for 20 milliseconds. What are the possible causes of this anomaly?

Feature | Science July 2, 2018

Scientists Built This Nerve Agent Detector Using Lego Blocks And A Smartphone

Researchers designed a nerve agent detector that uses Lego bricks and a smartphone to sense the presence of the deadly substance used in chemical warfare. How does it work?

Feature | Science June 28, 2018

AI Reconstructs Periodic Table In A Few Hours, Humans Took A Century

Physicists at Stanford University just devised a new AI program that was able to arrange the periodic table in a span of a few hours. The machine could prove itself the new benchmark of machine intelligence in the future.

Feature | Science June 27, 2018

How To Stop Annoying ‘Plink Plink’ Sound Of Dripping Tap Based On Science

An experiment had finally figured out what produces the annoying ‘plink plink’ sound of water from a dripping faucet or leaky roof. The study also suggested one simple way to finally stop the nuisance which pestered generations of people.

Feature | Science June 23, 2018

Videos Capture Professor Teaching Students Moon Landing Was Fake, Other Conspiracy Theories

A sociology professor was caught on video telling students about conspiracy theories on the moon landing and the holocaust. This is not the first time he is being investigated for his claims.

Feature | Science June 15, 2018

Researchers Construct Face Of God Based On Survey Of American Christians

What does God look like? Psychologists constructed a composite image of God based on how a sample of American Christians perceive him to be. Here's why the result is surprising.

Feature | Science June 14, 2018

Physicists Stare At Atomic Clocks For 14 Years To Test Albert Einstein’s Theory Of General Relativity

A team of physicists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology watched 12 atomic clocks from November 1999 until October 2014. The experiment became the most accurate test performed to confirm Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

Feature | Science June 6, 2018

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