AWS Snowmobile Is Amazon's Truck That'll Move Your Data To The Cloud - Yes, It's Literally An 18-Wheeler

Amazon has introduced a new data transfer method for its Amazon Web Services cloud platform. Named the Snowmobile, the 18-wheeler climate-controlled truck will take companies’ exabyte-scale data to the cloud.

Internet December 1, 2016

Netflix Offline Viewing Finally Possible: You Can Now Download Your Favorite Shows And Watch Them Offline

Netflix has finally added offline viewing, now allowing users to download movies and TV shows at no extra cost. Most Netflix content is already available for offline viewing, with more to come.

Internet December 1, 2016

SiriusXM Settles The Turtles Oldies Copyright Lawsuit For Up To $99 Million

Satellite radio company SiriusXM has settled a series of copyright lawsuits related to its playing of pre-1972 recordings for an amount which could reach $99 million. The class action lawsuits were filed on behalf of the 60s group the Turtles, who performed the classic hit oldie 'Happy Together.'

Internet December 2, 2016

Amazon Prime Reboots Cult Classic ‘Sigmund And The Sea Monsters’ Starring David Arquette In Krofft Resurgence

The classic cult series ‘Sigmund and the Sea Monsters’ is being revived by original producers Sid and Marty Krofft. The show will stream exclusively on Amazon Prime and star David Arquette.

Internet December 1, 2016

The Weeknd Shatters Spotify Record For Most Streams In A Day With New No. 1 ‘Starboy’ Album, Beating Justin Bieber

The Weeknd has officially broken the record for most streams on Spotify in a one-day period, beating Justin Bieber’s prior record. The pop star’s just-released new album ‘Starboy’ is also poised to hit No. 1 on Billboard’s top album chart.

Internet December 1, 2016

Spotify Says Thanks To Weird 2016 In New Ad Campaign That Shows The Fun Side Of User Data

The latest advertising campaign of Spotify says thanks to a weird 2016 by revealing interesting and strange listening habits of users. "Dear person who played 'Sorry' 42 times on Valentine's Day, what did you do?" one of the billboards says.

Internet November 30, 2016

Largest Stream Ripping Song Conversion Site YouTube-mp3 Not Functioning And Could Shut Down Permanently, Alternatives Surge

The largest stream ripping song conversion site worldwide,, has not been functioning for well over a month in the wake of a recent lawsuit. The move could signal a permanent shutdown for the site, as alternatives experience traffic surges as a result of its loss.

Internet November 30, 2016

Twitter Adds Direct Reply Count And Ranked Conversations On Mobile

Twitter finally extended the ranked conversations system to its iOS and Android mobile apps as well, as it promised last year. Moreover, the microblogging platform has also added Direct Message Counts to see the total number of replies at a glance.

Internet November 30, 2016

Fearing America Under Donald Trump, The Internet Archive Wants A Backup In Canada

The Internet Archive has announced plans to back up its data in Canada, fearing an unpredictable America under Donald Trump. With this move, the U.S. nonprofit wants to make sure its data remains safe, private and accessible regardless of Trump's reign.

Internet November 30, 2016

Facebook Instant Games Bring The Fun Right Into Your Messenger And News Feed: 17 Games With More To Come

Facebook Instant Games now bring a new HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience to Facebook Messenger and the Facebook News Feed, both on mobile and the web. Games such as 'Pac-Man,' 'Space Invaders,' 'Words With Friends' and other are now available, with more to come.

Internet November 30, 2016

Google Chrome Slowly Ditching Adobe Flash By Defaulting To HTML5 On Most Websites

In just a few years, Adobe Flash may no longer command any form of control of media on the web as Google has hammered another nail in its coffin. The company will no longer allow its web browser to prioritize Flash over HTML5, making the platform almost obsolete.

Internet December 3, 2016

AT&T DirecTV Now Goes Live On Nov. 30: Prices, Programming Packages, Supported Devices, Perks And All You Need To Know

AT&T has officially announced all necessary details for its DirecTV Now internet TV streaming service, set to launch on Nov. 30. Here's all you need to know about programming packages, pricing, promos, supported devices, freebies and more.

Internet November 29, 2016

Google Warning Users Of Government-Backed Hackers Attacking Their Accounts

Google had sent out email to high-profile journalist and professors warning them that their accounts may have been targeted by government-backed hackers. The motivation behind the possible targeting has yet to determined.

Internet November 26, 2016

Cyber Monday 2016 Deals By Best Buy: Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Video Games, Consoles, 4K TVs, And More

Best Buy has officially kicked off its Cyber Monday sales and it's offering attractive discounts in all departments. Here are the best deals on smartphones, tablets, 4K TVs, laptops, consoles, smartwatches and more.

Internet November 27, 2016

Kickass Torrents Returning In February 2017 As

Purported Kickass Torrents rigleader Artem Vaulin was denied bail and has to remain in custody until mid-February 2017, but his legal team has filed a new brief. Speculation is ripe that the torrent site could make a comeback in February 2017 as

Internet November 25, 2016

#GivingTuesday: T-Mobile Tuesdays Giveaway Becomes More Generous Next Week

T-Mobile has announced that its T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion is turning into #GivingTuesday next week. On the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, the Uncarrier will not only thank its customers but also donate to charity and match donations from customers and non-customers alike.

Internet November 25, 2016

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman Admits Editing Trump Supporters' Posts That Insulted And Criticized Him

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman confessed to editing pro-Trump users' posts that are filled with insults and criticisms. In a statement Huffman narrated how and why he did the editing for one hour.

Internet November 24, 2016

Netflix PC Gets 4K Support, But Don't Get Too Excited Yet

Netflix will finally be available to stream in 4K for PC owners, that is if the PC has an Intel Kaby Lake processor and a 4K display. For those without the compatible hardware, they can stick to 1080p streaming for now.

Internet November 24, 2016

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Got Banned From Twitter: Here's What Happened

The Twitterverse got in a collective shock when Jack Dorsey's Twitter profile got suspended. The account has been reinstated since but people are wondering why the ban even took place.

Internet November 23, 2016

Many Students Can 'Easily Be Duped' By Fake News Online, Stanford Study Says

Stanford researchers found that most students are unable to spot fake news in the internet. Their report revealed an inability to verify legitimate sources driving the failure to identify the differences between hoax, misleading content, sponsored ads and factual content.

Internet November 22, 2016

Facebook Reportedly Aims To Re-Enter China With New Censorship Tool, But Would It Work?

Facebook has reportedly been working on a censorship tool to seep through the Great Firewall of China. The purported tool would hide any Facebook posts that could violate China's censorship rules, but would that be a viable solution?

Internet November 23, 2016

Trump FCC Appointments Sound Death Knell For Net Neutrality

Donald Trump's appointment of Mark Jamison and Jeff Eisenach to supervise transition at the FCC sounds the death knell for net neutrality rules. The two appointees have previously criticized the effectiveness of the regulations.

Internet November 22, 2016

Fake Google: Here's What You Need To Know So You'll Not Fall For Spam Website Pretending To Be

There's a spam website making rounds on the web that looks almost exactly the same as Google, but it isn't. It leads to a spam site that could potentially steal information from unsuspecting users.

Internet November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016 Deals: T-Mobile Tuesdays Promo Offers Plane Tickets, Thanksgiving Cookbook And More

The T-Mobile Tuesdays weekly offer is back again and the carrier's customers can win some amazing prizes this Thanksgiving week. The prizes up for grabs include two round trip plane tickets, free 6-month subscription to ShopRunner and more.

Internet November 21, 2016

Facebook Fake News Writer Claims He Earns Thousands Of Dollars And Might Be Responsible For Donald Trump's Win

A Facebook fake news writer claims that he is responsible for Donald Trump's win in the 2016 Presidential election. He also claims to earn $10,000 each month by writing fake news.

Internet November 19, 2016

AT&T To Unveil DirecTV On Nov. 28: 'The Future Of TV' Offers 100 Channels For $35 A Month

AT&T has already sent out invites to the DirecTV Now's launch in New York on Nov. 28. The company will reportedly offer hard-to-resist subscription bundles with freebies for consumers of on-demand and live streaming content.

Internet November 19, 2016

Pre-Black Friday 2016 Deals: Amazon Rolls Out Alexa-Exclusive Deals And Here Are The 'Magic' Phrases

Amazon has confirmed a number of pre-Black Friday deals but they are Alexa-exclusive. These deals start on Nov. 18 and will run through Nov. 21.

Internet November 18, 2016

Facebook Live Now Features Donate Button For Online Fundraisers For Non-Profit Orgs

Facebook has now added a 'donate button' that lets users donate to non-profit organizations while watching Facebook Live videos.

Internet November 19, 2016

Facebook Acquires Facial Recognition Startup FacioMetrics: What Features Will Its Technology Bring?

Facebook has acquired FacioMetrics, a facial recognition startup, to boost its photo and video capabilities. The social media company has not revealed financial details of the deal.

Internet November 17, 2016

Russia Blocks LinkedIn Following Court Ruling On Violation Of Data Laws

IT watchdogs in Russia have banned business-centric networking site LinkedIn in the country, rejecting the defendant's appeal to continue operations. LinkedIn has been blocked because it supposedly violates Russia's data laws.

Internet November 17, 2016

Google Earth VR: Here's What You Need To Fly Around The Globe Like Superman

Google announced Google Earth VR that will allow users to experience cities across the world in virtual reality. Google Earth VR is compatible with HTC Vive.

Internet November 17, 2016

Fake News Alert Is The Chrome Extension To Steer Clear Of Misinformation

Disturbed by the proliferation of fake news in online platforms such as Facebook, New York Magazine reporter Brian Feldman created a Chrome extension that can warn users if a website is publishing misleading content.

Internet November 17, 2016

Glu To Let Users Stream Mobile Games, Take Downloads Out Of The Picture

Glu Mobile aims to revolutionize gaming by tapping future internet technology to stream gameplay. This eliminates the need to download titles on devices as it will work roughly similar to Netflix or Spotify.

Internet November 17, 2016

Twitter Crackdown On Online Abuse Suspends Multiple Alt-Right Accounts: 'This Is Corporate Stalinism,' Richard Spencer Complains

Twitter has been cracking down on racist trolls and online abuse, and as a result, a number of alt-right accounts are suspended. Prominent alt-right leader Richard Spencer, whom Twitter also blocked, calls it "corporate Stalinism" with "execution squads across the alt-right."

Internet November 17, 2016

Amazon Prime Membership Sale: One Day Only $79 Discount Deal Announced Just In Time For Black Friday 2016

Amazon has announced a pre-Black Friday sale on memberships in its Amazon Prime two-day free shipping service. The annual price to join Prime will drop from $99 to $79 for one day only.

Internet November 18, 2016

Facebook Adjusts Ad Metrics After Bugs And Glitches Yielded Errors In Reporting

Facebook has admitted there were errors in the ad metrics provided to its advertisers. It has now addressed such bugs and glitches, and plans to continue doing so in the background.

Internet November 17, 2016

You Can Try These Harry Potter Spells On Amazon (Yes, Even If You're A Muggle)

Amazon will take you on a magical Harry Potter journey by letting you cast spells that transform your screen. The new features have been launched in collaboration with Warner Bros. Pictures as part of the promotion for 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.'

Internet November 15, 2016

Here's How To Chat, Voice Or Video Call On Skype Without Downloading Or Creating An Account

Skype has introduced a new feature that allows people to chat, voice or video call on Skype without an account. Here is how to access the latest Skype feature.

Internet November 15, 2016

Internet Association Sends President-Elect Trump Policy Priorities List: Google, Facebook Among 40 Tech Companies That Sent 12-Page Letter

Tech companies want Donald Trump to adopt key policies such as immigration reform, liability protections and the promotion of strong encryptions. In an open letter, they also asked Trump to put pressure on Europe for its restrictive tech policies.

Internet November 15, 2016

Google Doesn't Handle Fake News Well: Search For 'Final Election Numbers' Yields Bogus Website As Top Result

An inaccurate news article has been spotted atop Google's search results about the election. The article falsely states that Clinton lost both the electoral college and popular votes, and its placement in search indicates how Google handles fake news.

Internet November 14, 2016

Facebook Had An Update To Fight Fake News But Didn't Go Through With It: Report

New information revealed that Facebook has developed two update versions to fix fake news and hoaxes in its platform this year. The option said to effectively solve those problems was rejected, and here is why.

Internet November 15, 2016

Google Play Music Receives Major Revamp: Here's What's New

Google has revamped Google Play Music, which brings new features to the table. The new Google Play Music can update playlists automatically and users can listen to music even when they lose connection.

Internet November 14, 2016

Facebook Starts Testing Public Chat Groups With 'Rooms' Feature For Messenger: More Ways To Connect On The Platform?

Facebook is now fine-tuning a new feature that will let Messenger users talk to strangers. The real-time conversation transpires within a public chat room devoted to user-created topics.

Internet November 14, 2016

Aspiring Weatherman Started A Wildfire To Get More Facebook Views: He's Now Famous, But Probably Not In The Way He Wanted

An aspiring weatherman in Kentucky admitted to starting a wildfire to be able to get more views on his Facebook videos. The 21-year-old has now received charges of second-degree arson.

Internet November 14, 2016

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