$35 AT&T DirecTV Now Streaming Service To Bundle Free Apple TV Or Fire Stick

New information has surfaced regarding AT&T's upcoming DirecTV Now streaming service and monster deals are in the mix. According to leaked documents, AT&T will offer free Amazon Fire TV Sticks and Apple TVs to sweeten the deal for the $35 service.

Internet November 8, 2016

Mobile-First Ranking: Google To Rank Pages Based On Mobile Websites

Google announced that it is shifting to a more mobile-driven search index, to best reflect the usage of search on mobile platforms. The company is starting to tweak its algorithm to rank websites based on their mobile version.

Internet November 7, 2016

Netflix Coming to Comcast X1 Platform With Free One Month Trial Starting This Week

Netflix is set to appear on the set top boxes of millions of Comcast customers this week. The two companies have joined forces to provide Netflix programming directly via Comcast’s X1 platform, and are offering customers a one-month free trial of the service.

Internet November 8, 2016

Vimeo To Roll Out Subscription Streaming Service: Should Netflix Be Worried?

Vimeo is launching a subscription streaming service soon, though it might not directly compete with streaming rivals such as Netflix or Amazon. Vimeo isn't spending a lot in content development, relying instead on Vimeo’s content creators to do such.

Internet November 4, 2016

YouTube Creators Get New Tools To Control Comments, Engage With Viewers Better

YouTube's comments section has always been prone to hate-filled and harsh dialogue, but YouTube's new tools for creators attempt to fix that. Starting now, creators can opt for a trial run of a new review system to flag inappropriate comments.

Internet November 3, 2016

Facebook's Now Helps 40 Million People Get Online now assists 40 million people in 49 countries around the world get online. Facebook and six other companies started the initiative in 2014 to bring affordable internet access to people in less-developed countries.

Internet November 3, 2016

Netflix Might Get Offline Playback Support, But Don't Get Too Excited

Netflix is currently developing a feature that could allow users offline playback of its library. The company is targeting underdeveloped markets who may not have high-speed internet for streaming, so offline playback may not come to the United States.

Internet November 2, 2016

Kickstarter Live Gives Project Creators A Way To Connect With Their Backers, Provide Updates More Closely

The new live streaming feature for Kickstarter allows creators to promote their products. It also gives investors a chance to get to know the team behind the Kickstarter project and get updated with campaigns they are supporting.

Internet November 2, 2016

Twitter DM Bots Launch To Speed Up Brands' Customer Service With Welcome Messages And Quick Replies

Twitter has added new tools to help businesses improve their customer service. With welcome messages and quick replies powered by chatbots, Twitter aims to lend a hand and speed things up.

Internet November 2, 2016

Black Friday 2016: Amazon Sales Start Now With Launch Of Deal Store

Amazon launched its Black Friday Deals Store on Tuesday, which will feature 'tens of thousands' of items on sale until Dec. 22. While the biggest ticket items are likely to be offered on sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, deals already available include home appliances, kitchen goods, Kindles, and smart TVs.

Internet November 1, 2016

Trump Server Discovered To Be In Communication With Russian Bank: Is This A Definite Link Between The Presidential Candidate And Moscow?

Experts have discovered communication between a Trump Organization server and two servers of Alfa Bank, the largest private commercial bank of Russia. Does this prove that Donald Trump is connected with Moscow?

Internet October 31, 2016

1337X Takes On The Pirate Bay As Torrentz And Kickass Torrents Alternative Unveils New Site Design

File-sharing website 1337X has unveiled a new home page design and will be adding community forums shortly. The Torrentz and Kickass Torrents alternative has been gaining in traffic since the demise of those sites, and is now in a position to eventually challenge the current No. 1 site, The Pirate Bay.

Internet October 31, 2016

PlayStation Vue Hits Android TV: Next Up, PC And Mac Web Support With Unique Features

Sony has extended PlayStation Vue availabiliy to Android TV, but it's not stopping here. Mac and PC support will be next in line with some unique features.

Internet October 28, 2016

Howard Stern SiriusXM Streaming Video Service To Launch Next Year As Satellite Radio Company Adds Subscribers

Howard Stern’s new video streaming app for SiriusXM is expected to launch sometime in 2017. The satellite radio company just announced stellar earnings and new subscriber gains.

Internet October 28, 2016

Viral Facebook Live Space Videos Are Found To Be Fakes

The spacewalk videos that are making its rounds on Facebook that claim to be livestreams from space are found to be fakes.

Internet October 27, 2016

Shiny Legs Or White Paint: New Optical Illusion Confuses Internet

A new optical illusion - whether a pair of legs are lathered in oily substance or white paint - is trending on social media. Shiny legs or white paint has netizens in a tizzy as they try to decode the mystery.

Internet October 27, 2016

Pandora Losing Money And Subscribers: Can It Compete With Streamers Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio And Amazon?

Pandora has just reported new financial and subscriber losses. Can its new on demand streaming service compete with Spotify, Apple Music and upstarts Amazon and iHeartRadio?

Internet October 27, 2016

Pirate Bay, Torrentz And Other File-Sharing Sites Hosted Film Downloads After Talent Agency Illegally Streamed Them: Lawsuit

Top movie studio Warner Bros. has sued a Hollywood talent agency for illegally streaming two of its films. Warner claims the films wound up on torrent sites like The Pirate Bay and Torrentz where they could be illegally downloaded by thousands of file sharers.

Internet October 26, 2016

Spotify Commits To Offering Free Streaming Tier, Rejects Apple Music’s Exclusive Strategy

Spotify has committed to continue offering a free listening tier for non-paying subscribers. The company has also stated that it will no longer pursue exclusives despite competitor Apple Music’s strategy of doing so.

Internet October 26, 2016

Napflix Is The Streaming Service Meant To Bore Users To Sleep

Napflix is the streaming service that brings slow TV to users filled with the most boring content to help them fall asleep.

Internet October 25, 2016

Chinese Company Recalls Hacked DVRs, Webcams Used In Massive Dyn DDOS Attack

Hangzhou Xiongmai, a Chinese hardware company, has recalled many of its cameras and DVRs after they were implicated in the hack that took down several prominent websites on Friday. The hack is due to hackers taking advantage of weak default passwords in IoT devices.

Internet October 27, 2016

Facebook Relaunches Safety Center In 50 Languages To Curb Bullying And Promote Safe Sharing

Facebook has released an updated Safety Center and Bullying Prevention Hub aimed to help its users properly set up privacy control settings. Additionally, Facebook will work with 60 organizations to address cyberbullying.

Internet October 25, 2016

The Weeknd And Daft Punk’s ‘Starboy’ Officially Overtakes The Chainsmokers ‘Closer’ On Spotify Charts After Ten Weeks At #1

The Weeknd has just topped the latest Spotify weekly streaming chart with his new smash single ‘Starboy.’ The song beats out The Chainsmokers' mega-hit ‘Closer,’ which was number 1 for the last ten weeks, by a small margin, leaving next week’s title up for grabs.

Internet October 23, 2016

Facebook Tones Down Censorship, Plans To Allow Graphic Posts That Are Newsworthy

Facebook announced a new policy that effectively surrenders its ability to censor offensive content in favor of newsworthiness. The move came after a series of decisions that has left the company open to public backlash.

Internet October 21, 2016

Donald Trump Posts Spark Facebook Divide: Employees Want Hate Speech Removed, But Zuck Says No

Donald Trump's recent posts about Muslin immigration have fired a heated debate at Facebook headquarters. Facebook employees want to remove the posts as hate speech, but Zuckerberg said no.

Internet October 21, 2016

Apple And Roku Look Out As Chinese Company LeEco Prepares To Launch Streaming Video Service In US

LeEco wants to break into the U.S. market pretty badly, and as such, the company is coming out with many products to have a shot at its dream. The newest product is a streaming video service that has yet to be given a name.

Internet October 21, 2016

Drake’s ‘One Dance’ Is Spotify’s Most Streamed Song Ever, Passing Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’

Spotify has officially announced that Drake’s smash hit ‘One Dance’ is the most played song ever on the streamer. Drake knocked former champ Major Lazer’s ‘Lean On’ from the top spot.

Internet October 20, 2016

Kickass Torrents Defense: Torrents Are Not Copyrighted Material, Case Must Be Dismissed

Kickass Torrents’ defense team has filed a motion to dismiss the U.S. government’s case against the former file-sharing website. The defense argues that torrents in and of themselves are not copyrighted material.

Internet October 19, 2016

Facebook Launches Food Delivery Option For Pages And Friend Recommendations For iOS

Facebook began rolling out new features to help users be more productive while keeping them in its app, including the ability to order food, book appointments, buy tickets and get recommendations from friends.

Internet October 19, 2016

Google Introduces Nomulus, An Open Source Cloud-Based Domain Name Registry

Google and its newly announced Nomulus domain registry platform will now make it easier for companies and individuals to use creative and catchy top-level domains like .google or .rsvp.

Internet October 19, 2016

Amazon Prime Adds New 'Family Vault' Feature With Unlimited Photo Storage

Amazon Prime launched a new feature, dubbed Family Vault, which enables users to share their unlimited photo storage with family and friends. The Photo Service was also upgraded and can now hold its own against competition from Apple and Google.

Internet October 20, 2016

Sprint Launches $20 'Unlimited' Data Plan For Tablets, But With Lots Of Limitations

Sprint has launched an 'unlimited' data plan for tablets that start at the low price of $20 per month. However, the offer comes with a bevy of limitations that goes against what 'unlimited' means.

Internet October 19, 2016

Facebook Launches Endorsement Tab To Help You Show Your Support For A Presidential Candidate

Facebook launched a new feature that will let its users post and share political endorsements amid the 2016 election in the United States. The company explained that it is part of a commitment to ensure civic engagement.

Internet October 19, 2016

Nokia Equips First Set Of Apartments With 52.5 Gbps Fiber Connection

Nokia has wired an entire apartment building in South Korea with a 52.5 Gbps fiber connection. SK Broadband helped out, fusing its existing fiber network with Nokia’s passive optical network technology to deliver the huge speed boost.

Internet October 19, 2016

Racist Facebook Posts About Obama Lead To Pennsylvania Mayor's Resignation

Charles Wasko, the mayor of West York, Pennsylvania, recently resigned after a public scandal hit the media. He stepped down only days after his racist Facebook posts involving President Obama caused public outrage.

Internet October 19, 2016

Facebook Messenger To Get Data Saver Mode To Help Keep Your Phone Bill In Check

Facebook may roll out the Data Saver feature, which is currently available on Facebook Messenger Beta, to the app's official Android version. The feature will hide images and other data-consuming content to lessen data usage.

Internet October 18, 2016

Netflix Is Overwhelmingly The Video Streaming Service Of Choice For Teens: Redditors Explain Why

A Piper Jaffray survey revealed that Netflix is the overwhelming choice among video streaming services for teens. The report does not include the reasons, but Redditors explain why Netflix is so popular.

Internet October 15, 2016

Verizon Now Offers Unlimited Data Again Via PopData: 30 Minutes For $2, 1 Hour For $3 A Pop

Verizon has come up with a new unlimited data plan called PopData which allows users to buy 30-minute or 60-minute extensions for $2 and $3, respectively. However, it'll only be available on an LTE network and to postpaid subscribers.

Internet October 15, 2016

Netflix Reportedly Will Introduce Offline Viewing Within The Next 2 Months

Rumors speculate that Netflix will release an offline viewing capability to its platform by the end of the year.

Internet October 14, 2016

YouTube-mp3 and The Pirate Bay Now Outrank Spotify And Pandora In Worldwide Music Website Traffic

New worldwide traffic rankings indicate that YouTube-mp3 and the Pirate Bay now outrank top music streamers Spotify and Pandora. The rankings also confirm the recent rise in the popularity of stream ripping.

Internet October 14, 2016

Google And Facebook Building High-Speed Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable: Lightning Quick Internet Coming Soon?

Google and Facebook announced a project to link Los Angeles and Hong Kong via a high-speed underwater cable. The Pacific Light Cable will deploy lightning speed internet connection, thus boosting the business of both companies.

Internet October 13, 2016

The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent, Rarbg, Uploaded, Rapidgator And Others Cited In MPAA Report To US Government

The MPAA has submitted to the U.S. government a list of file sharing sites it claims are a part of ‘notorious markets’ engaged in copyright infringement. The list includes popular torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Extratorrent and Rarbg, and direct download sites like Uploaded and Rapidgator.

Internet October 11, 2016

Netflix Gets A Helping Hand From YouTube For Children Programming: More YouTube Shows Coming To The Platform Soon?

Netflix licensed a compilation of videos produced by YouTube video creator BroadbandTV. The deal is part of the popular video streaming company's recent move to strengthen children's programming.

Internet October 11, 2016

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