Material Science

Scientists Store, Retrieve Digital Photos In Tiny Molecules Used For Metabolism

In the future, data could be stored in molecules instead of chips. New research takes a significant step forward by successfully storing and retrieving images with great accuracy in metabolites.

Material Science July 4, 2019

New Web-based Tool Accelerates Research On Conditions Such As Dementia, Sports Concussion

A new paper describes a web-computing platform led by Indiana University scientists to support and publish reproducible neuroscience research.

Material Science June 13, 2019

Researchers Discover New Technique That Make Help Separate Oil From Water

Researchers found a way to look into filter membranes and study how fouling works. This could lead to the development of new filter membranes that resist fouling and offer a more efficient way to separate oil from water.

Material Science June 11, 2019

Flexible And Wearable Electrical Generators Just Became A Lot More Practical

Researchers developed a more flexible wearable power generator that can charge electronic devices. The generator generates energy from coming in regular contact with human skin through everyday activities such as walking.

Material Science June 2, 2019

Father Of Quarks Murray Gell-Mann Dies At Age 89

Legendary physicist Murray Gell-Mann, known for identifying quarks and developing the eightfold way of classifying subatomic particles, died on May 24. The scientific community mourns his passing.

Material Science May 29, 2019

This Physical Illusion Tricks You Into Thinking Objects Are Lighter Than They Are

In an impossible experience that you can even try at home, scientists demonstrate how you can not only witness illusions with your eyes, but also feel them. This is the first ever impossible somatosensory experience reported.

Material Science May 28, 2019

Iron Selenide Unmasked As 'Garden-Variety' Superconductor

International scientists have demonstrated the superconductivity of iron selenide. They successfully measured its dynamic magnetic properties for the first time by detwinning samples of the material.

Material Science May 21, 2019

Scientists Flash-Freeze Water To Create Superionic Ice Half As Hot As The Sun

Can ice be thousands of degrees hot? Perhaps not naturally on Earth, but scientists were able to create 'hot ice' in the laboratory with giant lasers.

Material Science May 10, 2019

Scientists Develop 100 Percent Recyclable Plastics That May Reduce Pollution In The Ocean

Unlike other plastics, PDK is fully recyclable. Researchers said that it can be repeatedly reassembled into another material with different color and texture sans losing its quality and performance.

Material Science May 8, 2019

Researchers Find Strange Quantum Phenomenon In Computer Hard Drive Metals

Researchers found a way to control the direction of electron spin and influence magnetic properties of cobalt-iron alloys in hard disk drives. Their findings could lead to the improvement of information storage.

Material Science April 26, 2019

Scientists Turn Quantum Gas Into Exotic Phase Of Matter: What Is Supersolid?

A new study successfully produced a supersolid using quantum gases of erbium and dysprosium. The findings could help pave the way for further theories and experiments regarding this exotic state of matter.

Material Science April 26, 2019

Nanomaterial That Emits Ultraviolet Light Can Replace Mercury In UVC Lamp

Norwegian researchers have successfully created LEDs capable of emitting ultraviolet light. The team hopes the new process can lead to more affordable and energy-efficient lighting for general use.

Material Science April 26, 2019

Researchers Create Spray-On Ice-Proofing Coat That Lets Big Structures Shed Ice Effortlessly

A new kind of coating can help large surface such as airplanes, buildings, and ships to shed ice effortlessly. With the coating, the ice is shed even with just a light breeze.

Material Science April 25, 2019

Engineers Demonstrate Bubbles Of Sand That Move Like Oil Droplets In Water

In a groundbreaking study, engineers demonstrated the formation of "sand bubbles" between two different types of sand. It's the first time the behavior has been observed between two solid granular particles.

Material Science April 23, 2019

Nano-Coating Of Boron Nitride Makes Lithium Batteries Longer Lasting

Columbia University researchers are looking to extend the energy capacity of batteries using lithium metal and solid electrolytes. The key lies in coating the interface with boron nitride to keep the two parts from damaging each other.

Material Science April 23, 2019

Here's How Lasers Make Zapped Magnets Become Fluid-Like

When zapped with lasers, ultra-thin magnets actually behave like fluids. To determine how exactly this happens, a team of scientists in Colorado performed experiments and mathematical calculations.

Material Science April 19, 2019

Disney Movie 'Frozen' Inspires Discovery Of New Property Of Supercooled Water

A scientist in New York was inspired by Disney's 'Frozen' and several YouTube videos to discover a cool new property of supercooled water. This discovery could have implications for detecting nuclear weapons and more.

Material Science April 15, 2019

Scientists Build Quantum Superposition Machine Prototype: What Is It In English?

Scientists created a powerful quantum device that can generate multiple possible futures in superposition, marking a groundbreaking achievement for quantum physics. Here’s what this means.

Material Science April 10, 2019

Elements Can Be Solid And Liquid At The Same Time In Sponge-Like State: Study

Matter is no longer limited to solid, liquid, and gas. Scientists discover a new state in which certain elements can exist as both solid and liquid simultaneously.

Material Science April 9, 2019

Researchers Come Up With Quieter Toilet-Flushing Mechanism For Airplanes

Researchers from the Brigham Young University have successfully made a prototype of an airline toilet that is much quieter than normal airplane commodes. The design will soon be available to the public.

Material Science April 9, 2019

Researchers Create Barrier That Transmits Sound In One Direction

Researchers from Yale have discovered a new technology where sound can travel in one direction. This promises new advancements in most electronic devices in the future.

Material Science April 5, 2019

Scientists Use Spider Genes And Bacteria To Create Mass Production Process For High-Strength Silk

U.S. researchers developed a novel way of mass-producing spider silk using the animal’s genome and bacteria. If it becomes successful, it will have various applications such as spacesuit repair and bioproduction in space.

Material Science April 4, 2019

Stanford Scientists Turn Seawater Into Hydrogen Fuel

Stanford University scientists devised a novel machine that can turn saltwater into hydrogen fuel. They used negatively charged layers of nickel to build a cheap, non-corrosive prototype.

Material Science March 19, 2019

Turning Liquid Metals Into Plasma Produces Very Weird Results

Researchers investigated the conditions needed to turn liquid metal into plasma. The experiment could help scientists further understand the universe and lead to the realization of an alternative source of energy.

Material Science March 11, 2019

Researchers Find Easier Way To Make GMO Plants Using Carbon Nanotubes

Researchers from UC Berkeley discovered a novel way to modify plants such as food crops genetically. This new genetic engineering technique can involve carbon nanotubes, DNA, and the genetic editing tool called CRISPR.

Material Science March 11, 2019

Engineers Develop Acoustic Metamaterial That Can Cancel 94 Percent Of Sound

Loud noises can be reduced up to 94 percent using metamaterials created through 3D printing. Researchers at Boston University said this technology helps create peace and quiet amid the busy industrial life.

Material Science March 11, 2019

Synchronized Networks Can Give Rise To Complex Self-Organized Shapes

Researchers are trying to figure out how simple networks can oscillate in synchronicity and create complex behaviors. The study hopes that its findings will lead to the creation of tools that can control complex networks like the power grid.

Material Science March 9, 2019

Nanoparticle Injection Gives Mice Night Vision To See In Infrared

An experiment enabled mice to see through near-infrared light using nanoparticles. Mammals can only process images with shorter wavelengths or those visible through the naked eye.

Material Science March 2, 2019

Scientists Create Fabric That Cools When It's Hot And Warms When It's Cold

Scientists created a new kind of fabric that cools and warms depending on the conditions. There has never before been a material that changes its insulating properties depending on the environment until now.

Material Science February 8, 2019

Magnetic Teeth From Mollusk Could Help Advance Nanotech Used For Energy Generation

The mollusk chiton is one of the few creatures that can produce a valuable mineral called magnetite. In a study, researchers analyzed the teeth of gumboot chitons to figure out how they produce their magnetic teeth.

Material Science February 4, 2019

Iconic Periodic Table Now Turning 150 Years Old This Year

It has been 150 years since Dmitri Mendeleev first published the Periodic Table of Elements that contain the ingredients of everything in the universe. To celebrate this occasion, UNESCO declared 2019 as the Year of the Periodic Table.

Material Science February 2, 2019

'GO' Kneadable Dough Makes Graphene Malleable And Easy To Work With

A team of scientists developed GO dough that aims to revolutionize the graphene manufacturing industry. The material is kneadable and moldable, easy to use without the issues that come with handling graphene oxide.

Material Science January 26, 2019

MIT Researchers Create Program That Can Create 2D Nanostructures Using DNA

MIT and Arizona State University researchers designed a unique computer program that allowed non-technical users to create 2D nanostructures using DNA. The new program can transform a free-form design into DNA structures for applications across various fields.

Material Science January 8, 2019

Harvard Scientists Take Inspiration From Nature For New Sugar Synthesis Method

Even though too much sugar is bad for health, small amounts of it are necessary for all living things to survive. A recent study by Harvard says that nature depends on sugars for a lot of things, even defense.

Material Science December 21, 2018

Scientists Use New Metamaterials To Manipulate Light

Metamaterials were used in the past to manipulate electromagnetic light waves that led to the development of super-high resolution imaging. Now, the scientists have devised a new metamaterial that can harness the power of light.

Material Science December 21, 2018

Fluoride Used In Toothpaste Could Be Key To Longer Battery Life

The same fluoride used in toothpaste may be the future of batteries. Researchers discovered that fluoride-based batteries have a longer lifespan than lithium ions, but future work is needed to stabilize it for everyday use.

Material Science December 7, 2018

University Students Made Environment Friendly Bricks Using Human Urine

The so-called bio-bricks were made using human urine collected from men’s toilet, sand, and bacteria that produce urase. What makes these bio-bricks better than limestone bricks?

Material Science October 28, 2018

Scientists Discover The Secret Behind Blowing The Perfect Bubble

Researchers from New Yorn University found two methods that will create bubbles using oil and water. The findings can be applied into products that use bubbles or droplets including sprays or emulsions.

Material Science September 5, 2018

Large Hadron Collider Accelerates First Atoms To Nearly Speed Of Light

Operators of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider were able to accelerate lead atoms for the first time. The successful experiment could one day lead to new forms of matter, including dark matter.

Material Science July 31, 2018

Quantum Computing Discovery Reveals Time Moves Forward And Backward

Quantum scientists found that time does not always move forward after all. At the quantum level, time can move forward and backward, which means it is also true at the level of the rest of the universe.

Material Science July 30, 2018

Powerful New Electron Microscope Now Allows Scientists To View Individual Electrons

Physicists developed a new technology that allows them to look at individual electrons. The Electron Microscope Pixel Array Detector can be retrofitted into an electron microscope to achieve record-breaking resolutions.

Material Science July 20, 2018

Stephen Hawking Buried At Westminster Abbey, Between Charles Darwin And Isaac Newton

Stephen Hawking was buried at Westminster Abbey's Scientists' Corner, between Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton. Thousands of people attended the memorial service, after which the scientist's voice was beamed to space.

Material Science June 16, 2018

Time Travel Is Possible: Scientists Have Already Built A Time Machine, Actually

Time travel is already possible, and in fact, a time machine has already been built. There are no plutonium-powered DeLorean zooming through time though, and it may take a while before scientists are able to unlock time travel like that.

Material Science May 29, 2018

Scientists Say The Internal Pressure Of A Proton Is 10 Times Greater Than A Neutron Star

Researchers have measured the pressure inside of a proton for the first time ever. The subatomic particle has 10 times the internal pressure of a neutron star.

Material Science May 17, 2018

Scientists Discover A Way To Create Carbon Nanotubes With A Chemical From Household Cleaning Products

Researchers discovered that a chemical called cresol can be used to help produce carbon nanotubes. Previous attempts have resulted in the nanotubes twisting and clumping together.

Material Science May 16, 2018

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