Russia Developing Sauron-Like ‘All-Seeing Eye’ Drone That Can See Through Camouflage And Detect Hidden Objects

An all-seeing eye drone is in the works in Russia, and it can detect camouflaged and hidden objects. The people behind the high-tech drone is United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation, and they are taking warfare technology up a notch.

Defense October 13, 2015

Forget Nukes: Cyberwar Has Launched A New Arms Race

The new arms race is centered on cyberweapons, which are much cheaper to create compared to nuclear weapons. The current access to cyberweapons is more widespread compared to access to nuclear weapons during the height of the global nuclear arms race.

Defense October 12, 2015

The Military’s ICARUS Project Wants To Build Delivery Drones That Vanish Into Thin Air

The ICARUS project hopes to make drones that literally vanish into thin air. DARPA is working on the ICARUS project along with the VAPR program to make it happen.

Defense October 10, 2015

U.S. Military To Deliver Its First Bulletproof, Weaponized Iron Man Suit In 2018

The U.S. Army will make an Iron Man-like suit in real life, which is technologically more advanced than Tony Stark's in some aspects. TALOS is designed not only to make soldiers more lethal but to ensure their safety as well.

Defense October 7, 2015

Invisibility Cloaks Are Real, And The Military Is Interested

Invisible drones could become a reality with a new design for a cloaking device. This new material, dubbed "dielectric metasurface cloak," is said to make an object on a flat surface vanish.

Defense September 22, 2015

DARPA And Air Force To Equip War Planes With HELLADS Combat Lasers By 2020

Enemy threats have become increasingly sophisticated and the U.S. Air Force, along with DARPA and General Atomics, aim to rise up to the challenge. Future war planes will boast combat lasers called HELLADS to counter missiles, UAVs and other combat aircraft.

Defense September 20, 2015

Alternative Ballistics Handgun Attachment For Police Makes Bullets Far Less Lethal

This pistol add-on from Alternative Ballistics just might convince policemen to use it for non-lethal interventions.

Defense September 14, 2015

Pentagon Looks To Collaborate With The Private Sector To Develop Hybrid Wearable Technology

The Pentagon has funneled $75 million into an award to fund a manufacturing institute for flexible hybrid technology.

Defense August 28, 2015

Tank-Like Oshkosh JLTV To Replace Humvee Fleet Of US Military

While the Humvee has been a symbol of the United States Army, the JLTV will be able to provide the nation's troops with more advanced protection and mobility in off-road terrain.

Defense August 28, 2015

Drones Can Now Work The Police Beat In North Dakota

North Dakota has become the first state to legalize drones for cops and police work, including surveillance and wielding less-than-lethal weapons.

Defense August 26, 2015

US Sends F-22 Raptor Jets To Europe: What Are The Specs And Capabilities Of This War Machine

The U.S. Air Force announced the upcoming deployment of F-22 fighter jets to Europe in a show of solidarity with European allies among increasing concerns over Russia's military activity in Ukraine.

Defense August 26, 2015

US Military To Launch Second Radar-Equipped Airship To Beef Up Missile Defense System Along East Coast

The United States military is about to launch the second radar-equipped airship in Aberdeen, Maryland. The airships are equipped with radar systems that can detect objects such as cruise missiles.

Defense August 20, 2015

Pentagon To Increase Unmanned Drone Flights Across The Globe By 50 Percent

The Pentagon has decided to dramatically increase the number of daily drone flights over the next four years, enabling military commanders to access more intelligence and firepower. In addition to the Air Force, the Army, Special Operations Command and government contractors will handle drone flights as well.

Defense August 18, 2015

US Navy Commissions USS John Warner: What The Most Lethal Warship Is Capable Of Doing

The USS John Warner, the most powerful attack submarine in the world, has been commissioned to join the U.S. Navy’s fleet of operating warships.

Defense August 5, 2015

U.S. Marines Declare 10 F-35 Fighter Jets Fit For Combat

U.S. Marine Corps declares that the F-35B fighter jets are suitable for combat. The fighter jets are capable of short take-offs and vertical landing.

Defense August 1, 2015

Hackers Can Take Control Or Disable TrackingPoint Sniper Rifles

Hackers claim they can breach the computer system of precision-guided firearms made by TrackingPoint. The company has sold over 1,000 precision-guided firearms.

Defense July 31, 2015

Japan Just Successfully Fired The World's Most Powerful Laser

If you thought a 50,000 watt laser shooting a drone out of the sky was cool, wait until you hear this: Japan just successfully fired the world's most powerful laser, which clocks in at two quadrillion watts.

Defense July 29, 2015

Hawking, Musk, Wozniak And Other AI Experts Urge Ban On Autonomous Weapons

Experts in robotics, science and tech wrote an open letter voicing their concerns about the threat autonomous weapons could pose against humanity.

Defense July 27, 2015

U.S. Army Worries About Drones But Plans To Use This Cannon To Blast Hostile UAVs

The increase in drone use is raising some serious security concerns, as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) can pose great threats. With this in mind, the U.S. Army has revealed plans to develop a gun-based defense system against hostile UAVs - a cannon able to launch guided missiles.

Defense July 24, 2015

US Air Force Tests Safe Version Of B61-12 Nuclear Bomb In Nevada

The test on the B61-12 nuclear bomb is part of a program that looks to extend the service of the weapon. The test was carried out in the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada.

Defense July 9, 2015

The US Army Is Testing An Arm Exoskeleton To Improve Soldiers' Aim

The Army's latest experiment with exoskeletons aims to train soldiers to shoot better, faster.

Defense July 6, 2015

Hoverbike-maker Malloy Aeronautics Now Developing Vehicle For The US Military

Malloy Aeronautics is now working with a US-based company to develop a hoverbike for the Department of Defense.

Defense June 22, 2015

DARPA Funds Research To Engineer Bacterial Assassins That Target Stomach Bugs

Traveler’s stomach is a drag when you’re away on vacation, but the consequences are more serious for the military. To combat stomach bugs, DARPA is funding research to engineer bacteria such as E. coli that can go to battle in the gut.

Defense June 17, 2015

Sorry, Criminals, Long-Range Iris Scanners Will Ruin Your Career

Remember the good ol' days, when you could just burn your fingerprints off to become untraceable?

Defense June 4, 2015

Boeing To Add 'Star Wars' Sound Effects To Its Lasers

As it turns out, lasers aren't quite as flashy as 'Star Wars' would have you believe ... but Boeing is about to change that, as the company confirmed it'll be adding sound effects to its systems.

Defense June 3, 2015

This Tiny Drone For U.S. Special Forces Can Play Big Roles In The Future

US Special Forces have been take a hard look at a 4-inch drone that's basically invisible, until it's too late. PD-100 Black Hornet PRS weighs just 18 grams -- and that includes the weight of its three cameras.

Defense May 30, 2015

DARPA's EXACTO Bullet Is Nightmare For Bad Guys [Video]

Watch a video of DARPA’s life-fire test showing its new self-steering bullet hitting a moving target in all instances.

Defense April 29, 2015

US Army Testing G.I. Joe-Like Ray Gun Called Burke Pulser: What It Can Do

A new electric blasting weapon accessory is something that would typically be found in a G.I. Joe backpack, and it may just end up being replicated there if the U.S. Army finds a current prototype worth manufacturing. It acts like a stun gun on roadside bombs and IEDs.

Defense April 25, 2015

US Pilots Will Now Dogfight With Remote Controlled F-16s

Boeing has delivered the first of 126 modified F-16 fighter jets that will serve as targets for sortie simulations.

Defense March 24, 2015

Not Just In The Movies Anymore: Boeing Patents Force Field To Protect Vehicles

Boeing has received a patent for a design named "Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc," which is similar to the force fields seen in science fiction movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek.

Defense March 23, 2015

Lockheed Martin Weapon Prototype Immobilizes Truck Over A Mile Away 'In Matter Of Seconds': Here's How

It's the latest breakthrough in an industry that develops weapons for war.

Defense March 7, 2015

Aerospace Company Lockheed Martin Creates Laser That Dismantles Automobiles

Aerospace company Lockheed Martin announced the creation of a fiber-optic laser dubbed Athena that takes out automobiles from more than a mile away.

Defense March 6, 2015

Lockheed Martin's Athena Laser Can Disable Vehicles A Mile Away

Lockheed Martin's Athena laser burned through the engine manifold of a truck in a few seconds, despite coming from over a mile away.

Defense March 5, 2015

U.S. Sets Rules For Exports Of Military And Commercial Drones

The government of the United States has established an export policy for military and commercial drones. Countries that purchase armed drones are first required to agree to certain conditions.

Defense February 18, 2015

Feds Need to Do More than Talk to Boost Cybersecurity

President Barack Obama focused on the need for better national cybersecurity during his State of the Union address Tuesday, with many applauding his move to make it a prime time topic. He wants greater transparency on threats and breaches, but at least one industry watcher says the government has much work ahead to make data and systems safer.

Defense January 21, 2015

DARPA Wants Drones to be Swift as Hawks, Small as Insects

Defense Department seeks research help to develop small drones capable of swiftly navigating complex indoor environments. Project would take inspiration from nature's flying creatures.

Defense December 30, 2014

First Used Humvee Auction Rakes in $744,000 for the U.S. Army

Humvees of the U.S. Army just had its first public auction which came out as a successful event. Around 25 trucks were placed into bidding on behalf of the Defense Logistics Agency of the Department of Defense.

Defense December 19, 2014

Exacto is DARPA’s Self-Guided Bullet that Changes Direction Midflight to Seek Target. Beware, Bad Guys!

DARPA successfully tested the Exacto program, which has been designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of snipers. It introduces a self-guiding projectile technology that defies shifting winds and poor visibility.

Defense December 16, 2014

This bullet makes 3D printed guns genuinely dangerous weapons (but don't panic just yet)

A machinist from Pennsylvania has created a steel-reinforced bullet that can make firing unlimited rounds from a 3D printed gun possible.

Defense November 6, 2014

Lockheed F-35C completes first landing on aircraft carrier [Video]

The F-35C's successful landing is a significant milestone for the $399 billion program, which is the biggest weapons project ever undertaken by the Pentagon.

Defense November 4, 2014

New U.S. Navy toys: Robotic boats that can easily swarm enemies, protect fleet

The U.S. Navy is developing a new offensive and defensive strategy with the use of drone boats. The technology would require little or no human interaction.

Defense October 8, 2014

MIT’s pressurized ‘BioSuit’ ensures astronauts are comfortable in their second skin

New spacesuit design would put the "squeeze" on astronauts to keep them safe in the vacuum of space. MIT researchers using memory alloys to create a "shrink wrap" suit.

Defense September 19, 2014

I can be brown, I can be blue…cephalopod-inspired material changes color with a remote

Researchers at MIT are continuing to improve a camouflage skin that can change fluorescence and texture via remote control. The skin is based on the very versatile skin of an octopus.

Defense September 17, 2014

Scientists develop soft exoskeleton that fits like your jeans

The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering has designed a smart suit that aims to help military personnel perform their duties while decreasing injury risks. The Soft Exosuit will also be developed for civilians with limited mobility.

Defense September 16, 2014

Chinese researchers working on a flying submarine: Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes

Submarines that can "fly" may become the norm on ocean battlefields, as the Chinese are currently attempting to figure out how to make this work. Such a sub could allow folks to travel to San Francisco from Shanghai in record time.

Defense August 28, 2014

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