Total World Military Spending Hits $1.7 Trillion In 2015: Here's A List Of The Top 15 Spenders

Global military expenditure reached $1.7 trillion. World's top spenders were reported increase their spending because of heightened tension on territories, some have decreased expenditures due to withdrawal of military forces.

Defense April 8, 2016

DARPA's New Grand Challenge Wants To Address Congested Radio Spectrum

DARPA wants to see machine learning manage spectrum usage intelligently. It will give $2 million to the group that shares the best idea for doing so.

Defense March 27, 2016

Ideal Conceal's Pistol Is A Deadly Weapon That You Can Discreetly Carry As A Smartphone

Minnesota-based gunmaker Ideal Conceal has developed a new two-shot pistol that can be folded to make it look like an ordinary smartphone. However, the gun's easy-to-conceal design is a cause for concern among law enforcement officials.

Defense March 25, 2016

Chinese Businessman Pleads Guilty In Hacking Case To Spying On US Military

A Chinese national pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal sensitive U.S. military information. This involved several years of hacking into the networks of U.S. defense contractors.

Defense March 24, 2016

Military Scientists Develop Gravity Sensor That May Pave Way For Device That Can See Through Walls

Military scientists in the UK have developed a sensor that can detect small shifts in gravity. The sensor may pave the way for the development of scanners that are able to see through walls and even underground.

Defense March 24, 2016

Watch USS Hartford Surface In Arctic Circle For Submarine Readiness Exercises

The USS Hartford (SSN 768), together with the USS Hampton (SSN 767), have arrived in the Arctic Circle for the Ice Exercise (ICEX) 2016. Watch the USS Hartford's dramatic surfacing through the thick ice of the region.

Defense March 21, 2016

US Army Apache Attack Helicopters Now Sport Skis

The U.S. Army recently deployed ski-equipped Apache helicopters to Alaska. The skis will help the choppers to land in marshy areas and prevent skidding on snow.

Defense March 12, 2016

Obama Administration To Disclose US Drone Strikes Stats

Barack Obama's adviser for counterterrorism and homeland security, Lisa Monaco, has promised to reveal the number of people killed by drone strikes launched by the United States since 2009. Is knowing the numbers enough for the controversial operations to gain public support?

Defense March 8, 2016

Pew! Pew! US Army Plans To Deploy Laser Weapons As Early As 2023

The U.S. Army is planning to roll out laser-based weaponry to battlefields by 2023. These weapons are designed to shoot down any missiles, rockets, artillery, mortars, or drones that can pose a threat to soldiers and civilians alike.

Defense March 2, 2016

Air Force Gets B-21 Stealth 'Long Range Strike Bomber': Is It Worth The Mind-Boggling Price?

The B-21 Long Range Strike Bomber is designed for a high-threat environment and can be sent from the United States to strike anywhere in the world. The Air Force is excited about this, but legislators are worried about the price tag.

Defense February 29, 2016

US Navy Once Again Teaching Officers How To Navigate Using Stars: Why?

The United States Navy is once again teaching celestial navigation to its officers, despite the advancements in GPS technology. Why should this ancient art and science be revived?

Defense February 27, 2016

How The F-117 Used 'Star Trek' Tech And The Incredible Secrecy Behind The Stealth Jet Program

The F-117 Nighthawk is the stealthiest aircraft in military and aviation history. Find out how those involved in the program were able to keep operations veiled from everyone.

Defense February 19, 2016

Remember Stuxnet? New Documentary Reveals Bigger Cyber Operation Code-Named Nitro Zeus

A new documentary reveals that Stuxnet, a worm that attacked Iran's nuclear program, is part of a wider cyber operation known as Nitro Zeus. The operation had the capability to launch highly damaging cyberattacks that could cripple Iran at a moment's notice.

Defense February 17, 2016

US Navy Wants To Deploy Railgun Aboard Zumwalt-Class Destroyers

An admiral in the U.S. Navy has suggested that the government should forgo its plan to test a prototype electromagnetic railgun in favor of having a functional unit be placed on a Zumwalt-class destroyer. The futuristic warship features a built-in power plant with enough energy to power the high-tech gun.

Defense February 15, 2016

Air Force Tanker Crew Saves The Life Of An F-16 Pilot Over ISIS Territory

An F-16 pilot was having a fuel system emergency while flying over ISIS territory. The pilot was supposed to eject from the plane and land on emeny-occupied land, but a U.S. Air Force tanker saved his life.

Defense February 15, 2016

Meet ACTUV, DARPA's 132-Foot Unmanned Submarine Hunter

DARPA is launching the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel, or the ACTUV, on its maiden mission in April. The 132-foot, 140-ton drone is capable of hunting stealth submarines.

Defense February 13, 2016

Latest Snowden Leak Reveals NSA, GCHQ Hacked Israeli Drones

Latest leakage information by Edward Snowden shows footages of Israeli drones over Gaza strip. British and United States spy agencies surveyed drones for military purposes from Israel.

Defense February 1, 2016

Tokyo Police Will Start Taking 3D Mugshots To Help Catch Criminals At All Angles

Tokyo's Metropolitan Police Department will start taking 3D mugshot of its suspects in custody and store them in a database to make arrests more quickly in the future.

Defense January 25, 2016

US Military Wants To Link Human Brain To Computer Using Mind-Reading Implants

A new DARPA program dubbed Neural Engineering System Design seeks to develop an advanced interface to link the human brain to a computer. The implant is intended to connect to up to 1 million neurons in a region of the brain.

Defense January 21, 2016

US Army Testing More Precise Airdrop Cargo Delivery System That Doesn't Use GPS

It claims its Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) is also safer for its troops as well.

Defense January 15, 2016

The AirMule Military Drone Is A Huge Air Ambulance

A military drone called the AirMule is being developed by an Israeli company with the hopes that it could eventually be used for things like civilian rescue in war zones.

Defense January 14, 2016

Chinese Scientists Develop Star Wars-Like Laser Guns

Star Wars-like laser guns are now a reality. Chinese researchers developed guns from ultrafast portable laser technology with miniaturized mechanisms.

Defense January 10, 2016

US Military Shelves Robotic Pack Mules Because They're Too Noisy And Can Leave Them Vulnerable

The last thing the military wants is something that would give away their position to the enemy on the battlefield.

Defense December 29, 2015

US Department of Veteran Affairs Will Pay For Robotic Legs For Disabled Vets

The U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs has recently passed an action that will have the VA pick up the bill for disabled vets who require the use of a robotic brace-like contraption that helps paralyzed users walk again.

Defense December 18, 2015

World’s First Fully Functional 3D Printed Revolver PM522 Washbear Can Fire Eight Rounds

A mechanical engineering student built the very first 3D-printed revolver. Dubbed the PM522 Washbear the gun was created using a consumer 3D printer and can fire up to eight bullets between reloads.

Defense December 11, 2015

US, Japan Conduct Second Test Of Missile Interceptor Off Southern California Coast

The U.S. Navy successfully conducted a missile interceptor test off the coast of Southern California last Tuesday, Dec. 8. The tested SM-3 Block IIA missile boasts of a more able kill vehicle and bigger rocket motors for better protection against ballistic missile threats.

Defense December 10, 2015

US Deploys P-8 Poseidon Spy Plane In Singapore Amid South China Sea Tensions

The United States and Singapore stated that the first P-8 Poseidon aircraft will be stationed in Singapore. The strategic deployment took place after tensions between regional powers stirred the waters of the South China Sea.

Defense December 9, 2015

The US Air Force Is Running Out Of Bombs And Missiles In The Fight Against ISIS

As B-1 bomber aircraft drop a record number of bombs and F-15E fighter jets use up a variety of weapons in the war against ISIS, the U.S. Air Force has revealed that its munitions stockpiles are now depleted.

Defense December 7, 2015

US Air Force Hires Civilian Drone Operators To Control Surveillance Drones

The U.S. Air Force has hired defense contractors that operates some of the MQ-9 Reaper drones for surveillance. The civilian pilots flying these drones are not allowed to fire missiles.

Defense November 30, 2015

Engineers Discover New Law Of Sound And Cereal

Rice Krispies could be the solution to detecting when post-avalanche snow is safe to walk through.

Defense November 18, 2015

Forget Lock Picking: This Thermite Torch Can Melt Metal Locks In Two Seconds

The Air Force unveiled a new lock-picking tool that can do more than pick a lock. It can melt a lock, and other pieces of metal, to nothing.

Defense November 19, 2015

Ultra-Thin Material Can Hide Military Jets From Radar: Here Are Other Technologies That Can Change Warfare

Technology changes the face of warfare, literally. Chinese researchers developed an ultra-stealth material capable of hiding military jets from radar. Here are other warfare technologies in development.

Defense November 16, 2015

That's Not A Weather Balloon – UFO Sighting In Californnia Was A Secret Navy Missile Test

A U.S. Navy finally reveals that the California U.F.O. sighted on Nov. 7 was a scheduled and unannounced missile test launch. A military analyst believes the secrecy of the operation was necessary

Defense November 9, 2015

Submarine Contractors Of Australia Express Concern Over Possible Hacking Attempts Of Chinese, Russian Spies

Hackers have attempted to steal top secret information about Australia's project on building its future submarines, dubbed Sea 1000 Future Submarine program. The bidders of the project are pointing their fingers to Chinese and Russian spies as primary suspects.

Defense November 9, 2015

Fifth-Generation Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II Stealth Fighter Jet Gets A Machine Gun

Lockheed Martin's F-35A's 25mm Gatling gun impresses in its first aerial fire tests. However, the multipurpose machine gun is not yet ready for testing in production F-35As.

Defense November 6, 2015

$43 Million: What Pentagon Spent To Build A Gas Station In Afghanistan

The United States Department of Defense spent almost $43 million of taxpayers' money on the construction of a gas station in northern Afghanistan, a report claims. On top of that, the Pentagon has been unable to explain what caused the gas station to cost so much.

Defense November 3, 2015

US Military Completes $230 Million Test Of Layered Missile Defense System

The United States military completed the comprehensive testing of its layered missile defense system, involving the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, and the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense weapons systems. The testing cost around $230 million.

Defense November 2, 2015

A $2.7 Billion Military Blimp Is Aimlessly Floating Above The Mid-Atlantic Region

A huge military blimp has broken its tether and is floating above the mid-Atlantic states. The blimp is part of a military surveillance project aimed at detecting air attacks and missiles.

Defense October 28, 2015

Pentagon Upgrading Aging Stealth Bomber Fleet With Northrop Grumman Contract

Pentagon confirms that it has just awarded Northrop Grumman the contract to build Air Force’s Long Range Strike Bomber. The award is said to have a valuation of almost $60 billion.

Defense October 28, 2015

Too Close For Comfort: US Expresses Concerns Over Russian Submarines Near Underwater Data Cables

The US authorities have expressed concerns over Russia's increased military activity throughout the globe. The biggest present time threat, which US officials are wary about, is the close proximity of Russians submarines to the underwater data cables that facilitate the world's internet.

Defense October 26, 2015

Air Force Tests Unarmed Minuteman 3 Missile From Vandenberg AFB In California

The U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command held an operational test procedure by launching a Minuteman III Missile on Oct. 21. The launch team and participating officers called the launch a rewarding experience.

Defense October 22, 2015

China’s Hypersonic Dongfeng 21D Ballistic Missile Is An Aircraft Carrier Killer

China unveils the Dongfeng 21D, which is one of the most talked about missiles of late. Nicknamed the carrier killer, the Dongfeng 21D is believed to be a real game changer.

Defense October 23, 2015

US Army Testing A Smart Grenade Launcher: You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

The US Army is ready for another round of test of the XM25. The smart grenade launcher is due for testing next year and it could hit the battlefields soon after.

Defense October 14, 2015

US Navy To Go Old School, Sail By The Stars Amidst Threats Of Cyberattack

After almost two decades, the US Navy has reinstated celestial navigation lessons to the Naval Academy this year. The move came after the increasing threat of cyber attacks.

Defense October 15, 2015

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