China’s supersonic sub will be able to speed to California in 100 minutes

Chinese researchers say putting a submarine in its own giant air bubble could let if "fly" through water. Speeds of thousands of mile per hour are envisioned.

Defense August 26, 2014

Hypersonic weapon of U.S. military explodes four seconds into test launch

Controllers detected a problem with the Advanced Hypersonic Weapon prompting the abortion of the mission over concerns of public safety. No one was hurt because of the incident.

Defense August 26, 2014

Chinese supersonic submarine with speed up to 3600 mph a step closer to reality

Russians first developed a submarine based on supercavitation technology. Now, China claims it is moving closer to developing such and more advancement in tow. Will it be a hit or a miss?

Defense August 26, 2014

Cyborg moths will save you from disasters in the future

Insect "biobots" under human control could be sent into disaster situations too dangerous for humans, researchers say. They could survey damage and help search for survivors, they say.

Defense August 20, 2014

Octopus-inspired scientists develop camouflage material for military

A team of researchers have developed a new automatic camouflage technology, based on the incredible way octopi's skin reacts to light and the changes in its environment.

Defense August 19, 2014

DARPA: Tanks in the future will not depend on armor but technology

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on the GXV-T program which aims to imbibe technology to improve the agility of ground-based fighter vehicles. DARPA aims to depend more on revolutionary technology rather than the armor for protection in the future.

Defense August 20, 2014

Japan, U.S. partner to develop fuel-celled, unmanned patrol submarine

Japan and U.S. working together on a submarine? Sounds promising. It’s called an “unmanned underwater vehicle” and has been reported to cost $25 million.

Defense August 10, 2014

Spy agencies compromised by 'Epic Turla' cyber espionage operation

Security researchers from Kaspersky Labs have discovered a cyber espionage operation that targeted government institutions in 45 countries. The hackers employed techniques that were previously used in attacks linked to Russian intelligence.

Defense August 9, 2014

How military drones get their inspiration from Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are great fliers, as they are able to maneuver through the tightest of spaces. Military drone makers know this, and that is why several drones are designed with the Hummingbird in mind.

Defense August 3, 2014

Soldiers of the future: New Striker II fighter pilot helmet mixes night vision goggles with HD display

Fighter pilots are getting some new gear in the form of the Striker II, a new helmet that finally brings some well needed technology upgrades to the soldier maneuvering the skies above.

Defense July 19, 2014

Blackest material on Earth made of carbon nanotubes can redefine future of stealth

Vantablack is the new blackest black, a revolutionary material that may change how space and military applications are carried out. It is set to launch at the Farnborough International Air Show.

Defense July 16, 2014

Cray lands $174 million deal to build supercomputer to manage U.S. nuclear arsenal

Cray, a supercomputer company, has landed a $174 million deal to build a supercomputer that will manage and secure the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

Defense July 14, 2014

No one can hide from DARPA's self-guided bullets. They rarely miss their targets.

DARPA's EXACTO system corrects the trajectory of bullets while in mid-flight. The bullets were designed for optimal performance in Afghanistan.

Defense July 14, 2014

U.S. government taps Cray to build supercomputer to manage nuclear weapons

Cray is set to deliver Trinity in 2015 to help manage nuclear weapons. Will the US finally get the top spot for the world's fastest supercomputer?

Defense July 11, 2014

New chip uses nanosensors to detect even smallest traces of explosives

Israeli scientists come up with a nanochip that can detect the tiniest amount of explosives chemicals in the air and works literally a million times better than current airport security.

Defense June 25, 2014

U.S. successfully tests missile defense system, intercepts target over Pacific

The GMD system used the Raytheon kill vehicle to intercept a simulated warhead over the Pacific. The successful test validates the program, but critics are still not impressed.

Defense June 23, 2014

Spider-Man? No, that's an American soldier climbing a wall using gecko-inspired gear

DARPA has developed a new technology that allows soldiers to climb vertical surfaces with nothing but a pair of nature-inspired sticky paddles patterned after the gecko’s footpad.

Defense June 11, 2014

Gecko-inspired DARPA paddles lets you become Spider-man

Paddles designed by DARPA in their Z-man program, allow users to climb vertical surfaces - even glass - like a gecko.

Defense June 10, 2014

U.S. cybersecurity firm accuses China's secret military unit of espionage

A security firm has revealed that China has been doing cyber espionage targeting America's vital agencies and installation. CrowdStrike accuses the former of using a special unit of its military to know the secrets of United States in the fields of aerospace, among others.

Defense June 10, 2014

Why Snowden is in Russia? KGB tricked him, says ex-officer

Ex-KGB Major Boris Karpichkov said that Moscow already had Snowden in their radar as far back as 2007, but did not contact him until he fled to Hong Kong last year.

Defense June 9, 2014

Hate those who hate Glassholes? New Google Glass app lets you fire guns around corners

Google Glass strapped to a gun via an app that allows the shooter to fire the weapon from behind cover without peeking? Not impossible.

Defense June 9, 2014

DARPA uses Oculus Rift technology to prep military for cyberwarfare

The U.S. military wants to go virtual. And to do so, it is teaming up with Oculus for cyberwar.

Defense May 27, 2014

DARPA Plan X experiments on Oculus Rift as new weapon in cyberwar

Oculus Rift allows users to visualize network simulations for both offensive and defensive purposes, making military hacking seem like a video game.

Defense May 27, 2014

DARPA develops ULTRA-Vis augmented reality HUD system for soldiers

DARPA's ULTRA-Vis HUD system overlays data over the user's natural field of vision through a holographic display.

Defense May 26, 2014

FBI: Finding cybersecurity gurus is tough as many are pot heads

The FBI says hiring needed talent for the escalating cybersecurity battlefield is getting tougher as many potential candidates can't pass the drug tests due to pot smoking habits.

Defense May 21, 2014

United Launch Alliance rocket brings $245 million GPS satellite into orbit

United Launch Alliance successfully launches a $245 million U.S. military GPS satellite. Next launch expected on May 22.

Defense May 17, 2014

UN debates about the use of Terminator-like killer robots in warfare

Will there be a real-life episode of Terminator taking place years from now? One could only imagine but to the United Nations officials, it sounds like a serious matter.

Defense May 13, 2014

Air Force, ULA can buy Russian-made rockets, court lifts injunction

The ban temporarily prohibiting the purchase of Russian rocket engines was lifted Thursday after three U.S. officials testified that the dealings do not infringe the current sanctions imposed against the Russian government.

Defense May 11, 2014

Elon Musk sees red as SpaceX vows to break Lockheed-Boeing monopoly over US military satellite launches

SpaceX founder to sue for chance to compete for Pentagon satellite launches. Elon Musk says his company can save the government on launch costs.

Defense April 26, 2014

Are Americans technophobes? They fear drones, robots and Google Glass, Pew report suggests

A new survey shows Americans both love - and fear - technology. What possible futures scare Americans the most?

Defense April 19, 2014

U.S. Navy ready to live test laser to kill drones: Weapon is run via a video game controller

Only in the movies have we ever witnessed lasers being used in battle. However, that is about to change thanks to LaWS.

Defense April 8, 2014

DARPA heads for robot/human hybrid - are cyborgs on the way?

DARPA announces the Biological Technologies Office (BTO) division, which will look at merging biological systems with electronics. Could cyborgs be next?

Defense April 3, 2014

Laser gun-equipped U.S. Navy ships can take down enemy drones like bugs from the sky

No R2D2 as yet for jet fighters and ships of the U.S. armed forces but the U.S. Navy has revealed that it will be equipping its ships with laser weapon systems and rail guns. Nightmarish reality for the enemies, indeed.

Defense March 11, 2014

Ready, aim...but no fire: Smart Gun Armatix iP1 will NOT fire without its accessory watch

A smart gun has now entered the American market. Will it be able to trim down gun violence? No.

Defense February 23, 2014

The F-35 is one heck of a fighter jet and...just a few clicks away from a hack

The F-35 fighter jet can be compared to a flying computer and that can be its weakness - it might be prone to hacking.

Defense February 21, 2014

DARPA, IBM team up to develop self-destructing electronic devices

DARPA and IBM have teamed up to develop a technology that was possible so far only in super spy movies - self destructing electronic devices.

Defense February 10, 2014

DARPA open source data goes public

DARPA has launched the Open Catalog website featuring some of its sponsored projects.

Defense February 6, 2014

Revolutionary sponge sealing technology may plug bullet wounds before you can say 'AAAAHHHHHH...'

The device called "XStat" can close up a bullet wound and stop the bleeding within 15 seconds.

Defense February 6, 2014

Microsoft Kinect helping South Korea protect its borders

South Korea has been using the Xbox 360 Kinect sensor to monitor the demilitarized zone (DMZ) for possible intruders.

Defense February 5, 2014

Lockheed Martin successfully tests self-driving military trucks

The U.S. military has come a step closer to autonomous warfare with the successful testing of a new technology that makes driverless convoys possible.

Defense February 3, 2014

'Chameleon of the sea' cuttlefish can teach us a thing or two about camouflage

A new study explores the potential of using protective camouflage technology similar to the biological mechanisms used by cuttlefish for practical applications.

Defense January 30, 2014

Former US drone operator speaks out against how the program is handled

Heather Linebaugh is speaking out against the U.S. drone program that is seen as barbaric to some.

Defense December 30, 2013

NSA effect: Brazil ignores Boeing, hands Saab $4.5 bn fighter jet deal

The NSA snooping program might have cost Boeing a $4.5 billion deal with the Brazilian government.

Defense December 19, 2013

US, UK say no to 3D-printed guns

The U.S. and the UK are closely monitoring the developments made in 3D-printing technology, especially guns.

Defense December 10, 2013

Lockheed Martin to slash 4,000 jobs, close facilities in austerity move

Lockheed Martin has announced 4,000 job cuts and closure of some of its facilities in austerity measures.

Defense November 15, 2013

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