App Offering 'Gay Conversion' Therapy Removed From Google Play Store


Google has removed a controversial app from its Play Store, which LGBTQ claims, engages in offering users "gay conversion" therapy.

The app from Living Hope Ministries provides recordings of sermons, testimonials, devotionals for men, women, parents, and their children.

App Offering Gay Conversion Therapy Issue

LGBTQ advocates claim that the app offers gay conversion therapy that some believe, including Vice President Mike Pence, will change the sexual orientation of gay and bisexual men and women into a heterosexual orientation.

This app uses a technique that appears to brainwash users by using psychology and religious beliefs. The sermons are pounded over and over again, which some say, are harmful that it could lead to depression, drug use, and suicide.

Google's action came after a petition on had reached 142,212 signatures, calling for the app's removal. Other giant online stores such as Apple's iTunes, Amazon, and Microsoft had already banned the app months ago.

Google Removes The App After Months Of Protests

Several organizations demanded Google to remove the app. However, Google refused, saying that the app from Living Hope Ministries did not violate its Play Store terms of service.

It had taken months of protests by LGBTQ advocacy groups and supporters before Google eventually removed the app from Play Store. Democratic New York State Sen. Brad Hoylman also joined the campaign along with Human Rights Campaign and Truth Wins Out.

"I called Google out in the press about this in January. They took no action. Credit is due for finally acting - but Google now needs a serious internal audit examining why it delayed so long," said Senator Hoylman.

The removal of the app from the Play Store happened less than 24 hours after HRC had suspended Google's rating in its Corporate Equality Index. HRC gave Google a perfect 100 percent score for its annual CEI prior to its campaign for the removal of the controversial app. HRC based the score on Google providing health benefits to its transgender employees and offering of health benefits for same-sex couples.

HRC explains in its CEI that gay conversion therapy sometimes includes dangerous and disproved practices falsely claiming to change a person's sexual orientation. The organization also said that this practice has been rejected by mainstream medical and mental health organizations.

Living Hope Ministries, however, denies the allegation that it offers gay conversion therapy or anything of that sort.

Puerto Rico and 16 states in the United States have also banned the controversial app.

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