FCC Outs Full Text Of Net Neutrality Rules: Here's What The 400-Page Document Says

With the new proposed 400-page rules on federal regulatory oversight of Internet service providers, court battles are ahead. Telecoms and wireless industry groups are not happy with what is being proposed.

Internet March 12, 2015

Uber Offers The Royals-Themed Rolls Royce In New York And Los Angeles This Weekend

Want to ride like royalty this weekend? Give Uber a call as the rideshare service is participating in a marketing program for E! Online's 'The Royals' new series debuting Sunday.

FUTURE TECH March 12, 2015

Not Fit Enough To Climb Mount Everest? Let Google Street View Take You There (Video)

No, you have no excuse for not climbing Mount Everest. A virtual tour gives you nearly the same experience without the potential death risk factor.

Apps/Software March 12, 2015

CIA Helped Justice Department Develop Technology To Secretly Slurp Thousands Of Cellphone Data At Once

Federal law enforcement agencies are under scrutiny for tapping unique surveillance technology to find and collect citizen cellphone data. The program has reportedly collected information on tens of thousands of citizens, claim reports.

Internet March 12, 2015

Facebook 'Feeling Fat' Body-Shaming Emoticon Gets Booted At Last

Public outcry spurs social network giant to toss out what many felt was a negative and insulting status option. Nearly 20,000 signed a petition to force Facebook to remove the 'fat' emoticon.

Internet March 12, 2015

Buy The New MacBook Or Go Non-Apple: MacBook 2015 vs. Dell XPS 13 (2015) vs. Asus Zenbook UX305 vs. Lenovo Yoga 3

The big push is on to be sleek and skinny, but consumers also want speed and battery stamina. Let's take a look at how laptop makers are striving to deliver everything a consumer wants without pulling features that consumers love.

Computers March 11, 2015

Google Plans To Acquire India-Based Startup InMobi For $1 Billion: Report

Google and InMobi aren't commenting but reports claim the search giant may be mulling a $1 billion acquisition of the ad services player. How InMobi would fit in with Google's current AdMob platform isn't yet clear.

Deals March 11, 2015

Now Customize Your Moto 360 With Moto Maker: Go, Moto

Motorola believes consumers want the ability to custom design the smartwatch they wear, so it is extending its customization services. The strategy is nearly the opposite of what competitor Apple is taking with its newly launched Watch portfolio.

Wearable Tech March 11, 2015

Apple Watch Promises 18-Hour Battery Life: How It Compares To The Competition

Apple is making some optimistic battery power claims with its new wearable Watch. The bottom line is this: the less you use its features, the longer the battery charge.

Wearable Tech March 11, 2015

Equifax, Experian, And TransUnion To Overhaul Credit Report Dispute Process: What Consumers Should Know

It's frustrating to find out inaccuracies in a credit report as they are likely negatively impacting your credit rating. A new agreement between lawmakers and the credit report companies should, however, work in the consumer's favor.

Money March 10, 2015

Apple Watch: Here's Why We All Need One

The beauty of the Watch for the active and social wearable fan is that while you need that iPhone in hand for some specific tasks (think Apple Pay); the Watch pretty much offers everything the iPhone has but doesn't need to be in your hand.

Wearable Tech March 10, 2015

Twitter Buys Tech Startup Periscope Because Live Video Streaming Is In

Social network player obviously believes its user base is way into video streaming. It reportedly bought a start-up live video mobile streaming service a month ago on the down low.

Deals March 10, 2015

Love Bigger Battery For Apple iPhone? Jony Ive Doesn't Think So

The fact the iPhone's battery life is short and users are constantly having to charge Apple's flagship smartphone is no concern to Jony Ive, Apple's design guru. Thin and light is much more compelling than heavy and boasting a longer charging power, says Ive.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 9, 2015

Windows PC Users, Don't FREAK Out: Here's How You Can Protect YourSelf

The 'FREAK' security encryption vulnerability is actually worse than initial reports let on. There are, however, a few things every Internet user can do to shore up protection as patches are being created.

Internet March 9, 2015

Samsung Receives 20 Million Preorders For Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S6 Edge

Preorders for the impending Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are record-setting and huge, says Samsung. But the news comes on the heels of Samsung losing its top-tier marketing guru.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 9, 2015

Best Windows Phone To Buy: Nokia Lumia 1520 Vs. HTC One M8 For Windows Vs. Nokia Lumia 830

Windows smartphones have come a long way and still need some refinement. But as just three handsets illustrate there's been some big steps in advancing features and functionality.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech March 9, 2015

Apple Watch Edition Has Serious Competition And Its Name Is Hoptroff No.8 Diary Watch

Apple and Hoptroff have more than one thing in common. Their chiefs are of like mind when it comes to designing a smartwatch.

Wearable Tech March 8, 2015

Only Sony Xperia Z Owners Will Get Android 5.0 Lollipop Update: Bad News For Non-Xperia Z Series Users

Sony Xperia Z owners are thrilled, but those Xperia smartphone owners who don't have a Z series device aren't happy. The Android Lollipop 5.0 update is only available for the Z portfolio.

Apps/Software March 8, 2015

Eddy Cue Shows Off How Apple Pay Works On Apple Watch Ahead Of Spring Forward Event

The Apple Pay chief shows how the mobile payments system works with the wearable during a visit to a Golden State Warriors game. Apple is expected to provide more insight on the Watch at Monday's special event.

Wearable Tech March 8, 2015

One-Third Of Americans Live Over An Hour Away From Advanced Stroke Center

A new study reveals that one-third of U.S. citizens are living at least one hour from the nearest stroke center. Closer proximity or a faster means of transport to such a facility can greatly reduce a potentially deadly result due to a stroke, claims new research.

Life March 8, 2015

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