If You're A Distracted Driver And You Come Across These People On Road, You're Doomed [Video]

When another driver is doing something other than just focusing on the road, it can mean big danger for every other driver on that road. It's a scenario that's happening everywhere.

Society April 6, 2015

Want To Help A Gopher Tortoise? Don't Put It In Water

The protected reptile lives on land, in deep burrows. Florida wildlife officials are striving to educate residents and tourists about the species and its real habitat as its numbers are declining.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2015

Shocking! Las Vegas Woman Gets $200 Ticket For Applying Lip Balm At A Red Light

Don't put that Chapstick on while driving in Las Vegas. Highway patrol officers are pretty serious about citing drivers for distracted driving as one woman found out.

Society April 5, 2015

Microsoft Turns 40: 14 Amazing Facts We Bet You Didn't Know About Microsoft

Four decades of innovation is nothing to scoff about and as founder Bill Gates urges employees to move forward and drive technology into everyone's hands and reach, it's a good time to look back at Microsoft's 40 years in business. We're betting there are a few facts on this list that may surprise you.

Business April 5, 2015

No More Ultra-Skinny Models On Catwalks In France. What About America?

France is banning underweight models to promote a healthier body image. There are currently no laws enacted or proposed in the U.S. fashion industry.

Life April 4, 2015

Delphi Self-Driving Car Completes Cross-Country Trip: What Happened During The 9-Day Journey?

Delphi's driverless car is just as fearful of huge tractor-trailers as a human car driver, but it performed flawlessly during a nine-day trek from California to New York. The car did the test ride in automated mode for 99 percent of the drive.

FUTURE TECH April 4, 2015

Uber Shows It's Serious About Customer Security By Poaching Facebook's CSO

As Uber investigates the potential sale of customer data, fraudulent fare charges and a database break-in last year, it takes time to hire a new security chief. Facebook CSO Joe Sullivan will move into the role at the end of April.

Business April 4, 2015

Geomagnetic Compass Implant Helps Blind Rats 'See'

Research with rats reveals how a wearable sensor can tap into brain potential to make up for lost sight. The findings could possibly be applied to assisting humans with seeing problems.

Life April 4, 2015

Microsoft Turns 40: 'What Matters Most Now Is What We Do Next,' Says Bill Gates

The software giant hits the Big 40, and founder Bill Gates says the goal ahead is to make technology accessible on a global front. It's a bold idea, he says, but then again, so was the creation of Microsoft.

Business April 4, 2015

Apple Releases Apple Watch Tutorial Videos And AppleCare Price Ahead Of April 10 Pre-Order [Video]

Prospective Watch buyers can get a jump on how the Watch works with tutorials now available. Apple is also reportedly preparing its AppleCare plans for the three wearable device options.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2015

First Apple Watch Prototype Didn't Look As Cool Or Snazzy As It Looks Now

Take your iPhone, glue two Velcro strips to it and slap it on your wrist. That's exactly what the Watch design team did in the early stage of creating Apple's first-ever wearable.

Wearable Tech April 4, 2015

Snapchat Outs First Transparency Report: You'll Be Surprised By Number Of Data Requests

Social network Snapchat promises to provide insight on data requests twice a year. It's also aiming to shore up security so that uers' snaps aren't grabbed by third-party apps.

Apps/Software April 4, 2015

EU Gets Ready To Turn On Heat On Google And Other Tech Giants

Doing business abroad, especially in the European markets, won't be easy as regulators are more than a bit concerned about how some U.S. tech companies handle privacy issues and security in regard to online user data. The EU is looking hard at Google, Apple and Facebook and whether they've broken any antitrust laws.

Business April 3, 2015

OnLive Is Live No More As Sony Gobbles Up Its Assets

One of the earliest cloud-based online gaming hubs is shuttering its doors as of April 30. Sony may be making such a move to possibly launch a new service or expand one thanks to the acquisiton.

Video Games April 3, 2015

Want A Star Trek Tricorder? Your Smartphone Could Be One In The Near Future

Today's smartphone could be tomorrow's tricorder sensor gadget. Mr. Spock would be proud.

April 2, 2015

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Edge Owners Report Scratched Displays And Dead Pixels

The thrill of getting the Samsung Galaxy Edge early is being overshadowed by some claims of damage. No word yet from Samsung or T-Mobile in response to the complaints.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 2, 2015

Mario Kart 8 DLC Animal Crossing Will Hit Wii U On April 23 With New 200cc Mode

Who doesn't love speed? Nintendo obviously does and has an inkling that Mario Kart 8 fans are into speed as well.

Video Games April 2, 2015

Facebook's Newest Social Video App Riff Is No Riffraff: Here's Why

Facebook thinks it's taking video sharing and collaboration to a new level, but its Riff app approach takes a big page, if not the whole page, from a 1982 TV commercial for shampoo. Find out how.

Apps/Software April 2, 2015

Facebook Could Be Tracking You Even If You Opted Out Or Don't Have An Account

Anyone using Facebook is reportedly being tracked and activity data is being collected in violation of European law, according to a new report. Facebook isn't making it easy for account members or visitors to opt-out of such monitoring.

Internet April 1, 2015

Microsoft Outs Surface 3: Finally, A Windows Tablet Capable Of Taking Down iPad [Video]

Microsoft rounds out its tablet portfolio with the Surface 3. Now, there's a Surface option for every mobile computer user's needs, says Microsoft.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech April 1, 2015

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