Amazon is said to be working on a new pair of earbuds that has health-tracking features and access to Alexa voice-assistant.

The new device, reportedly codenamed “Puget,” would be Amazon’s first entry into the health-monitoring space. The first Alexa wearable is already regarded as a potential competitor to Apple’s ubiquitous wireless earbuds — the AirPods.

The product is considered as one of the most important projects at Amazon’s Lab126 hardware division. The device is not officially announced yet but it is hinted that Amazon would reveal the earbuds at the company’s September hardware event this week.

Fitness-Tracking Features

The new wireless earbuds might have health features that can be expected from a fitness wearable like the Apple Watch or FitBit. Based on initial reports, the earbuds will have an accelerometer for measuring motion, it will also monitor distance tracking, the calories burned, and pace during running.

The earbuds would provide Amazon a way to make the home-based assistant more portable and personalized. To broaden Alexa's capabilities and the places it can communicate, the company has previously partnered with other headphone makers on similar third-party Alexa integrations. It has also experimented with bringing Alexa to the car through the Echo Auto and gave Alexa some notable home-security feature that can alert users when the home assistant hears glass break or a smoke alarm.

Already touted as Amazon’s next big device, the wireless earbuds would reportedly sell for under $100 a pair, a price point that would pit it directly against the higher-priced AirPods and Samsung’s Galaxy buds.

Bulkier, Premium Echo Speakers

In the past years, Amazon used the annual September product launch as a venue to refresh its Echo lineup. Two years ago, the company rolled out the second-generation version of its smash-hit Echo smart speaker, along with other Alexa gadgets. Last year, it unveiled the third-generation Amazon Echo Dot, the second-generation Echo Show, Echo Auto for cars, the Fire TV Recast DVR, as well new features and services for the Echo speakers.

This year, reports are buzzing that Amazon is developing a new, bulkier Echo device that will have a subwoofer and speakers with better sounds than the original Echo. This premium speaker could compete against the Google Home Max and Apple HomePod, according to a report.

While the earbuds and the new Echo speakers are gathering much attention as the most anticipated Amazon devices up for launch, rumors are also circulating that the company is working on an Alexa-powered glasses, and an Alexa home robot on wheels. The event will take place at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle.

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