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World No Tobacco Day: WHO Urges Countries To Get Ready For Plain Cigarette Packaging

On World No Tobacco Day, the World Health Organization urged countries to implement a law that requires tobacco products to have plain cigarette packaging. This is to decrease the attractiveness of products and emphasize the health hazards of smoking.

Public Health May 31, 2016

Australia To Auction Confiscated Bitcoins Worth $11 Million

Australia is set to auction confiscated bitcoins worth $11 million. The organizers are hoping to attract sophisticated investors who see value in this growing digital asset.

Business Tech May 31, 2016

How Effective Is Your Sunscreen? Experts Put Them To Test

Experts put sunscreens to the test to see how effective they are. Results show that most of them failed to meet the SPF content indicated on their labels.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 30, 2016

Scientists Discover New Snake Species On Remote Island In Bahamas

A new species of silver snakes was discovered by scientists in the Bahamas. After analysis, experts found that these snakes are indeed brand new boa species, unlike any other.

Animals May 30, 2016

Shark Attacks Predicted To Increase This Year: Is Global Warming To Blame?

An expert predicted that the number of shark attacks will increase this year. One possible reason for this is global warming.

Animals May 30, 2016

More Than One-Third Of Central, Northern Great Barrier Reef Corals Now Dead Due To Bleaching: Survey

More than a third of corals in the Central and Northern Great Barrier Reef may already be dead due to coral bleaching. The reason for this is most probably global warming, experts said.

Earth/Environment May 30, 2016

Search Under Way For Woman Taken By Crocodile While Swimming In Beach

Search operations for a woman who was attacked by a crocodile while night swimming in Queensland are still under way. Authorities fear that the victim might be dead because she has not been found hours after the tragic accident.

Animals May 30, 2016

Katharine The Great White Shark Is Possibly Pregnant

Katharine the great white shark is possibly pregnant, marine experts suspect. The animal is expected to return to Florida as per data from the satellite transmitter attached to it.

Animals May 29, 2016

Eating Fruits During Pregnancy May Boost Child's IQ

Eating fruits during pregnancy may boost a child's IQ, a new study has found. Prenatal fruit consumption specifically resulted in higher scores in cognitive tests when the children reached 1 year of age.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 29, 2016

Here's Why Fruit Flies Have Giant Sperm

Fruit flies have giant sperm, a new study found. Scientists also discovered the reason the species developed this as well as its implications in sexual selection.

Animals May 29, 2016

Doctors Want To Postpone Or Move Brazil Olympics As Zika Crisis Grow

Doctors have called on the World Heath Organization to move or postpone Rio Olympics 2016. They pointed out the continuous rise of Zika virus in the country, which may result in a bigger health crisis.

Public Health May 28, 2016

Climate, Orbit Models Reveal Earth-Like Planet Kepler-62f May Sustain Life

Climate and orbit models reveal that Kepler-62f may sustain life. By looking at computer simulations, experts found that the exoplanet has the ability to store liquid water on the surface.

Space May 28, 2016

Planet Bigger Than Jupiter Found Orbiting Young Star

Astronomers have discovered a planet bigger than Jupiter orbiting a young star. The discovery may give insights into the real processes that occur during planet formation.

Space May 28, 2016

Theranos Faces Lawsuit Alleging Consumer Fraud Over Blood Tests

Theranos is faced with another lawsuit claiming the company has committed consumer fraud. The complaint highlights the inaccuracy of Edison machines, which is one of the leading blood-testing devices from the company.

Medicine May 27, 2016

Women With Breast Cancer Genes Can Lower Their Risk: Here's How

Women with breast cancer genes may lower their risk of developing the disease. The key is to make better lifestyle changes and healthier decisions.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 27, 2016

NASA Calls Off Inflation of Space Station's New BEAM Habitat

Inflation of NASA's BEAM habitat had to be canceled in the middle of the mission. Experts said the inflatable room showed very minimal expansion after several hours that operations must be ceased.

Space May 27, 2016

Deeper Waters Could Serve As Coral Refuge From Bleaching

Deeper waters may better help coral reefs deal with bleaching, according to a new U.N. report. Researchers have found that mesophotic coral ecosystems situated deep under the water may serve as a lifeboat for marine species.

Earth/Environment May 26, 2016

Astronomers Find New Craters On Moon's Darkest Region

Two new young craters on the moon were discovered by astronomers. Through the use of a technology that can see through the darkest side of the moon, researchers were able to identify such fresh craters.

Space May 25, 2016

Online Conspiracy Theories May Hurt Efforts To Fight Zika Virus

Conspiracy theories and unscientific claims about Zika virus may hurt future programs involving Zika vaccine. Researchers say online information may mislead the public and render them uninterested in actions that aim to halt the spread of the disease.

Public Health May 25, 2016

GOP Congressman Admits Using Medical Marijuana To Ease Arthritis Pain

GOP congressman admits to using medical marijuana for arthritis pain. The Republican lawmaker said that for the first time, he was able to get a decent sleep again.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 25, 2016

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