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Hackers Installed Backdoor Script On Facebook Server To Steal Workers' Login Credentials

Hackers were able to install a backdoor script on Facebook's corporate server to steal the login credentials of employees. Fortunately, the bug was discovered by a security researcher, who got $10,000 from Facebook as reward.

Apps/Software April 24, 2016

British Astronaut Tim Peake Completes London Marathon In Space

Tim Peake was able to complete the London Marathon while up in space. The British astronaut started the race with a video message and run via a digital app, making him feel like he was really at the location.

Space April 24, 2016

Titanosaur Fossil Reveals Long-Necked Dinosaurs Had Harsh, Lonely Childhood

Titanosaur fossils revealed that the long-necked dinosaurs led a harsh and lonely childhood. This is due to their parents leaving them to forage and live independently.

Animals April 24, 2016

New Technology Can Potentially Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer

Scientists were able to develop lithium-ion batteries that may last a lifetime. The new technology enables batteries to last 400 times longer than usual, providing great promise to the future of energy sources.

Material Science April 24, 2016

People With HIV May Age Faster: Virus Causes Premature Aging Of Cells

HIV treatment may cause cells to age faster, a new study has found. This means people with HIV must also take action to curb the effects of premature aging.

Public Health April 23, 2016

Aggressive 'Mini Stroke' Treatment May Cut Risks Of Major Strokes In Half

Aggressive mini stroke treatments may help cut down stroke risks in half. A new study found that early therapy and urgent assessment for all patients may help spare them from suffering recurrent strokes.

Medicine April 23, 2016

Psychologists Study Feeling Of Intense Awe Astronauts Experience When Viewing Planet Earth From Space

Psychologists are studying the feelings of awe and wonder that astronauts experience when viewing planet Earth from space. They particularly hope to induce that elating feeling to non-astronauts too.

Space April 23, 2016

AstraZeneca To Partner With Gene Pioneer Venter To Incorporate Genomics In Drug Research And Development

AstraZeneca will work with biotechnologist Craig Venter and other companies to incorporate genomics in drug research and development. The bold move is aimed at searching for new medicines that uses the advanced technology of genome sequencing.

Medicine April 22, 2016

UN Calls For Paris Climate Pact Signatories To Go Beyond Their Emissions Commitment

UN asked nations signing for the Paris climate agreement to go beyond commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All countries must take radical steps to keep up with the pace of global warming and achieve the ultimate goal.

Earth/Environment April 22, 2016

China Plans To Use Arctic Route For Its Ships

China is looking at using the Arctic route for its ships. Such move will help save Chinese ships money and time as their businesses in the polar regions boom and global warming surges.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2016

Dolphin Gives Birth At Shedd Aquarium, Captivates Hearts

Video of a dolphin giving birth at Shedd Aquarium surfaced and captivated hearts. The video was able to capture how the baby dolphin came out of its mother and propelled through the water through natural instincts.

Animals April 21, 2016

Taking Low-Dose Aspirin Daily During Cancer Treatment May Boost Survival Rate By 20 Percent

Low-dose aspirin was found to reduce cancer death and spread by 20 percent if taken daily. Such is true when aspirin is combined with ongoing cancer treatment.

Life April 21, 2016

ALA's 2016 State Of Air Report Reveals Top US Cities With Worst Pollution

ALA released a report revealing the most polluted cities in the U.S. Some cities have improved, but others experienced the worst air pollution situation in the last decade.

Earth/Environment April 21, 2016

Average Climate Rises To 1.5 Degrees Celsius In March, Marks Another Record In Climate History

The global temperature change reached to 1.5 degrees Celsius in March. This rise gives 2016 a new record in climate history.

Earth/Environment April 20, 2016

AAN Issues Guidelines On Use Of Botox For Neurological Conditions

AAN has released new guidelines for the use of botox in different neurological conditions including migraine. The new recommendations aim to assist physicians in effectively treating patients with muscle disorders using botox.

Life April 20, 2016

Michigan Governor Snyder To Drink Flint Tap Water For An Entire Month To Show That It Is Already Safe For Consumption

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder wants to show that Flint water is now safe for consumption. He plans to do this by vowing to drink tap water for at least 30 days.

Life April 20, 2016

Protein Therapy Reverses Symptoms Of Alzheimer's In One Week

A protein therapy was found to reverse Alzheimer's symptoms in mice. Researchers hope they can apply their work to humans plagued with the debilitating condition.

Life April 20, 2016

Better Than Fingerprints: 'Brainprints' Allow Experts To Identify People Using Brain Waves With 100 Percent Accuracy

Researchers were able to develop a novel technology called 'brainprint' that can identify people with 100 percent accuracy. The said brain biometrics system is better than fingerprints as it can potentially be cancelled when hackers find a way to have access.

Life April 20, 2016

FDA Launches Campaign To Show Rural Youth Risks Of Chewing Tobacco

FDA announced its ad campaign to educate rural white teens about the dangers of chewing or using other types of smokeless tobacco. The campaign aims to change the way these young people think when it comes to choosing health over norms.

Life April 19, 2016

Toddlers Who Prefer Sweet Over Salty Food More Likely To Be Obese

Toddlers who prefer sweet treats over salty snacks are more likely to have problems with weight gain. A new study found that eating in the absence of hunger and choosing sweets to satisfy that drive may increase the risk of obesity later in life.

Life April 19, 2016

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