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Virus-Fighting Protein In Primates May Have Sped Up Evolution

Researchers found that a virus-fighting protein may have helped speed up evolution. Evolution has always been known as a gradual process but the findings of the new study suggest otherwise.

Animals April 9, 2016

Flying Gripping Sphere Picks Up And Drops Off Deliveries On Its Own

German company Festo unveiled a preview of its flying gripper device that is able to pick up and drop off objects all on its own. The device may soon provide assistance to employees who need to reach objects from high places or hard-to-reach areas.

FUTURE TECH April 8, 2016

Want Babies With Intellectual Edge? Raise Them To Be Bilingual

Bilingual babies have an edge over monolingual babies in having better intellectual abilities, a new study has found. Being able to speak more than one language does not only boost linguistic skills, it also improves executive functions such as problem-solving, planning and critical thinking.

Life April 8, 2016

Green Sea Turtles No Longer Endangered But Threats To Population Remain

Federal agencies have reclassified green sea turtles from endangered to threatened. Despite the good news, threats to the species population remain, warranting continuous efforts to ensure conservation.

Earth/Environment April 8, 2016

Rescheduling Marijuana Could Ease Research On Medical Uses Of Weed

Rescheduling marijuana may improve how the substance is researched in the U.S. Changing the classification of marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II may mean less strict protocols for researchers to study the medical benefits of weed.

Life April 7, 2016

HIV Can Resist CRISPR/Cas9 Gene-Editing Attacks: Study

HIV was found to resist CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing attacks. In a new study, researchers observed that the seemingly strong antiviral therapy was able to stop mutations initially, but it also casued viruses that escaped to come out stronger.

Life April 7, 2016

Brain Scans Of Babies With Microcephaly Suggest Zika Disrupts Development

Researchers obtained CT scan images of microcephalic babies born to mothers exposed to Zika virus during pregnancy. The brain scans show that Zika virus may cause disruption in brain development, rather than the destruction of brain cells.

Life April 7, 2016

Nearly Half Of World Heritage Sites At Risk, Warrants Action: Report

Nearly half of World Heritage sites are at risk, a new report has found. Experts say it is time to take action and work towards sustainable development to save the environment and the local communities that benefit from the world-renowned sites.

Earth/Environment April 7, 2016

Brain Scans Reveal Effects Of Sleepless Nights On People With Insomnia

Brain scans were able to reveal the effects of always having sleepless nights. The results revealed impaired integrity in some brain regions that are responsible for sleep, alertness and consciousness.

Life April 7, 2016

Zika Virus And Neurological Problems: Mystery Link Between The Two Continues To Deepen

The mystery link between Zika virus and neurological disorders continues to deepen with every new report collated from all over the world. Although not yet completely proven, microcephaly and Guillain Barre syndrome have become the most common possible neurological disorders associated with the virus.

Life April 6, 2016

Reverse Photosynthesis May Hold Key To Faster, Greener Industrial Production

Reverse photosynthesis may pave the way for faster and greener industrial production. With the help of sunlight, energy sources and biofuels may be produced via natural and more efficient means.

Earth/Environment April 6, 2016

FDA Gives Approval To Knockoff Version Of Johnson & Johnson Remicade Drug

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Johnson & Johnson's Remicade biosimilar, Inflectra. Now, doctors may prescribe this infliximab drug to patients.

Life April 6, 2016

Researchers Use DNA Molecule To Create Smallest Diode

Researchers were able to create the world's smallest diode using only a single DNA molecule. The discovery may help pave the way for smaller yet more powerful silicon chips in the future.

April 5, 2016

Accepting Change: Key For Poor Countries To Survive Effects Of Climate Change

While financial aid may help the most vulnerable countries adapt to global warming, that is not the main solution. The key is to accept change and be inspired by that belief to work against climate change.

Earth/Environment April 5, 2016

Robotic Device Aids Recovery Of Young Stroke Survivors

A new study found that a robotic device aids children to recover following a stroke. Children with perinatal stroke, such as cerebral palsy, may benefit from this robot that quantitatively measures sensory and motor functions.

Life April 5, 2016

Gilead Sciences Buys Nimbus Therapeutics' Liver Drug Program For $1.2 Billion

Gilead Sciences has acquired Nimbus liver program for $1.2 billion. Both companies are looking forward to making advancements together and meet the needs of patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Life April 5, 2016

Stem Cell Therapy Shows Promise Against Heart Failure, Gives Hope To Patients With Few Treatment Options

Stem cell therapy shows promise against severe heart failure. The treatment gives hope to patients who only have limited treatment options to choose from.

Life April 5, 2016

Drug Companies Increase Prices Of Popular Medications: Report

A report has found that drug companies have increased the price of popular medications over the last five years. The increases were said to be 100 percent or more than 50 percent than the previous prices.

Life April 4, 2016

Thousands Of Jellyfish Invade South Florida Beach

Thousands of jellyfish invaded a South Florida beach, turning the shore into a bed of blue sea critters. Cleanup is in process, but in the mean time, authorities asked the public to take extra caution to prevent possible injuries.

Earth/Environment April 4, 2016

CDC Urges Health Officials To Get Ready For Zika Outbreak

CDC urged health officials in the U.S. to prepare for possible Zika virus outbreak in the country. In a recently conducted summit, the agency focused on mitigating risks to pregnant women and strengthening prevention strategies.

Life April 4, 2016

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