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'Dungeons & Dragons' Returns To Castle Ravenloft In New 'Curse of Strahd' Adventure

The first Ravenloft adventure for 'D&D' 5th edition is on its way.

Geek January 19, 2016

Mojang Announces New 'Minecraft: Education Edition' Based On MinecraftEdu

It's 'Minecraft' but for classrooms.

Geek January 19, 2016

China Intends To Land A Probe On The Dark Side Of The Moon

Well, really it's more like the far side of the moon.

FUTURE TECH January 15, 2016

Fan Recreates Original 'Pokémon' Region Using Unreal Engine 4

Nothing quite like a 3D Pallet Town.

Geek January 15, 2016

Unofficial Port Brings Peach To Android And The Web

The latest social fad is now more prevalent than ever.

Apps/Software January 15, 2016

Paid Streaming Service Reportedly In Talks For The CW

That'd mean 'Arrow' and 'iZombie' on a network-specific service.

Movies/TV Shows January 15, 2016

'Pocket Mortys' Is A Surprisingly Charming 'Rick And Morty' Video Game

There's a lot to like in 'Pocket Mortys' on the whole. A lot to like.

Geek January 15, 2016

Nintendo To Release Stand-Alone Physical Version Of 'Bayonetta 2'

The game had previously come as a slightly more expensive bundle with the original title.

Geek January 14, 2016

Sen. Franken Questions Student Data Collection In Letter To Google

Sometimes, you just need to go to the source.

Legal January 14, 2016

Alan Rickman Is The Absolute Best Part Of 'Galaxy Quest'

By Grabthar's hammer, never forget this movie.

Movies/TV Shows January 14, 2016

New 'Orphan Black' Season 4 Teaser Sends Viewers Down The Rabbit Hole

Not literally, but you get the idea.

Movies/TV Shows January 13, 2016

Virtual Reality Sequel In The Works For Notorious 'Desert Bus' Video Game

Here's hoping it's just the original 'Desert Bus' but in VR.

Geek January 13, 2016

Samsung Reaches Agreement For Factory Inspections After Employee Deaths

The company and the complainants don't agree on everything, but it's a step in the right direction.

Life January 12, 2016

Amazon Prime Subscribers Now Get 20 Percent Off Video Game Preorders

You could say that Amazon's really upping its game.

Geek January 12, 2016

'Pokémon' To Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Super Bowl Ad, Special Bundles And More

2016 is set to be a good year for 'Pokémon' fans.

Geek January 12, 2016

Periscope Brings Live Video To Twitter Timelines

Good news for anyone who wants more autoplaying videos in their feed.

Internet January 12, 2016

Lily Camera Drone Manages To Rack Up $34 Million In Preorders

Maybe it's because it just looks so darn happy to see everyone.

Digital Imaging January 8, 2016

Nintendo's 'Splatoon' Video Game Receives Two New Manga Adaptations

Both kids and squids will be in print this time around.

Geek January 8, 2016

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