WHO Declares Zika An International Emergency

Experts agree that the "strongly suspected" link between the virus and a severe birth defect suggests a causal link.

Society February 1, 2016

Powerful Storm Rocks Southern California, Leaves Thousands Without Power

More than 150,000 people were left without power thanks to the raging storm that rocked Southern California. The raging winds led to power poles being knocked down, disrupting electricity supply.

Society February 1, 2016

Netizens Raise Funds For Retiring Ohio Cop Who Wants To Keep K-9 Partner But There's A Legal Problem

A GoFundMe campaign has raised over $50,000 to help a retired Ohio police officer keep his K-9 partner Ajax. The campaign surpassed its goal of $3,500 with ease, thanks to several supporters.

Society February 2, 2016

Shanghai Customs Seizes More Than 2,000 Endangered Turtles From Smugglers

The Shanghai Bureau of Customs announced that they seized over 2,000 endangered turtle species in November 2015. The turtles were found hidden in containers of imported crabs owned by a Shanghai-based international shipping company.

Society February 1, 2016

Do Nice Guys Really Finish Last? Not According To This Study

Great news to the average Joes! When it comes to women's search for long-term partners, altruism trumps good looks. A study found that women are more attracted to men doing acts of kindness compared to selfish men who are simply good-looking.

Society January 31, 2016

Want Your Kids To Do Better In Math? Have Them Trace Math Problems With A Finger

Finger tracing can help children score better in math, according to experts. In a new study, students who trace certain math problems using their fingers were found to be able to solve them more quickly and easily.

Society January 31, 2016

Say Hello To Quasimodo, One Of 13 Dogs With Short Spine Syndrome, And He’s Looking For A New Home

Quasimodo, the dog who suffers from a very rare condition Short Spine Syndrome, is looking for a new home. Secondhand Hounds saved Quasi from the streets.

Society January 31, 2016

How Many Facebook Friends Actually Care About You? The Answer May Depress You

Facebook and other social media sites allow people to connect and re-connect to friends. When you have like a thousand friends in Facebook, you might feel ecstatic at first, but how many among them actually care about you?

Society January 30, 2016

'My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me': Black German Woman Discovers She's Related To Nazi Commandant

Jan. 27 was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. In observance of the tragic events, Jennifer Teege shared how she discovered that she is related by blood to one of the most sadistic Nazi commandants under Hitler.

Society January 30, 2016

Northern Italian Town Welcomes First Baby In 28 Years

The remote Italian town of Ostana finally had its 85th resident in Pablo, the first baby to reside in the town since 1987. Find out why the town's optimism is rising after the little tot's arrival.

Society January 30, 2016

Barbie Is Now A Game Developer, A Spy And President Of A Company

Barbie flaunts new body types and skin types in an evolution reflecting modern women. The iconic doll also offers new careers for children to choose from.

Society January 30, 2016

You Can Smoke Medical Marijuana All Day In Ontario But Ashtrays Are Illegal

Ontario needs to readjust its tobacco laws again after exempting medical marijuana users from the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. A medical marijuana lounge had to ask its customers to leave ash on tables and countertops after health officials banned ashtrays.

Society January 29, 2016

Looking For Online Hookups? Try Peak Hours: Here's When Tinder And OKCupid Get The Heavy Action

Want to increase your luck in finding a good match from online dating? Research shows that users of popular dating apps such as Tinder and OKCupid are at their most active best during the peak hours of the evening.

Society January 28, 2016

Drunk Doctor Assaulting Uber Driver In Viral YouTube Video Apologizes: 'I Am Ashamed'

A Miami doctor who drunkenly assaulted an Uber driver was caught on camera and the video went viral on YouTube. The woman now says she's 'ashamed' and apologizes for her behavior, explaining that that's not who she really is.

Society January 28, 2016

Tornado With 100 MPH Winds Overturns Cars, Uproots Trees In Florida

A tornado with 100 mph winds overturned cars and uprooted trees in Florida, Wednesday. Fortunately, no major injuries were reported.

Society January 28, 2016

Male Characters Have More Speaking Lines Even In Disney Princess Movies

Even fairy tales can be ironic. Disney princesses may be the stars of their movies, but linguists have found that male characters actually have more speaking lines.

Society January 27, 2016

The Earth Is Round. Here's a Coin To Help Prove It

You can use an ordinary dollar coin (or penny or dime) to prove that the Earth seeming flat doesn't make it so.

Society January 27, 2016

Helmets May Increase Risk-Taking Behavior

Psychologists at the University of Bath call into question the wisdom of helmet laws in a new study on risky behavior.

Society January 25, 2016

AI Politics: How An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm Can Write Political Speeches

Future political speeches may soon be produced by machines. A researcher at the University of Massachusetts Amherst created an AI machine that knows how to write political speeches with great similarity to the speeches written by real people.

Society January 26, 2016

'The Walking Dead VR' And More Coming To Starbreeze StarCade Virtual Reality Arcade In Los Angeles

Starbreeze announced the establishment of a virtual reality arcade in Los Angeles that will be powered by its StarVR headset. Slated to open in either spring or summer, VR enthusiasts can expect to experience virtual reality in a real premium setting with StarCade.

Society January 25, 2016

East Coast Tries To Recover After Massive Blizzard: New York Lifts Travel Ban, Washington Government Offices Closed Monday

The east coast of the United States is now trying to recover from the massive blizzard that passed through over the weekend. Despite the storm ending, people are still advised to take caution when going outside.

Society January 25, 2016

Nonprofit Group 'Cleaning For A Reason' Cleans Homes For Cancer Patients

Nonprofit organization Cleaning for a Reason offers free housekeeping for cancer patients in the U.S. and Canada. So far it has served more than 19,500 female beneficiaries and provided more than $5.5 million worth of house cleaning services.

Society January 25, 2016

Researchers Train Computers To Detect Twitter Sarcasm To Better Understand Human Communication

Researchers conducted a series of experiments to better understand when people are expressing sarcasm through text. By training their computers, the team was able to detect Twitter sarcasm using several factors that include keywords, hyperbole and hashtags.

Society January 23, 2016

Formerly Conjoined Twin Goes Home After More Than A Year In Hospital Treatment

More than a year after being in treatment, a formerly conjoined twin is welcomed home by his family in Florida. The baby’s twin brother will remain at the hospital.

Society January 22, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas 2016 Hits East Coast: How To Stay Safe In NYC, Boston, Washington DC

Almost a quarter of the population of the United States were covered by winter weather warnings, watches and advisories for the incoming Winter Storm Jonas. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe in the blizzard that could dump over 30 inches of snow over the weekend.

Society January 22, 2016

Flashing Lights, Music Turn Rats Into Problem Gamblers With Riskier Choices

A new rat study in Canada revealed that adding flashing lights and noises to gambling can encourage risky decision-making. Experts also said it was no accident that casinos are noisy and filled with too many lights.

Society January 21, 2016

The 9 Triggers That Make Us Angry, According To Science

Why does traffic or being cut on the road lead to road rage? A neurobiologist explained sudden bursts of anger with nine triggers in the brain.

Society January 21, 2016

Hundreds Of Stranded East Coast Turtles Towed To Safety

Ninety percent of the more than 1,000 turtles are members of an endangered species of sea turtle. An unusually warm winter interrupted their migration pattern.

Society January 20, 2016

Users To Spend Less On Devices: Gartner Predicts First Decline

The latest device sales forecast from Gartner shows that device shipments will continue to increase by up to 2.4 billion units in 2016. Nevertheless, overall end-user device expenditures will see a decline for the first time.

Society January 21, 2016

AdBlock Plus Uninvited And Blocked From Annual Ad Industry IAB Conference

Adblock Plus can no longer attend the annual IAB conference following an email that confirmed its registration fee had been refunded. Simply put, Adblock was uninvited.

Society January 20, 2016

Frozen Man Who Was Found With No Pulse Now A Living Medical Miracle

Justin Smith was found frozen with no pulse on a side walk last winter. His miraculous tale shed light on the dangers of being exposed to extremely cold temperatures.

Society January 20, 2016

NY To Extend Price Cut For Heroin Overdose Antidote Naloxone

New York's Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced the extension for Naloxone's price cut. It is hoped that the nearly 20 percent price reduction for the antidote to heroin overdose will save even more lives.

Society January 20, 2016

Families Of Cancer Patients Prefer Less Aggressive End-Of-Life Care Focused On Comfort

A study finds families feel dying loved ones got more appropriate treatment with hospice care than in a hospital ICU. Treatment meant to give comfort over aggressively treating terminal cancer provided better end-of-life quality, families say.

Society January 20, 2016

Amnesty International Links Samsung, Apple, And Sony To Child Labor In Africa

Amnesty International and African Resources Watch charge that companies like Samsung, Apple, and Sony are guilty of human rights violations in relation to their global trade agreements.

Society January 19, 2016

Materialist Consumers With Poor Personal Relationships Use 'Servant' Brands To Gain Sense Of Power: Study

Materialists who link their happiness to possessions and tend to have poor human relationships consider products as servants. These are things over which they can find power and control that they may lack in real life, says a new study on consumer behavior.

Society January 19, 2016

If Donald Trump Wins, He Says He’ll Force Apple To Manufacture Its Products In The US

Donald Trump promised that if he wins in the 2016 presidential race, he is going to force Apple to manufacture its products in the United States. Here is the video of Trump's speech.

Society January 19, 2016

Non-Profit Group Builds Tiny House For The Homeless

A non-profit group aims to build a one-man tiny house for the homeless. The Facebook project gained a lot of volunteers and homeless people to build the first prototype of a temporary shelter for homeless people.

Society January 19, 2016

Facebook Tagging Could Throw You In Jail If It Violates Protection Orders

One doesn't need to be in proximity to a person or to contact them to violate a protection order. A judge ruled that a victim receiving a virtual notification is enough grounds for a violation, as in the case of a woman who faces jail time over a Facebook tag.

Society January 18, 2016

Psychologists Explain When And Why Bystanders Intervene With Cyberbullies

Cyberbullies are nasty and it turns out bystanders don’t always stand on the side of good. UCLA psychologists have found that social media bystanders only intervene under certain conditions.

Society January 18, 2016

YouTube Music Videos May Entice Young Girls To Smoke: How to Prevent Teens From Smoking

Music videos shown on YouTube may entice teens, specifically girls, to try smoking. What can parents do to prevent this?

Society January 18, 2016

The Dangers Of Online Dating: Apps Tinder And Grindr Linked To More Crimes Than Ever

The number of criminal offenses linked to dating apps had increased sevenfold in just two years in the UK. Most of the crimes that were reported include violence and sex offenses such as rape, child sex grooming and child sex exploitation.

Society January 17, 2016

Linux For Everyone! Goodwill Partnership Yields Exciting Scholarship To Teach You New Skills

The Linux Foundation has focused on underserved communities with the launch of its free training courses for adult students from a number of backgrounds. Together with Goodwill, the move aims to help students who are aiming for a lucrative career in technology.

Society January 16, 2016

This New Bill Targets Strong Encryption, Demands It Disabled On All Smartphones In New York

The hot topic of mobile data encryption has engulfed authorities in New York. Assemblyman Matthew Titone is now looking into a bill that can force manufacturers to disable encryption on all handsets sold in the Big Apple.

Society January 15, 2016

Not All Americans Care About Giving Up Their Privacy: Here's What They're Willing To Trade Their Personal Information For

A new study revealed that Americans have an 'It Depends' attitude over privacy issues when given specific scenarios. Check out what would make a situation acceptable for people to risk their privacy for.

Society January 15, 2016

Religious Decline Not Equivalent To Moral Decline: Study

Religion and morality appear to go hand-in-hand but they are actually independent of each other. A researcher has found that a decline in religious values does not translate to a decline in moral ones.

Society January 15, 2016

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