Educated, Hard-Working Immigrants Are America's Biggest Innovators: Study

The prevailing image of the American innovator is a young, tech-savvy, college dropout building Silicon Valley startups. A new report on innovation and the STEM field, however, paints a different picture.

Society February 25, 2016

These Hollywood Celebs Will Pass On The Oscars – Attending Event For Flint Water Crisis Instead

Some Hollywood celebrities have chosen to miss the Oscars in favor of helping alleviate more pressing problems in society. Ryan Coogler and Blackout for Human Rights members will launch a benefit event on Oscars’ night.

Society February 24, 2016

The Science Of Morgan Freeman's Voice: Why We'll Follow Him Anywhere

Psychologists try to explain the appeal of Morgan Freeman's voice. Find out what they have to say about the voice of God, which is most currently tasked with giving directions on the road.

Society February 24, 2016

Poor Students Gain Less From College Degree Than The Wealthy

A new analysis highlights the wage disparity between college graduates from low-income and high-income families. Poor students appeared to benefit less from their degree than wealthy ones in terms of income, and the gap tends to widen over time.

Society February 24, 2016

Austria's Capital Vienna Ranked Most Livable City In The World

If you’re planning to live abroad, you might want to consider Vienna as your next home. Mercer’s Quality of Living survey ranked Austria’s capital as the most livable city in 2016, followed by Zurich, Switzerland and Auckland, New Zealand.

Society February 25, 2016

Starbucks Barista Learns Sign Language To Communicate With Deaf Customer

A Starbucks barista learned sign language to serve her deaf customer better. The customer was so pleased when he was greeted by the barista one day using American sign language.

Society February 24, 2016

Google Accused Of Causing Damage During Fiber Installation In Austin, Texas

The installation of Google Fiber in Austin, Texas is causing damage and interruption, according to residents in the area.

Society February 23, 2016

Virginia Man In Trouble With Law After Trying To Get Help For Dogs Chained Up In Snowstorm

A man in Appomattox, Virginia is being sued by his neighbors after he took photographs of their two dogs that were left chained to their doghouses during a snowstorm in January. The man, however, asserts that he was just trying to look after the well-being of the two animals.

Society February 22, 2016

Shipments Of Canned Green Beans Halted After Utah Woman Finds Snake Head In Can

Canned green beans, anyone? A Utah woman may be swearing off Western Family’s canned green beans for a while after she discovered a snake head from a can one night while preparing a meal.

Society February 21, 2016

It Pays To Be A Man If You Sell On EBay

Gender bias exists even in the online market. A new study found that men selling on eBay are more likely to sell products at higher prices than women.

Society February 20, 2016

Displaying Buddha, Moral Symbols On Your Desk Can Ward Off Evil Requests

Displaying religious images in the office may ward off unethical requests from supervisors. This influences officemates to behave ethically.

Society February 21, 2016

Donald Trump Wants You To Boycott iPhone, iPad, Other Apple Devices

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is calling on the public to boycott Apple products. This is because of the tech giant's refusal to help federal authorities unlock the iPhone that is believed to be owned by one of the gunmen involved in the San Bernardino shootings.

Society February 20, 2016

Change Of Plans: California Decides To Build First Leg Of Bullet Train In Bay Area

Sorry, Los Angeles. California decided to go with the Bakersfield-Bay Area route instead of Bakersfield-Los Angeles for the country's first bullet train segment.

Society February 19, 2016

About 59,000 Bridges In US Are 'Structurally Deficient'

About 59,000 U.S. bridges are considered 'structurally deficient,' a new report found. These bridges are in need of repair, especially because people travel to and from these bridges millions of times a day.

Society February 19, 2016

Easter Island’s Demise Caused By Disease Brought By Europeans, Not Warfare, Experts Believe

New research has found that the Rapa Nui ancient civilization didn't fall because of internal warfare but by disease brought by early European explorers. The spear-like mata'a that were thought to be weapons were actually farming and ritual tools.

Society February 19, 2016

Poetic Justice: Alleged Boston Hospital Hacker Rescued At Sea, Charged For Conspiracy

Federal authorities have arrested a Massachusetts man who is suspected of hacking the computer network of Boston Children's Hospital's computer system in April 2014. The man and his wife were found on a stranded boat off the coast of Cuba and were rescued by the crew of a Disney cruise ship.

Society February 18, 2016

Atheism Not A Modern Invention: Book Claims Disbelief In The Supernatural Thrived In Ancient Times

Disbelief in supernatural beings or gods thrived in the ancient times. This challenges previous assumptions that atheism is a product of modernization.

Society February 19, 2016

Teen Boy's Attitude Towards Risky Sex, Pregnancy And Birth Control Predicts What Kind Of Father He Will Be

It is possible to determine if male teens will live with their future children. Their attitudes toward risky sex, pregnancy and birth control could predict patterns of fatherhood in the future.

Society February 17, 2016

This Is Not The Wookiee You're Looking For: Chewbacca And Stormtrooper Arrested At Times Square

Fictional characters are causing problems at The Crossroads of the World. A Wookiee, a Stromtrooper and Cookie Monster were arrested for harassing tourists on Feb. 15.

Society February 17, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Protected By 16 Bodyguards At Home And Don't Ask Why

In the midst of enhancing online security, tech CEOs are heightening their physical safety. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has increased his security at home and now has 16 bodyguards to offer protection.

Society February 17, 2016

Neuroscientist Sets Up Website To Offer Millions Of Academic Papers For Free

A neuroscientist created a website offering millions of academic papers for free. Despite a lawsuit filed against her, she does not intend to back down and has even moved to a different domain.

Society February 16, 2016

Kanye West Asks Mark Zuckerberg And Larry Page For $$$

Kanye West admitted that he is battling a personal financial dept of $53 million and appealed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to aid him by investing $1 billion in him. He has also asked Larry Page for help.

Society February 15, 2016

Impress Your Friends With Trivia About Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day is here but some probably don't know what exactly is being celebrated. Learn more about the extra Federal holiday celebrated every third Monday of February here!

Society February 15, 2016

17-Year-Old Boy Gives Flowers To All 900 Girls In His High School

This year, Hayden Godfrey of Sky View High School in Utah made sure all girls at his high school received a flower for Valentine's Day. He bought 900 carnations and distributed them to the female population, inciting sighs and gushes from everyone.

Society February 15, 2016

Passing Away Of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia 'A Great Loss' As Partisan Battle And Turmoil Loom

The death of Justice Antonin Scalia is poised to bring the U.S. Supreme Court to a standstill for at least a year. It comes down to a liberal president having to go up against a conservative senate, whose leader has already vowed to push back against any nominee Obama submits.

Society February 15, 2016

New Study Reveals Women Are Better Coders Than Men But This Is What Will Shock You

It turns out, women coders are more appreciated than their male counterparts. Well, that's when people didn’t know that the coding was done by a woman.

Society February 14, 2016

Here's Why Americans Steer Away From Driving Cars

Fewer Americans are getting or renewing driver's licenses, taking public transportation or Uber to work instead. The trend is popular among younger people, especially the Millennials, but the trend is increasing among people in their 30s and 40s.

Society February 12, 2016

Science Unveils Techniques To Effectively Win Arguments On Facebook

Want to become a connoisseur in the art and science of online debate? Researchers from Cornell University have found an effective technique in winning over an argument on Facebook or Reddit, like a boss.

Society February 12, 2016

Belief In All-Knowing, Punitive Gods Tied To Development Of Modern-Day Societies

The belief in omniscient, punitive and moralistic gods may have played a key role in the formation of modern-day societies. Sharing religious beliefs and practices brings together individuals to form a social system.

Society February 11, 2016

A Social Hormone Exists And It Fosters Cooperation When Risky Situations Arise

Risky situations like military operations will benefit from cooperative behavior. Researchers have found that a hormone called arginine vasopressin may be able to influence cooperation in these situations and ensure success.

Society February 9, 2016

UN Chief Calls For New Unharmful Rites Of Passage To Replace Female Genital Mutilation

At least 200 million girls across 30 countries suffered from FGM in the 21st century. The United Nations urges communities to stop the violent practice and come up with alternative rites of passage.

Society February 9, 2016

Late Antique Little Ice Age May Have Shaped Rise And Fall Of Empires

Climate change contributed to the rise and fall of empires in central Asia and Europe. A study found that the so-called Late Antique Little Ice Age coincided with several social disorder in ancient times including the plague that swept Eastern Europe.

Society February 9, 2016

Doggie DNA: Testing The Test

Can you discover your mutt's heritage with a $70 test?

Society February 9, 2016

A Hacker Has Leaked The Department Of Homeland Security's Personal Directory

An unidentified hacker has leaked the names and contact information of over 9,000 employees who work for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security — and claims that the Department of Justice and the FBI are next.

Society February 8, 2016

An Exploding Stunt Bus Freaks Out London

A bus explosion filmed on location in Central London's Lambeth for the Jackie Chan's action thriller 'The Foreigner' incited major panic in the British capital.

Society February 8, 2016

At Least 200 Million Girls And Women Are Victims Of Genital Mutilation Worldwide, UN Reports

Millions of women and girls all over the world continue to become victims of genital mutilation. Human rights organizations are calling on the complete abandonment of the practice by 2030.

Society February 8, 2016

Suspected Burglar Caught Because He Checked Twitter During DC Break-In

Twitter helped police identify and arrest a thief on a robbery spree from Dec. 30 to Jan. 24. Read the story of the violent thief whose need to check his Twitter account linked him to five burglaries.

Society February 5, 2016

9-Foot-Long Green Anaconda Appears In Florida Neighborhood

For the second time in the past few months, a 9-foot-long green anaconda appeared in neighborhood in Florida. Officials believe the snake was illegally acquired.

Society February 4, 2016

McDonald's To Serve Miniature Paperback Books Instead Of Toys In Happy Meals For Limited Time

McDonald's is bringing back its Happy Meal Books from Feb. 2-15 with four new children's book titles. Literacy organization Reading is Fundamental explains why McDonald's initiative is important.

Society February 4, 2016

Low Birth Rates, Aging Population Could Make South Korea World's Oldest Country By 2045

With low birth rates and a rapidly aging population, South Korea may possibly become the world's oldest country in 2045. The population imbalance in the country is attributed to social and economic factors.

Society February 3, 2016

Yawning Is More Contagious Among Women, Study Finds

A secret observation of more than 100 individuals found that both men and women catch contagious yawning from someone they are close to. Italian researchers found that women are more likely to yawn because they feel more empathy than men.

Society February 3, 2016

Woman Pulls Over Police Officer For Speeding, Gets Apology

A woman caught a police car speeding in Miami. In the series of videos, she asked the officer to pull over, explained that he is going too fast, then got an apology from him.

Society February 2, 2016

Friends Try To Scrimp On Movie Tickets By Hiding In Fat Suit: Did It Work?

Teenage boys will be teenage boys. Two best friends document their attempt at sneaking into a movie theater as one huge guy.

Society February 2, 2016

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