Homeless Veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. Sentenced For His Involvement In GoFundMe Scam That Raised $400,000

Johnny Bobbit Jr., who struggled with drug addiction, said he did not have a role in setting up the GoFundMe campaign, but he promoted the fraud by appearing on TV shows and retelling the lie. He will go through a long-term, in-patient drug program followed by special probation.

Culture April 13, 2019

Star Wars Episode 9 Teaser Trailer: Here's What You Need To Know

Disney and Lucasfilm finally dropped the teaser trailer for 'Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker.' With this thrilling finale, what should fans expect?

Culture April 13, 2019

Niantic Sort Of Brings Back ‘Pokémon Snap’ With Global ‘Pokémon GO’ Snapshot Challenge

Get ready to take lots of pictures of and with your Pokémon. Niantic’s 'Pokémon GO' Snapshot challenge begins April 15, with exciting prizes in tow for winners.

Culture April 13, 2019

Arby's Will Send You To Hawaii But You Can Only Stay For 6 'Sandwich-Filled' Hours

There will be 10 lucky winners who will get a chance to be featured in a marketing video shoot for Arby's in Hawaii. Those who want to join must register on the fast-food chain's website starting April 12.

Culture April 13, 2019

You Can Now Change Your PlayStation Network ID, But It Will Cause Issues With Some Games

PlayStation gamers are now finally allowed to change their PlayStation Network ID. Only the first name change is free, though, and the feature causes issues with a handful of games.

Culture April 12, 2019

Microsoft Takes A Jab At Google Stadia: ‘They Don’t Have The Content’

Microsoft is now throwing shade at Google Stadia, a sign that the cloud gaming wars have officially begun. Xbox exec Mike Nichols says the game streaming service has one major problem — lack of content.

Culture April 12, 2019

Bungie Sets ‘The Revelry’ Spring Event For ‘Destiny 2’ On April 16

The Revelry Event coming to 'Destiny 2' this April 16 isn’t as massive as its previous seasons, but it’s still a welcome update. Check out what’s in store.

Culture April 11, 2019

Fallout 76 Update Brings Controversial ‘Pay-To-Win’ Repair Kits Into Play

Bethesda announced late last week that a new item is arriving in the game soon. On Monday, April 8, the game developer began to roll out Patch 8 for 'Fallout 76' that introduces repair kits, but there is a hitch.

Culture April 10, 2019

Players Get Separate Loot In 'Borderlands 3' Co-Op Mode

'Borderlands 3' features all-new characters, weapons, and co-op game mode mechanics for individual loot streams. Players of the new game will no longer need to argue or fight over which one gets the loot.

Culture April 11, 2019

GameStop Launches Huge Spring Sale: All The Great Deals

Video game enthusiasts can get some notable titles at a discounted price now through April 20 as part of the GameStop spring sale. There are some good deals on consoles as well.

Culture April 8, 2019

'Fortnite' Is Getting Reboot Vans, Which Are Basically 'Apex Legends' Revive Stations

Epic Games is adding Reboot Vans to 'Fortnite' soon in update v8.30. It's going to be the new respawn system in the game, which is similar to revive stations in 'Apex Legends.'

Culture April 6, 2019

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Combines Xbox Live And Game Pass For The Disc-Less Xbox One S

A report says that Microsoft is going to unveil a new subscription called Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The new offering is said to combine Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass for the disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital edition.

Culture April 6, 2019

'Zelda: Breath Of The Wild,' 'Super Mario Odyssey' To Be Playable In VR With Nintendo's Labo

'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' and 'Super Mario Odyssey' are going to be playable in virtual reality. Nintendo is set to launch free VR updates that make the Switch games compatible with its Labo VR kit.

Culture April 5, 2019

Borderlands 3 Will Be An Epic Games Store Exclusive For 6 Months

'Borderlands 3' will remain exclusive to Epic Games Store for six months on PC. A season pass will be released, and there will be four versions of the game out this September.

Culture April 4, 2019

Kansas Woman Addy Tritt Buys Out Closing Payless Store To Donate Shoes To Nebraska Flood Victims

Addy Tritt, a 25-year-old graduate teaching assistant, purchased all 204 pairs of shoes from a local Payless store. She then donated the footwear to victims of the Nebraska flood last month.

Culture April 3, 2019

Burger King Wants You To Try Its Meatless Burger: Game?

Burger King announced it would serve meatless Whoppers in its stores in St. Louis. The vegetarian patty is made by Impossible Foods, who used genetically modified yeast from the roots of the soybean plant as an alternative to beef.

Culture April 4, 2019

Nintendo Switch Online Gets 3 New Games For April: Check Them Out

Heads up, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers: three NES titles are coming your way. All subscribers will be able to download the games beginning April 10.

Culture April 3, 2019

Love Airbnb Rentals? Someone Might Be Watching You

Airbnb guests have reported of finding hidden cameras in rooms they have rented through the home-sharing service. The incidents raise questions about how the company can protect the privacy of their customers.

Culture April 3, 2019

PlayStation Store Will Refund Purchases Only If You Haven’t Played Or Downloaded Them

Depending on what kind of content you’re trying to get a refund for, the PlayStation Store might give your credit back in full. Or in PSN wallet credit — or worse, not at all.

Culture April 2, 2019

Sesame Street Introduces Julia's Family In Time For Autism Awareness Month

There's a new cast of muppets debuting on 'Sesame Street.' Julia, who is the first muppet with autism on the beloved show, is welcoming her entire family to the gang in honor of Autism Awareness Month.

Culture April 2, 2019

Alleged Plagiarism Of 'Fortnite' Taro Skin Proved To Be False

Reports of the accusation of plagiarism against Epic Games broke online when an artist claimed the game developer plagiarized the Taro skin from an existing design. However, it looks like the whole thing was faked.

Culture April 2, 2019

SNL Pokes Fun At NASA's Lack Of Spacesuits For All-Female Spacewalk

Comedy show ‘SNL’ made fun of NASA’s decision to cancel the first-ever all-female spacewalk due to not having enough medium-sized spacesuits. Comedian Aidy Bryant parodied Anne McClain, who is supposed to be half of the all-women crew.

Culture April 1, 2019

Nintendo Website For 2019 E3 Now Up And Running

Nintendo launched a new website in preparation for the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo. The website was put up specifically to communicate Nintendo's plans, new game announcements, and tournament news related to E3 2019 in June.

Culture April 1, 2019

Drake Wants In On Esports With Players' Lounge Investment

Players' Lounge has raised a total of $3 million in funding as it partners with Drake and other investors of Silicon Valley. The Esports betting start-up hosts hit games such as 'Fortnite', 'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate', 'Apex Legends', and more.

Culture April 1, 2019

New 4K Trailer Shows Promising Sneak Peek Into 'Borderlands 3'

The new 4K trailer for 'Borderlands 3' debuted at PAX East shows its playable heroes for its four-player cooperative action. The visual quality is better than its predecessor and it also promises over 1 billion procedurally generated guns.

Culture April 1, 2019

Rumor Confirmed: Valve Index Arrives May 2019

The Valve Index, due to come out this May, is set to complete with the Oculus Rift S and Oculus Quest. Not much is known at the moment beyond its release date, name, and first official image.

Culture March 30, 2019

PlayStation 5 And Xbox Scarlett Will Reportedly Be More Powerful Than Google Stadia

Both Sony and Microsoft are aiming for more than 10.7 teraflops for their upcoming consoles, potentially outpacing Google Stadia. They’re allegedly arriving in 2020.

Culture March 30, 2019

Minecraft Update Removes Mention Of Game Creator Markus 'Notch' Persson In Splash Screen

The latest update for 'Minecraft' has dropped almost all references to its original creator Notch. Some speculate that this is a way to distance the game from the highly controversial game designer.

Culture March 29, 2019

Walgreens Plans To Sell Cannabis-Infused Products In Its Nearly 1,500 Stores

Walgreens announced it is selling cannabis-based topical products in its 1,500 branches. Research showed that topical cannabinoid has the potential to treat skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema.

Culture March 30, 2019

How To Get Nintendo Switch Online Free For A Year With Twitch Prime

Here’s a perfect deal for those already paying for Twitch Prime. Twitch is giving a full year of Nintendo Switch Online at no extra cost.

Culture March 29, 2019

Mozambique: 1.7 Million Cyclone Victims Need Help

The United Nations is calling on countries of the world to help provide much-needed aid to victims of Cyclone Idai in Mozambique. The disaster has left the African nation with nearly 2 million people starving and homeless.

Culture March 28, 2019

Grocery Shoppers Claim Seeing Victorian-Era Ghost At Market Basket Wilmington

A Victoria-era ghost apparently lurked on the aisles of a Market Basket store in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The incident became the talk of the town with some Facebook users sharing their own ghost stories and funny antics.

Culture March 28, 2019

Nintendo Could Be Working On 2 Switch Variants

Sources revealed that Nintendo is working on two switch variants: a higher-end model and a budget one. The upcoming Switch variants are reportedly slated for official unveiling at E3 2019 in Los Angeles in June.

Culture March 27, 2019

British Airways Accidentally Lands In Scotland Instead Of Germany

Investigators are looking into an incident where a British Airways flight landed in Scotland instead of its intended destination in Germany. The airline said the plane was redirected, but passengers on board believe that it was an honest mistake.

Culture March 27, 2019

Sony's State Of Play Roundup: Biggest PS4 And PSVR Announcements, Trailers, And Game Updates

Sony has just finished its first Nintendo-style State of Play. During the event, it announced a ton of new trailers and updates for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

Culture March 26, 2019

VR Shooter 'World War Toons' Dev Studio Roqovan Shuts Down

CEO James Chung explained that the reason behind Studio Roqovan's shutdown is the slow adaptation of the VR market's growth. The intellectual property rights for the 'World Wars Toons' will now go to a new firm

Culture March 26, 2019

Drunk US Adults Spend $48 Billion Shopping Online, And Amazon Is So Happy About It

Americans who shop online while drunk reportedly spends as much as $400 a year, which is equivalent to $48 billion annually. Amazon is the favorite choice of drunk shoppers by a mile, followed by eBay and Etsy.

Culture March 26, 2019

Here’s How Fast Your Internet Should Be To Stream Google Stadia Games

To stream 1080p games in 60 frames per second in Stadia, a player must have an internet connection that’s at least 25 Mbps fast. Bump that up to 30 Mbps for 4K gaming.

Culture March 25, 2019

Overwatch Community 40 Percent Less Toxic, Says Blizzard

Blizzard Entertainment fared quite well in its war against toxic 'Overwatch' players. Thanks to the endorsement system, the number of matches with negative behavior is down by 40 percent, according to the development team.

Culture March 24, 2019

Taking Cues From ‘Nintendo Direct,’ Sony Will Debut First ‘State Of Play’ Presentation On March 25

Sony is cloning Nintendo Direct as State of Play. The first debuts on March 25, which will include new games, trailers, and updates on upcoming titles.

Culture March 23, 2019

Microsoft Explains How Its xCloud Streaming Service Will Bring Xbox Games To Phones

Microsoft will employ xCloud-specific tools to make sure streaming Xbox games on a phone wouldn’t be a terrible experience. It’s leveraging the Touch Adaption Kit and cloud aware APIs as part of those efforts.

Culture March 23, 2019

Epic Games Store 'Renovation' In Full Swing: Here's What To Expect

Epic Games revealed at GDC 2019 it is overhauling its digital PC store. Aside from the said 'renovation,' it will also add a cloud saving, installation management, and other new features in the next few months.

Culture March 23, 2019

Florida Man Challenge: Here's How To Do The Latest Viral Craze

The #FloridaManChallenge is the latest viral craze on the internet right now. The goal is to Google search 'Florida man' along with a specific date and to find out what bizarre stuff some Floridian men have done in the past.

Culture March 23, 2019

Walmart May Launch Its Own Cloud Gaming Service

Walmart will reportedly announce its very own cloud gaming service days after Google launched Stadia. Unnamed sources claim the company plans to make the platform official by the end of the year.

Culture March 22, 2019

The Outer Worlds To Launch On Microsoft Store And Epic Store Instead Of Steam

Epic Games confirmed that it partnered with publisher 2K's label Private Division for the distribution of 'The Outer Worlds' via the Epic Games Store. The much-hyped sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment will only become available on Steam in 2020.

Culture March 23, 2019

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