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'Hellboy: The Board Game' Takes Kickstarter By Storm: More Than $1M Raised In Seconds, With A Month To Go

'Hellboy: The Board Game' launched on Kickstarter and blazed through its initial goal in seconds, raising more than $1 million. Here's what to expect from the game in terms of characters, storyline, and more.

Comic Books April 28, 2018

Batman Pops The Question, Proposes To Catwoman In 'Batman' No. 24

In a heartrending yet unsurprising move, Batman has now asked Catwoman to marry him, a potentially major development of their relationship. Batman, however, has a dark secret he needs to reveal before she says yes.

Comic Books June 7, 2017

Will Marvel Or DC Rule At The Movies For The Rest Of 2017?

Barely halfway through 2017, there have already been a slew of great comic book movies from Marvel and DC. With three major releases left, who could rule at the movie theater?

Comic Books June 3, 2017

Pepe The Frog Is Dead: Creator Matt Furie Ends Existence Of White Supremacist Mascot

The creator of Pepe the Frog has killed his marquee character, which has accrued popularity over the years for all the wrong reasons. How did the racist, anti-Semitic, offensive frog came to be?

Comic Books May 9, 2017

Who Is Wonder Woman: Origin, Secrets, And Amazing Facts About The Iconic Female Superhero

Who is Wonder Woman? Here’s what you need to know about the most famous female superhero in the history of comics – her origin, her secret author, and other exciting facts.

Comic Books April 11, 2017

Star Trek, X-Files, And More Set In Alternate Reality: IDW Publishing To Launch 'Deviations' 2017

IDW Publishing presents another batch of what-if scenarios in popular fictional stories with the return of 'Deviations.’ Agent Samantha Mulder comes back in ‘The X-Files.’

Comic Books February 26, 2017

Deadpool 2 Will Continue to Break the Rules – And More Fourth Walls

The writers of the box office hit movie Deadpool talks about their writing process and what to expect from the next movie.

Comic Books January 29, 2017

New X-Men TV Series! Fox Orders Pilot Episode

Fox will bring back the X-Men to TV when it ordered a pilot episode production of a live-action drama featuring the popular mutants.

Comic Books January 29, 2017

'Overwatch' Holiday Comic Reveals Tracer Is Gay: The Internet Reacts To The Time-Hopping Hero's Transformation Into An LGBTQ Symbol

The holiday comic of 'Overwatch' reveals that Tracer is gay, as she shares a kiss with a woman named Emily. The move transforms Tracer from a sex icon catering to straight male gamers into a symbol for the LGBTQ community.

Comic Books December 21, 2016

Joker Makes His DC Rebirth Debut In 'Harley Quinn' #9

The Clown Prince of Crime is back, and Harley isn't exactly excited to see him.

Comic Books December 7, 2016

'Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy' #3 Gets Even Clonier (If That's Even Possible)

Just when it seemed as if 'The Clone Conspiracy' couldn't get any more outlandish, a pair of new twists turn the entire event on its head.

Comic Books December 7, 2016

The 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' Comic Just Introduced A Brand New Ranger

A mysterious new ranger makes his debut in the latest issue of the 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' comic from BOOM! Studios.

Comic Books November 30, 2016

A Long Forgotten Member Of The Bat-Family Makes His DC Rebirth Debut In 'Batman Annual' #1

Few could have expected the return of this long forgotten member of Batman's team.

Comic Books November 30, 2016

'Civil War II' #7 Looks To Be The End For Tony Stark

As the Marvel's 'Civil War II' event draws near its end, so to does the life of one of its greatest heroes.

Comic Books November 23, 2016

The Symbiote Known As Venom Might Not Be A Villain After All

Marvel's new Venom comic raises some interesting questions about the iconic symbiote.

Comic Books November 23, 2016

'Batman' #11 Just Goes To Show Why Catwoman Is Never To Be Trusted

Batman and Catwoman have a long, complex history, so perhaps the Dark Knight should know not to trust her at this point.

Comic Books November 17, 2016

Thanos Is Hiding A Huge Secret In His Latest Solo Series

Thanos has a new solo series, and it's kicking things off with a bang. This new series is by writer Jeff Lemire and artist Mike Deodato.

Comic Books November 17, 2016

Marvel 'Darth Maul' Prequel Comic Will Explore The Sith's Early Days

Darth Maul is getting his own eponymous Marvel miniseries. The five-issue miniseries will take place prior to the events of 'The Phantom Menace.'

Comic Books November 14, 2016

Surprise! A Certain Villain Is Secretly Alive And Well In 'Captain America: Steve Rogers' #7

Remember that guy? Yeah, he's not actually dead. Things take a dramatic turn when Steve Rogers discovers this villain is alive and well.

Comic Books November 9, 2016

'Spider-Man: The Clone Conspiracy' #2 Has A Surprise Villain You Won't See Coming

The Jackal is resurrecting all the friends and foes that have died on Spider-Man's watch, but that's just the beginning. This latest issue proves that there are still plenty of surprises in store.

Comic Books November 9, 2016

Odinson's Quest For Ultimate Mjolnir Begins In 'Unworthy Thor' #1

The original God of Thunder embarks on a quest to once more become worthy.

Comic Books November 3, 2016

'Green Lanterns' Introduces The Phantom Lantern, And He Seems Just A Little Insane

A brand new type of lantern is introduced in the pages of 'Green Lanterns' #10.

Comic Books November 2, 2016

Captain America Continues His Deception In 'Civil War II' #6, While Team Iron Man Gains A Powerful Ally

Captain America is proving to be a master manipulator in the latest issue of 'Civil War II'.

Comic Books October 26, 2016

'Detective Comics' #943 Introduces A Brand New Team Of Villains, And They're All Victims Of Batman

A group of villains calling themselves The Victim Snydicate has a bone to pick with Batman and his allies in the latest issue of 'Detective Comics'.

Comic Books October 26, 2016

Sam Wilson Makes A Major Mistake In 'Captain America: Sam Wilson' #14, And It's All Captain America's Fault

A major moment in the latest issue of 'Captain America: Sam Wilson' #14 could have huge ramifications.

Comic Books October 21, 2016

'Infamous Iron Man' #1 Reveals Tony Stark's Fate At The End Of 'Civil War II'

Marvel's 'Civil War II' event doesn't end until later this year, but that isn't stopping the Marvel universe from already moving on without Tony Stark.

Comic Books October 19, 2016

The Power Rangers And Justice League Crossover You Always Dreamed Of Is Officially Happening

DC Comics and Boom! Studios are teaming up for a fan-pleasing crossover between the Power Rangers and the Justice League.

Comic Books October 14, 2016

Darth Vader Shows No Mercy In The Final Issue Of His Marvel Comic

Darth Vader is more ruthless than ever in the grand finale of Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca's comic series.

Comic Books October 12, 2016

'Captain America: Steve Rogers' #5 Reveals Evil Steve Rogers To Be Secretly Behind This Major 'Civil War II' Moment

Captain America has done well thus far keeping his new allegiance to Hydra a secret, and a new comic reveals just how far Steve Rogers is willing to go in order to keep it that way.

Comic Books September 28, 2016

'Batman' #7 Kicks Off Night Of The Monster Men, And The Name Says It All

DC Rebirth's first crossover event begins here.

Comic Books September 21, 2016

'Civil War II' #5 Teases The Death Of One Of Marvel's Greatest Heroes

Marvel's 'Civil War II' event is heating up, with a new vision of the future teasing some major events to come.

Comic Books September 21, 2016

The 'Star Wars' Comic Will Explore Yoda's Past Starting In Issue #26

Writer Jason Aaron will explore a pre-'Phantom Menace' Yoda in the pages of Marvel's main 'Star Wars' comic.

Comic Books September 19, 2016

New 'Hulk' Solo Series To Star Jennifer Walters, Not Bruce Banner

The woman more commonly known as She-Hulk is set to star in a new solo series later this year.

Comic Books September 19, 2016

'Detective Comics' #940 Features The Death Of A Major Batman Character, But Not All Is As It Seems

Tragedy strikes Batman in the latest issue of 'Detective Comics.'

Comic Books September 14, 2016

This Major Batman Character May Meet Their End In 'Detective Comics' #940

The upcoming issue sees one of Batman's allies engaged in a battle he can't possibly win.

Comic Books September 12, 2016

Legendary Comic Creator Alan Moore Is Sick Of Batman, But That's Not Why He's Retiring

The famed comic creator doesn't understand why so many people are still interested in the Caped Crusader.

Comic Books September 9, 2016

DC Is Celebrating Batman Day 2017 With A Free Issue Of 'Batman' #1

You can snag a free issue of Batman at participating retailers on Sept. 17.

Comic Books September 1, 2016

'Justice League vs. Suicide Squad' Comic Will Have DC's Most Popular Teams Battle It Out

A new event from DC Comics will pit the two superteams against one another.

Comic Books September 1, 2016

'Batman' #5 Has The Dark Knight In A Battle He Can't Win

The conclusion to Tom King and David Finch's first Batman arc is here. Does it deliver?

Comic Books August 17, 2016

'Attack On Titan' Chapter 84 Spoilers: Levi Makes A Monumental Decision

Levi has an important decision to make. In Chapter 84 of 'Attack on Titan,' fans finally know what it is.

Comic Books August 10, 2016

DC To Release Pricey New Hardcover Editions Of 'Watchmen,' 'The Dark Knight Returns'

New editions of 'Watchmen' and 'The Dark Knight Returns' are on the way, with a steep price tag to boot.

Comic Books August 4, 2016

'Batman' #4 Ups The Body Count As One Of Gotham's Heroes Goes Rogue

Tom King and David Finch's 'Batman' gets bloody in its fourth issue.

Comic Books August 3, 2016

You Can Now Read The First 13 Years Of 'Nintendo Power' For Free Online Via

The first 13 years of 'Nintendo Power' is now up online for free, and the nostalgic catalog is available via Is everyone ready for a blast from the past?

Comic Books August 3, 2016

Sounds Like George Lucas Is A Big Fan Of Marvel's 'Han Solo' Comic

Han Solo's creator approves of the character's new Marvel comic series.

Comic Books August 2, 2016

The Marvel Comic Universe Has A New Hulkbuster In 'Totally Awesome Hulk' #9, And It's Not Iron Man's

A new superhero is seen sporting his own version of Tony Stark's iconic Hulkbuster armor in 'Totally Awesome Hulk' #9.

Comic Books July 29, 2016

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