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Diet Drugs Make Mosquitoes Stop Biting, Study Finds

Is there a way to stop mosquitoes from biting humans? A team of researchers found that human diet drugs also worked to suppress the apetites of mosquitoes.

Public Health February 8, 2019

Swatting Mosquitoes Trains Them To Stay Away From You: Other Ways To Avoid Mosquito Bites

Swatting mosquitoes away is one way of teaching them to avoid you, a new research suggests. Here are other recommended ways to avoid getting bitten by these disease-carrying bugs.

Public Health January 29, 2018

Zika Virus-Carrying Mosquitoes Detected In Long Beach: How To Avoid Getting Bitten

Public health officials in Long Beach, California have detected disease-carrying mosquitoes in the area for the first time. Residents and visitors have been advised to take all necessary precautions to prevent getting bitten by these insects.

Public Health June 20, 2017

Were India’s First Few Zika Cases Hidden From The Public After They Were Detected?

Did the government deliberately hide the first few confirmed cases of Zika virus in India? Today, national guidelines are spread to prevent a Zika outbreak in the country already hit by other mosquito-borne illnesses.

Public Health May 30, 2017

US States Ramp Up Efforts To Fight Zika, Other Mosquito-Borne Illnesses As Warm Weather Approaches

As warm weather makes its way to the United States, the threat of Zika virus is revived anew, and states are gearing up for battle. Various states, for instance, are now acting against the spread of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.

Public Health May 2, 2017

Meet Another Zika Carrier, A Common Backyard Mosquito

Apart from Zika’s main carrier, Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus is the second mosquito species that could potentially transmit the disease. Although this species is not yet a confirmed Zika mosquito vector, Ae. albopictus has been found to carry Zika virus RNA.

Public Health April 17, 2017

2015 El Niño ‘Godzilla’ Fueled Zika Outbreak In South America: Study

The Zika virus outbreak in South America was said to have been supported by climatic changes due to the2015 El Niño ‘Godzilla’. A study made at University of Liverpool suggested that the climate favored the transmission of mosquito vectors and acted as a positive catalyst in spreading the virus.

Public Health December 23, 2016

Combating Zika: Floridians Plan Protest At Bug Board Over Release Of GMO Mosquitoes

Florida Keys residents are planning to conduct a demonstration at the Florida Keys Mosquito Control Board office on Tuesday, Aug. 16, to protest a move to introduce millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in their community. The aim for the GMO mosquitoes is to combat Zika.

Public Health August 15, 2016

WHO Efforts To Fight Zika Virus Hampered By Lack Of Cash

The United Nations health agency is in need of $4 million funds for its efforts to curb the Zika virus outbreak. The increasing number of microcephaly cases across affected countries have increased in the past week.

Life March 23, 2016

Warmer Climate Places 50 US Cities At Risk For Zika Virus

Zika virus has spread uncontrollably in the Americas. Scientists created a map showing areas of the country where the mosquitoes could thrive and eventually spread.

Life March 21, 2016

Controversial New Technology Gene Drive Could Be Used To Extinguish Zika Virus

The hotly debated gene drive, which uses the gene splicing technology CRISPR, is looking to wipe out the Zika-causing Aedes aegypti mosquito population. However, there could be unforeseen consequences as well, warned ecologists and other experts.

Life February 8, 2016

Exceptionally Hot And Dry Temperature In Northeast Brazil May Have Set Off Zika Outbreak

Extreme weather conditions in Northeast Brazil may have possibly driven the sudden surge in Zika virus cases in the country. They may have also caused the rise of the population of aedes mosquitoes, researchers said.

Life February 5, 2016

Fish Are On The Frontlines Of El Salvador's Combat Against Zika Virus

Sambo fish are part of El Salvador's plan to help curb the spread of Zika virus. The fish will be placed in water sources where to eat the larvae of the Aedes mosquito, which transmits Zika and other viruses.

Life February 4, 2016

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May End Zika Virus Woes In Brazil

Genetically modified mosquitoes developed by a British biotech company may be an effective method in combating the Zika virus in Brazil. Test results released on Jan. 19 revealed positive outcomes, experts said.

Life January 20, 2016

US Faces New Health Threat From Tropical Mosquitoes: What To Do To Prevent Mosquito Bites

Tropical mosquitoes known as Aedes aegypti have found their way to some places in the United States where it hadn't existed before. With the mosquito-borne disease called Zika virus looming over America, protecting yourself against mosquito bite is the smart thing to do.

Life January 12, 2016

Sex-Switched Mosquitoes May Help In Fight Against Dengue

Want to stop mosquitoes from biting? Researchers have discovered that it’s possible to do so by changing females into males, taking away their need to bite and draw blood.

Life May 25, 2015

Yellow fever mosquito spotted in California

Mosquitoes that may cause yellow fever and dengue fever have been spotted in California. Health authorities are coordinating with medical professionals and residents in an effort to spread knowledge about them.

Life October 22, 2013

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