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Want To Join SpaceX? Elon Musk Is Hiring More Than 500 People Who Have These Qualifications

SpaceX is hiring more than 500 people to fulfill engineering, operations, and design positions. Elon Musk is pooling human resources to work on his most ambitious project so far – the Falcon Heavy Rocket.

Space June 10, 2018

Debris Collector Launched Inside Falcon 9 May Help Solve Space Junk Problem

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 is delivering more than just supplies and scientific equipment. It contains a revolutionary RemoveDebris collector that may be the ultimate solution to the Earth’s space junk problem.

Space April 5, 2018

NASA Uploads Archive Videos Of Air And Space Vehicles On YouTube

NASA releases hundreds of aircraft test flights and failure videos from its archive on YouTube. About 500 videos will be made available to the public.

Space July 24, 2017

Bats Use Massive, Powerful Wings To Land Upside Down

The flying animals tuck one wing in while spreading the other to perform a secret maneuver as they land.

Animals November 20, 2015

Airplanes may have evolved like birds: Applying law of physics to evolution

Birds and airplanes may have developed along the same lines, driven by identical laws of physics.

July 26, 2014

North Korea rips off NASA's logo but 'NADA' to worry about

Could there really be NADA into this North Korea space agency's choice of acronym and logo, said to be a rip-off of the logo of their opponent NASA? See what their government has to say.

Space April 5, 2014

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