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American Psychological Association Releases New Therapy Guidelines For 2019

The new guidelines released by the APA encourages mental health professionals to be more aware of biases and recognize the different experiences of girls and women. It offers new recommendations that reflect changes in the society for the past decade.

Public Health May 15, 2019

Politics Causes Major Spike In Stress Among Americans: Study

According to a new survey from the American Psychological Association, both Democrats and Republicans are stressed out over politics in the country. They reported anxiety over politics and where the nation is heading to.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 17, 2017

Study Confirms Scare Tactics Work And Are More Effective On Women

A new study revealed that scare tactics are effective and they work more on women. Psychologists say that most of these tactics never backfire and can sometimes change a person’s behavior toward an object or an idea.

Society October 24, 2015

Experts Link Violent Video Games To Aggression: Here Are Their Findings

In its review of close to a decade of research, the American Psychological Association has found that exposure to violent video games serves as a risk factor for aggressive behavior.

Life August 17, 2015

Classical And Jazz Music Might Provide Relief From Epileptic Seizure

Scientists at the Ohio State University have discovered that the brains of people diagnosed with epilepsy react differently to music compared to the brains of those without the medical condition.

Life August 10, 2015

Bodybuilding Supplement Abuse May Be Next Big 'Eating Disorder'

Researchers at the Alliant International University have discovered that men who use excessive amounts of workout supplements may also experience symptoms of eating disorder.

Life August 7, 2015

Money Stresses Out Americans The Most: Here's Why

Despite a supposedly improving national economy, a report by the American Psychological Association has revealed that most Americans are still stressed because of money.

Life February 9, 2015

Americans Are Feeling Less Stress: What's Changed?

The Stress in America survey reveals Americans are less stressed than in previous years. But, who is still the most stressed, and why?

Life February 4, 2015

Mom/Dad, you’re partly to blame for distracted teen driving, study claims

A new study found that over 50 percent of teens report talking on cell phones with their mother or father while driving.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 11, 2014

Calling practice 'nutty,' NY Assembly looking to ban gay 'cure' for minors

New York is hoping to join New Jersey and California in the banning of therapy to ‘cure’ homosexuality. The practice has been condemned for years by most in the medical community.

Life June 11, 2014

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