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Shipping Warehouses Fully Run By Robots Might Be A Decade Away, Says Amazon

Various robots already perform an awful lot of jobs and help workers at Amazon warehouses around the country. But they’re not yet smart not enough to replace humans entirely.

Business Tech May 2, 2019

Tesla Model 3 Production At 3,500 Per Week, According To Elon Musk

Tesla confirmed that its Model 3 production is now at 3,500 units every week. During the company's shareholder meeting, Elon Musk claims that everything is on track to meet the targets set for each month.

Car Tech June 6, 2018

Tesla Model 3 Production Temporarily Halted In 'Planned Production Pause' - Why?

The Tesla Model 3 is already facing delays, and its production is now temporarily halted again. This is the second such shutdown in three months, but the company says it's a 'planned production pause.'

Car Tech April 17, 2018

Jobs At Risk Of Automation: The Likelihood Of Human Workers Being Replaced By Robots In Different Countries (PwC)

Millions of workers could lose their jobs to robots and artificial intelligence in the future, with some more at risk than others. Roughly 38 percent of U.S. jobs might be at risk of automation, a new PwC report reveals.

Business Tech March 24, 2017

Apple Supplier Foxconn Begins To Fully Automate Factories: Your iPhones Will Soon Be Made By Robots

Foxconn, a prominent Apple supplier, is ramping up its efforts to fully automate its factories. Upon the completion of the initiative, factories will only have a minimal number of human employees.

Apple December 30, 2016

Federal Report Claims Artificial Intelligence Will Take Over 47 Percent Of Jobs In The United States: Should You Start To Panic?

A federal report claimed that up to 47 percent of jobs in the United States are at risk of being taken over by artificial intelligence. Should workers start to panic over possibly losing their positions to the technology?

Computers December 23, 2016

Report Finds Over 5 Million Robots Could Take Our Jobs By 2020

New research published by the World Economic Foundation found that more than five million robots will take our jobs in the next five years.

FUTURE TECH January 18, 2016

AP Has A Robot Journalist That Writes A Thousand Articles Per Month

The Associated Press has embraced automation for some of its write-ups to produce 14 times its previous output. Will journalists lose their jobs to robots?

Society October 10, 2015

Amazon Giving Away $25,000 To Find Robot That Can Pack Boxes

Amazon wants a smarter, more precise robot working in its fulfillment warehouse. The online retailer has launched a contest to tap into the talents of robot makers, offering a nice prize for the best robot.

FUTURE TECH March 27, 2015

AT&T Digital Life Will Let You Control Your Home From Your Car's Dashboard

AT&T aims to give consumers control of the home from anywhere, such as the car dashboard. Its newest tech platform connects car services to home and security services.

FUTURE TECH March 2, 2015

Amazon Order Fulfillment More Efficient with its Fleet of Robots

Amazon is prepared for the massive number of orders coming in for Cyber Monday with the help of its Kiva robots, which are able to lift items as heavy as 750 pounds.

FUTURE TECH December 1, 2014

Robots may not pose the big job security risk many believe, say experts

Many U.S. workers are fearful robots will eventually take over a majority of human-operated jobs. But a new Pew survey reveals experts are split on whether it will truly happen.

FUTURE TECH August 8, 2014

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