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Apple Publishes Research Detailing Enhanced Obstacle Detection For Self-Driving Cars

Apple is typically secretive, but it's starting to open up and it has now released an intriguing research paper. The company is working on a new LiDAR-based system to improve object detection and navigation for self-driving cars.

Apple November 23, 2017

Google's Waymo Offers Free Self-Driving Car Rides To The Public In Phoenix And You Can Apply Now

Google's Waymo has started taking applications to offer free rides in its self-driving minivans in Phoenix, Arizona. This marks the first time Waymo opens its services to the public and interested customers can apply for a ride starting today.

Car Tech April 25, 2017

Uber Car Crash In Arizona: Self-Driving Car Safety Questioned Again Amid Other Uber Scandals

A self-driving car from Uber's fleet was involved in a crash in Tempe, Arizona, and ended up flipped onto its side. The autonomous vehicle was not at fault, but the accident still sparks a new round of questions regarding the safety of self-driving cars.

Car Tech March 26, 2017

Intel's $15B Mobileye Acquisition Could Be A Game Changer For Driverless Car Tech: Should Tesla And Nvidia Be Worried?

Intel has confirmed its acquisition of Mobileye in a massive $15.3 billion deal that could shake up the driverless car tech sector. This new alliance could pose a real challenge to Tesla and Nvidia, making the autonomous driving race more heated than ever.

Business Tech March 14, 2017

Project Titan Headed Down The Gutter: Hundreds Of Layoffs, Apple Car Not Happening

Apple reportedly hit a wall with Project Titan and it's now dismantling and reorganizing the team amid hundreds of layoffs and departures. The Apple Car will apparently never happen, but expect some autonomous driving system in the future.

Apple October 17, 2016

Apple's Self-Driving Car Project Rebooted: Layoffs, Tests And Shift To Software

Apple has been shaking things up within Project Titan, according to a new report. Amid dozens of layoffs and a refocus on software, however, the company reportedly started real-world testing on a closed track.

Apple September 10, 2016

Volvo, Has Tesla Taught You Nothing? Volvo S90 Pilot Assist Advertised As 'Self-Driving'

Volvo has started rolling out ads for its S90 car, but the carmaker borrows more from Tesla than it should. Volvo used the 'self-driving' term in the description, which might cause drivers to cut back on safety.

Car Tech August 13, 2016

Delphi Launching Self-Driving Taxi Service In Singapore: Pilot Test Set For Next Year

Delphi teamed up with the Singapore LTA to run a pilot program for an on-demand self-driving taxi service next year. This marks a major milestone toward autonomous vehicle adoption, and self-driving cab rides should be far more affordable.

Car Tech August 1, 2016

Nissan Semi-Autonomous ProPilot Takes The Cautious Approach To Self-Driving Cars

Nissan announced that its ProPilot semi-autonomous driving technology is ready to hit the road, launching in August on the new Serena in Japan. The automaker also plans to launch the system in Europe, the U.S. and China later on.

Car Tech July 14, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover To Test Fleet Of Autonomous Cars In UK By 2020

Jaguar Land Rover announced that it plans to increase its autonomous vehicle fleet by 100 cars by 2020. The carmaker offered some details about the type of self-driving technology that it plans to deploy, and it is promising.

Car Tech July 13, 2016

4 Major Automakers Already Testing Self-Driving Cars With NXP BlueBox Computing Platform

NXP said that its BlueBox technology will push autonomous driving further, faster and safer. The silicon manufacturer touted the benefits of using its proprietary technology and pointed out that most carmakers already have strong ties with NXP.

Car Tech May 16, 2016

Volvo Self-Driving Cars Will Roam London Streets Next Year In UK's 'Most Ambitious Autonomous Driving Trial'

Volvo has announced ambitious plans for its autonomous driving technology, with a new trial set to hit the UK next year. A fleet of self-driving cars will hit London in early 2017, and will take a different approach compared to other autonomous driving trials.

Car Tech April 28, 2016

Toyota Wants To Help Drivers, Not Replace Them: 'Guardian Angel' Copilot Would Take Over To Avoid A Crash

Toyota recently invested in a new research facility and one project involves a special copilot that would help the human driver. Called the 'Guardian Angel,' this copilot would take over if it senses trouble, but otherwise it would not replace the driver altogether.

April 8, 2016

Self-Driving Trucks Convoy Successfully Drives Across Europe: See Them In Action [Video]

Driverless cars have yet to compete with driverless 18-wheelers. When it comes to the big business of autonomous hauling of big business products, Europe is at the forefront of the technology as it holds the European Truck Platooning challenge.

FUTURE TECH April 7, 2016

Google Self-Driving Car Efforts Ramping Up With New Hiring Spree

Google started recruiting for its driverless car division, and the jobs are as diverse as they are interesting. Dubbed X after its rebranding, the self-driving car department has big plans for expansion and it may even start manufacturing autonomous driving hardware.

FUTURE TECH February 13, 2016

Ford CEO Joins IBM Board Of Directors: A Strong Bond For A Brighter Auto Future

Ford CEO Mark Fields is joining the IBM board of directors where he will become part of the board’s finance committee. Fields, who started at Ford back in 1989, will join the IBM board beginning March 1.

Business January 27, 2016

Ford Testing Fully Autonomous Vehicles In The Snow [Video]

Have you always wondered how autonomous cars can be capable of handling snow-covered roads? Ford said that it’s currently testing its fully autonomous cars under snowy conditions while using LiDAR and high-resolution 3D mapping technologies.

FUTURE TECH January 11, 2016

Tokyo Motor Show: Nissan IDS Concept Envisions The Future Of Autonomous Driving And Zero Emission EVs [Video]

Automakers have already started to announce their 2015 Tokyo Motor Show highlights and the Nissan IDS Concept definitely stands out from the crowd, showcasing the company's exciting vision for the future of autonomous driving and electric vehicles.

FUTURE TECH October 28, 2015

NASA, Nissan Team Up to Build Self-driving Vehicles or Perhaps Planetary Rovers

NASA and Nissan have partnered up to design autonomous cars and will be test-driving the vehicles at NASA's Ames Research Center. The partnership could yield the development of tomorrow's robo-cars.

FUTURE TECH January 10, 2015

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