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Earthquake Destroys Pyramid, Then Unveils Ancient Temple For Aztec Rain God

A deadly earthquake in September destroyed a pyramid in the Mexican state of Morelos. The unfortunate event nevertheless revealed another wonder that was hidden from the rest of the world after about the 1200AD.

Ancient July 13, 2018

Rack Of Skulls Larger Than A Basketball Court Reveals Aztecs Took Human Sacrifice To The Extreme

Researchers found a giant rack of skulls in Mexico City built during the Aztec period. The discovery includes the skulls of thousands of sacrificial victims offered for the Aztec gods to feed on.

Ancient June 22, 2018

Pre-Aztec Remains In Spiral Formation Discovered In Mexico

The remains discovered in an ancient burial site were arranged in a circular or spiral manner. Is the strange positioning of the bodies evidence of a ritualistic burial?

Ancient February 2, 2018

Aztec Stone Shrine Discovered Beside Mexican Volcano Was An Ancient Map Of Universe

An Aztec stone shrine discovered in a pond beside a Mexican volcano is believed to depict an ancient map of the universe. The flow of water into the pond was controlled to make the structure look like it was floating.

Ancient January 5, 2018

Salmonella May Have Contributed To Collapse Of Aztec Empire

A strain of salmonella could be behind the cocoliztli epidemic that killed the natives of the New World, essentially contributing to the collapse of the Aztec empire.

Public Health February 23, 2017

Experts Unearth Aztec Skull Rack In Mexico City: Huey Tzompantli Serves As Memory Of Brutal Rituals

A team of archaeologists working in Mexico City's historic center has unearthed an ancient skull rack, which has been mentioned in early texts dating back to the second half of the 16th century in New Spain.

August 23, 2015

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