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Surgeons Find Fully Formed Teeth In Baby's Brain Tumor

When a baby's head began growing at a rapid rate, doctors scanned his brain and found a tumor with fully formed teeth inside. It's the first time teeth has been found in this type of tumor.

Medicine April 23, 2019

Inoperable Brain Tumor Of Texas Girl Roxli Doss Miraculously Disappears

Roxli Doss was diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma. Doctors said that there is no cure for her condition, but MRI scan showed the tumor has disappeared.

Medicine December 17, 2018

Glowing Fluorescent Chemical Could Help Neurosurgeons Remove Brain Tumors

Scientists tested the use of the chemical 5-ALA during surgery to help doctors easily identify cancer tumor in the brain. This, they said, can help improve brain surgery survival rate.

Neuroscience November 5, 2018

Boy Loses Part Of Brain, But Now He's A Mostly Normal 10-Year-Old

A boy lost one-sixth of his brain before he turned 7 years old as part of a tumor surgery. Three years later, he is doing very well, with his brain forming new neural connections to compensate for the missing parts.

Neuroscience August 2, 2018

Two Young Siblings Diagnosed With Brain Tumor Just Weeks Apart, What Is Medulloblastoma?

Four-year-old Noah Avery was diagnosed with medulloblastoma just days after his sister had an operation to remove the same type of tumor. What could have caused this twin diagnosis?

Medicine June 29, 2018

4-Year-Old Boy Diagnosed With Brain Tumor 2 Weeks After His 6-Year-Old Sister Was Hospitalized With Same Condition

Two siblings from California were both diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. The sister who is 6 years old was diagnosed first, followed by her 4-year-old brother and both siblings suffered from intense headaches.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 28, 2018

Genetically Modified Polio Vaccine Could Help Fight Brain Tumors

A genetically modified poliovirus could be the cure in fighting brain tumors. Researchers from Duke University found that the virus, which is one of the world's deadliest viruses, helped extend the lives of patients battling brain cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 26, 2018

Woman Suffering From A Migraine Discovers She Has A Brain Tumor And Only 24 Hours To Live

A woman was given only 24 hours to live after doctors discovered a 2.2cm tumor in her brain. The woman claimed she went to the doctors because of a severe headache she thought was a migraine.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 25, 2018

Doctors Remove World's Largest Brain Tumor In 7-Hour Operation

A brain tumor weighing 1.8 kg had been removed from a 31-year old man in India. After checking medical texts, doctors said it was the largest tumor to be excised successfully.

Public Health February 22, 2018

13-Year-Old Was Led To Believe He Was Dying Of Cancer, Parents Charged With Child Abuse

A couple was charged with fraud and child abuse after allegedly convincing their young son that he was dying of cancer in order to gather money from donations. Is the father also a victim of fraud?

Public Health February 4, 2018

Man With Brain Tumor First Patient Treated In Michigan Proton Therapy Center

A Michigan man who had been diagnosed with brain tumor became the first patient to undergo proton beam therapy in the state. The treatment is considered safer compared with conventional radiotherapy since it only attacks specific cancer cells.

Medicine July 14, 2017

Italian Court Rules Cellphone Use Caused Brain Tumor: What Do Cancer Experts Say?

An Italian court ruled that heavy mobile phone use caused a former telecom worker's brain tumor. What do scientific studies and cancer experts say about this link?

Public Health April 24, 2017

Mobile Phone Use Can Lead To Brain Tumors, Italian Court Rules In Telecom Executive’s Case

An Italian court ruled telecom executive Roberto Romeo developed a brain tumor due to the prolonged use of a mobile phone as per his job requirements. The link between cellphones and brain cancer has been widely disputed in health studies.

Public Health April 21, 2017

Electricity-Based Therapy Extends Survival Of Brain Tumor Patients

Brain tumor patients who use the cap-like device Optune plus chemotherapy survived longer than patients who received only chemo. How does this therapy called tumor treating field work?

Medicine April 3, 2017

Salmonella Used To Attack Fatal Brain Tumors In Rats

Scientists from Duke University have detoxified salmonella to help scour and destroy tumors, a development that can potentially help in the difficult fight against glioblastoma or aggressive brain cancer.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 12, 2017

High Education Level Linked To Increased Risk Of Developing Brain Tumor: Report

There are only a few risk factors known to lead to the development of brain tumor. Now, a new observational study revealed that holding a university degree may be linked to higher chances of developing certain types of brain tumor.

Public Health June 22, 2016

3-Year-Old Brain Cancer Patient Gets Postcards From Across The World

A 3-year-old girl from Washington is suffering from a deadly form of brain cancer. She is too ill to travel but people across the globe are cheering her up by sending her postcards.

Life March 15, 2016

Malignant Brain Tumors Top Cause Of Cancer Deaths Among US Adolescents, Young Adults

Malignant brain tumors are the top cause of cancer-related deaths in adolescents and young adults in the U.S. Diagnosis in this age group can be particularly disruptive and cruel given many are starting careers, finishing school and beginning family life.

Life February 27, 2016

Sighing Not Just An Emotional Response: Ability To Sigh Helps Preserve Lung Function

Sighing proves important to the functioning of one's lungs, according to a new study from UCLA and Stanford researchers. The emotional roots of the act, however, remain a mystery.

Life February 9, 2016

Anxiety And Depression Could Be Signs Of Brain Tumor

A woman became depressed and resistant to treatment found out she had brain tumor in her frontal lobe. The region is part of the brain responsible for emotions, mood, and personality.

Life December 27, 2015

Patient Plays Saxophone During Surgery To Remove Tumor From His Brain [Video]

Carlos Aguilera played his saxophone while neurosurgeons operated on his brain to remove a tumor. This made sure the surgery won't affect his ability to play music.

Life December 21, 2015

Electromagnetic Waves May Help Prolong Survival Of Brain Tumor Patients, New Study Suggests

Glioblastoma patients treated using a combination of electromagnetic wave therapy and chemotherapy remained cancer-free for a longer period. Patients who only received chemotherapy medication did not experience any similar improvement in their condition.

Life December 16, 2015

Celldex Vaccine Rintega Reduces Death Risk From Brain Cancer: Study

The new Celledex vaccine improved the chances of survival among brain cancer patients. Based on clinical trials, the new vaccine, when used in combination with another drug, helped cancer patients survive up to nearly two years longer than those who did not receive the vaccine.

Life November 21, 2015

Scientists Breach Blood-Brain Barrier To Deliver Cancer Drugs: Method May Also Work For Dementia, Parkinson's Patients

Canadian scientists were able to breach the blood-brain barrier and deliver cancer drugs directly to a patient's brain tumor. The procedure may also be of benefit to other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.

Life November 11, 2015

Scientists Discover Protein That Can Improve Mapping Of Brain Tumor [Video]

Mapping out the entirety of a brain tumor has long been challenging for doctors. Now, researchers have developed a special dye that could help detect a brain protein indicating the edges of a tumor and where it could possibly spread.

Life November 4, 2015

Baby With Fatal Brain Tumor Got Life-Saving Surgery, Defies Survival Odds

Florida baby with fatal brain tumor survived crucial surgery, after parents were informed of the high risks. The parents were delighted and thankful that their child now has a second chance at life.

Life October 14, 2015

Kristen Bell Calls Kid With Brain Tumor: Frozen's Princess Anna Gives Hope [Video]

Hollywood actress Kristen Bell, who played the role of Princess Anna of Arendelle in Disney's 'Frozen,' cheered up a six-year-old fan with an inoperable brain tumor by sending her a voice message using her character's iconic voice.

Movies/TV Shows July 26, 2015

Woman Says Tumor Removed From Her Brain Was Like An 'Evil Twin' Growing Inside Her

A brain tumor removed from a Ph.D. student showed evidence of bone, teeth and hair, surgeons say. Known as a teratoma, such tumors are believed to be undeveloped twins absorbed by surviving siblings while in the womb.

Life April 23, 2015

Hot Sauce Can Save Lives — Here's How

Randy Schmidt got a much bigger shock than what he was expecting when he sampled this super-hot pepper sauce on vacation.

Life March 15, 2015

Long-term Use of Hormonal Contraceptives Doubles Your Risk of Brain Tumors

Researchers reveal that the use of hormonal contraceptives over a long period increases the risk of brain tumors by 50 percent. Women may be at a higher risk of contracting glioma, a rare type of brain tumor.

Life January 22, 2015

Don't Ignore that Headache as It Can Be Only Sign of Brain Tumor

Some patients with a brain tumor do not exhibit neurological symptoms such as speech dysfunction and seizures. Isolated headaches may be the only sign of their health problem.

Life December 31, 2014

Terminally ill Brittany Maynard ends life at 29 with heart-wrenching 'goodbye' post on Facebook

Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon so she could take advantage of the Death with Dignity Act following her diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor, has passed away on Saturday after taking a lethal medication.

Life November 3, 2014

Toxin-secreting stem cells kill brain tumors in mice: Humans next?

Scientists have successfully tested on mice engineered stem cells that can make and secrete toxins that can kill brain cancer cells. The stem cells are immune to the toxins, which prevent cancer cells from creating protein.

Life October 25, 2014

‘Death with dignity’: With numbered days, woman chooses assisted-suicide

Brittany Maynard, a 29-year-old newlywed with terminal brain cancer, has chosen to use physician-assisted suicide to avoid a prolonged and painful death. Maynard is sharing her story for Compassion & Choices, an organization that promotes the Death with Dignity Act.

Life October 9, 2014

Brittany Maynard, terminally ill 29-year old cancer patient, wants to die on Nov. 1: Here's why

Brittany Maynard said that she wants to live but after assessing her medical condition, she decided to use Oregon's Death with Dignity Act so she could die a less terrifying and dignified death.

Life October 9, 2014

Goldfish undergoes brain tumor surgery. Yes, a goldfish

Pets come in all shapes and sizes but all are loved, as proven by the owners of a goldfish named George that underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Life September 16, 2014

Ashya King destroyed and dejected after police arrests parents for alleged neglect

After being away from his parents who were taken into police custody following alleged neglect 5-year old Ashya King is devastated. The boy's grandmother reveals that he is not the same.

Life September 13, 2014

How will proton beam treatment help Ashya King, other cancer patients?

Ashya King, a five-year old boy suffering from a malignant brain tumor to receive proton beam treatment. The NHS is estimated to open two proton beam centers in the UK by 2018.

Life September 7, 2014

Boy with inoperable brain tumor gets over 100,000 birthday cards for 6th birthday

Danny Nickerson, a boy suffering from brain tumor, received thousands of greeting cards and packages from well-wishers all over the world who wanted to make him feel very special on his 6th birthday.

Life July 27, 2014

Danny Nickerson, 5-year old boy with inoperable brain tumor, wants box load of birthday cards on July 25

Danny Nickerson, who was diagnosed of an inoperable brain tumor in October, will celebrate his 6th birthday on July 25 and birthday cards that have his name on them will certainly make him feel special.

Life July 21, 2014

Friends and strangers send piles of birthday mail to young boy with rare brain cancer

A heartwarming amount of birthday mail is getting sent to Danny Nickerson, age 5 and diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer. His greatest wish is to receive mail and people all over are working to make him smile.

Society July 20, 2014

Woman in coma for two months gives birth to healthy baby boy

There were fears that Melissa Carleton or her baby may not survive because of her condition. However, she managed to give birth and is even able to breastfeed her child albeit with some assistance.

Life May 27, 2014

Maryland doctors extract teeth from rare brain tumor in 4-months old infant

Doctors in Maryland were stunned when they operated on a tumor in the brain of a four month-old baby boy. The tumor has been identified as an adamantinomatous craniopharyngioma, and doctors spotted teeth in the tumor. It is rare for such a mass to contain teeth, although medical researchers have always suspected that both craniopharyngioma and teeth are formed from the same cells.

Life March 2, 2014

Chemotherapy plus radiation may give brain tumor patients better chance of survival

Results of a clinical trial suggests that patients with low-grade glioma, a form of brain tumor, can live longer if they receive chemotherapy and follow it up with radiation.

Life February 9, 2014

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