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Can Robots Learn Like Human Babies? Researchers Trying To Make It Happen

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are trying to help robots acquire learning skills easily. They are using a novel method whereby bots are taught using adversarial learning techniques, similar to human babies.

Robotics January 27, 2017

Fingertips Too Big For Your Tiny Smartwatch? SkinTrack Turns Your Forearm Into A Touchpad

Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University are working on a possible solution to the problem of small smartwach displays. Named the SkinTrack system, the technology will allow users to transform their forearms into accurate touchpads.

Wearable Tech May 6, 2016

Researchers Train Computers To Detect Twitter Sarcasm To Better Understand Human Communication

Researchers conducted a series of experiments to better understand when people are expressing sarcasm through text. By training their computers, the team was able to detect Twitter sarcasm using several factors that include keywords, hyperbole and hashtags.

Society January 23, 2016

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Deny Helping FBI For $1 Million To Hack Tor

Researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University have issued a statement denying offering any help to the FBI in lieu of a direct payment of $1 million for their Tor exploit.

Internet November 19, 2015

Tor Accuses Carnegie Mellon Of Conniving (And Getting $1 Million In Return) With FBI To Crack Anonymity Network

The Tor Project claims that the Computer Emergency Response Team of Carnegie Mellon was behind the attack that compromised the information of users on the encryption service. The Tor Project claims that the researchers were paid $1 million by the FBI.

Apps/Software November 13, 2015

Microsoft Announces Carnegie Mellon University And Darmouth College Are Among The HoloLens Grant Winners Receiving $100K

Microsoft announced the winners of the research grant program that kicked off this summer, which awards schools with $100,000 and two HoloLens developer kits.

Apps/Software November 12, 2015

Researchers Use Hot Glue Gun Technology to Create 3D-Printed Hair Strand By Strand

Researchers figure out hair. Using just a $300-worth 3D printer, Carnegie Mellon research were able to print strands of synthetic hair.

Gadgets October 30, 2015

We Could Soon Use 3D Printers To Cover Up Our Bald Spots

Researchers have developed a way to use a 3D printer to print hair-like fibers, which could be used not only to print fake hair, but also to print things like toothbrush bristles.

Gadgets October 29, 2015

Researchers Hack Off-the-Shelf 3D Printer to Make Hearts, Arteries

Expanding knowledge of the human body and modern technology could move us towards a world where transplant patients will no longer wait years for new organs. Scientists developed a 3D printing process to create coronary artery structures.

Life October 25, 2015

IBM And Carnegie Mellon Build An Open Platform To Help The Visually Impaired Get Around

IBM and Carnegie Mellon have announced an open platform to support the creation of apps for the visually impaired. An app has already been built with this technology, and it could be a big help.

Apps/Software October 15, 2015

NanoGripTech Is Releasing The First Commercially Available Adhesive Inspired By The Gecko's Foot

Carnegie Mellon spinoff nanoGriptech has announced the release of the world's first commercially available adhesive that is inspired by the foot of a gecko. The adhesive can be applied and removed multiple times without losing stickiness or leaving residue.

Gadgets August 25, 2015

Study Suggests That Google Algorithms Discriminate Against Women

The results of a study conducted at Carnegie Mellon University propose that Google algorithms tend to discriminate against female job-seekers.

Internet Culture July 9, 2015

Assembly Required (Sort Of): Autonomous Robot Assembles Birdhouse

What's not to love about a robot building a birdhouse?

FUTURE TECH June 22, 2015

Interactive Graphic Novel Is Helping To Prevent Sexual Assault On College Campuses

Despite federal Title IX investigation, Carnegie Mellon students are taking back the night with help from an immersive graphic novel.

Internet June 5, 2015

Sorry, Criminals, Long-Range Iris Scanners Will Ruin Your Career

Remember the good ol' days, when you could just burn your fingerprints off to become untraceable?

FUTURE TECH June 4, 2015

Bipedal Disney Robots Now A Thing, Will Probably Take Over the World

Robo-Mickey Mouse is now closer to reality. A horrifying, horrifying reality.

FUTURE TECH June 1, 2015

CMU AI Claudico Is Good At Poker But Not Good Enough For World's Best Human Players

In a Texas Hold 'Em contest of Brains vs. AI that lasted 80,000 hands, humans came out on top - but just barely. Why are developers trying to perfect a poker-playing computer?

May 10, 2015

Fierce Competition Between AI And Human Poker Players Heating Up

A classic game of man versus machine is being realized in the poker competition of 'Brains vs. Artificial Intelligence.' The professional poker players so far are dominating against the AI in this No-Limit Texas Hold 'Em poker game.

May 5, 2015

How Can In-Vehicle Virtual Traffic Lights Make Your Daily Commute Quicker?

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found a way to reduce a driver's commute time by up to 40 percent. With the virtual traffic lights technology, cars are able to talk to each other and produce traffic signals on the windshield.

FUTURE TECH January 16, 2015

Hug a Day May Keep Cold Virus at Bay

Hugs may provide a significant advantage in preventing colds, a new discovery from Carnegie Mellon University reveals.

Life December 22, 2014

Disney toys with 3D printing, creates cuddly teddy bear and funky speakers

Researchers supported by Disney Research Pittsburgh take 3D printing to a new level by discovering they can create teddy bears and interactive speakers by providing slight tweaks to the new technology.

April 30, 2014

Carnegie Mellon's NEIL project teaches common sense to computer

While we struggle to supplement our common sense, there is a computer program called NEIL that's running 24 hours a day building up its common sense in image processing.

FUTURE TECH November 25, 2013

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