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Bottle-fed Babies 25 Percent More Likely To Become Obese: WHO

Infrequent or the absence of breastfeeding increases the risk of severe childhood obesity by 25 percent. Children who are at risk of developing obesity have poor health outcomes than those who were exclusively breastfed for six months.

Public Health May 1, 2019

Obese 7-Year-Old Children At Increased Risk Of Depression

Researchers reveal that obesity and emotional problems develop hand-in-hand in children as young as 7 years old. Both conditions are shown to increase throughout childhood and adolescence.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 29, 2019

Genetic Test Could Be Used To Predict Risk Of Obesity In Newborns

A genetic scorecard may help scientists predict the risk of obesity in newborns, a new study revealed. Scientists believe doing so could urge people to prevent the early onset of obesity.

Public Health April 24, 2019

Doctors Are Calling For More Taxes And Policy Changes For High-Sugar Drinks

In a policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants more strategic approaches to decrease the excessive consumption of high-sugar drinks among children. These include higher excise tax on the beverages and decreased marketing efforts targeting the young ones.

Public Health March 27, 2019

Working Moms Could Be To Blame For Child Obesity Epidemic, Study Suggests

A study involving nearly 20,000 families revealed a link between overweight children and having a working mother. The association is more pronounced in children of working single mothers.

Public Health March 11, 2019

Mother's Lifestyle Habits May Influence Risk Of Obesity In Children

Researchers found that children whose mothers observe healthy habits have lower risk for obesity. What are the lifestyle habits in women that are strongly associated with obesity in children?

Public Health July 6, 2018

The UK To Focus On Banning Junk Food Advertising In Hopes To Cut Childhood Obesity

United Kingdom government leaders are aiming to crack down with advertisements on foods that have high salt, sugar, and fat content. They believe it could curb the nation’s growing childhood obesity problem.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 4, 2018

1 in 25 Children In England Have Been Classified As 'Severely Obese'

In England, the amount of children who have become obese has doubled according to new data. Children between the ages of 10-11 years old are at risk of having their adult lives cut short due to their excessive weight gain.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 29, 2018

Junk Food Culture Found To Cause America's Growing Problem On Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity continues to be an epidemic in the United States, where even toddlers are struggling with the health issue. Experts all point their fingers at just one culprit, junk food.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 27, 2018

Caesarean Section Risks Highlighted In New Study: Dangerous Pregnancies For Mothers, Health Issues For Children

New research highlighted the risks associated with caesarean section deliveries for both mothers and children. Mothers may face dangerous pregnancies in the future, while children may be exposed to a variety of health issues.

Public Health January 25, 2018

The Obesity Problem Worsens: There Were 10 Times More Obese Children And Teens In 2016 Than 40 Years Ago

There were 10 times more obese children and teens in 2016 compared to 40 years ago, according to a joint study between the Imperial College London and the World Health Organization. The worldwide obesity problem is indeed getting worse.

Public Health October 11, 2017

UK Targets Calorie Reduction In Popular Food Items To Combat Childhood Obesity

Health officials in the UK aim to reduce the caloric content of popular food items such as pizzas and burgers. This is in response to the obesity and type 2 diabetes rate among children in the UK.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 19, 2017

Intragastric Balloon: A New Anti-Obesity Treatment Minus The Surgery

An oral balloon pill that an obese person could conveniently swallow to help keep him full, lose weight, and finally break free from obesity. Sounds too good to be true? Not really.

Public Health March 3, 2017

Obese Girls' Lower Success In School: Are Teachers To Blame?

Obesity among white girls could impact their academic performance. According to new research, teachers tend to evaluate this group with lower grades, especially in subjects such as English.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 13, 2017

Obesity Risk In US Children Rise During Summer Breaks: Study

According to researchers, summer breaks actually lead to increases in obesity in children more than the time kids are in school. This tells parents the fight against obesity requires effort throughout the year.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 3, 2016

Obese, Lean Children Have Different Gut Bacteria: Study

Efforts are in place to address obesity in children and teens but the problem persists. In a new study, researchers have found that obese children and teens and their leaner counterparts have different gut microbiota.

Public Health September 21, 2016

Cesarean Birth Linked To Higher Obesity Risk In Childhood

Children born via cesarean delivery are at increased risk of becoming obese compared with their peers born vaginally. The difference in risk is more pronounced among siblings.

Public Health September 7, 2016

Parents Who Give Children Adult-Sized Food Portions Fuel Obesity Crisis

Parents don't realize they are overfeeding their children with adult-sized meal portions and too many snacks, a new study finds. This further fuels the obesity epidemic, including child obesity.

Healthy Living/Wellness July 5, 2016

Obesity Among Women Can Be Passed On To At Least Three Generations

If you plan on getting pregnant, lose weight first. A new study finds that obese women can pass on the weight problem to at least three generations along with metabolic issues such as insulin resistance.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 20, 2016

Adequate Intake Of Folic Acid During Pregnancy Can Prevent Childhood Obesity

Proper folate levels during pregnancy can prevent childhood obesity, especially among the children born to obese mothers. Adequate intake of folic acid can provide long-term protection to the unborn child.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 15, 2016

Unemployment, Changing Economic Conditions Impact Children's Weight

Researchers have found a link between economic hard times and the likelihood of children becoming fat and obese. How did the recent Great Depression affect children's weight?

Public Health June 11, 2016

Forty Percent Of US Women, 17 Percent Of Teenagers Are Obese: CDC

Two new reports from the CDC shed new light on the current obesity crisis in the U.S. The reports found that 40 percent of women and 17 percent of teenagers in America are still obese despite various intervention initiatives.

Public Health June 11, 2016

Could Drinking Diet Soda During Pregnancy Result To Childhood Obesity For Newborn Babies?

Daily consumption of artificially sweetened beverages may increase the risk of an infant to develop childhood obesity. In the U.S., about 25 percent of children aged 2 to 19 years old are obese.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 10, 2016

Childhood Obesity Rates Across US Still On The Rise

Childhood obesity rates across the United States are rising. A study showed obesity statistics among American children in a span of 15 years.

Public Health April 29, 2016

Toddlers Who Prefer Sweet Over Salty Food More Likely To Be Obese

Toddlers who prefer sweet treats over salty snacks are more likely to have problems with weight gain. A new study found that eating in the absence of hunger and choosing sweets to satisfy that drive may increase the risk of obesity later in life.

Life April 19, 2016

Maternal Obesity, Diabetes Results In Overgrowth Of Baby In The Womb

Babies born to mothers who are obese or diabetic are five times more likely to become overly large during the sixth month of pregnancy. Not only does it expose the mother to a higher risk during childbirth, but it also leaves the child more likely to develop childhood obesity and diabetes later in life.

Life April 8, 2016

Baby's BMI May Predict Risk For Early Childhood Obesity: Study

BMI at 6 months old can predict if a baby would be severely obese at 6 years old. Pediatricians currently monitor children for obesity risk at 2 years old.

Life April 2, 2016

Fruit Juices Contain Very High Amounts Of Sugar: Healthier Drinks To Give Your Kids

Do you know fruit juices contain very high amounts of sugar? The good news is you have options for healthier drinks to give your kids, and they may be right in your fridge.

Life March 28, 2016

Antibiotic Use Before Age 2 Increases Obesity Risk In Children

Antibiotics bring benefits to children as well but it is not without its risks. According to researchers, prescribing the medication to children below 2 years old ups their risk of developing early childhood obesity.

Life March 24, 2016

2 Breakfasts Help Kids Avoid Being Overweight Or Obese: Study

Having two breakfasts may help prevent children from becoming overweight or obese. A new study found that children who ate double breakfasts for two years did not show significant differences in weight gain and had lesser risk of developing childhood obesity.

Life March 18, 2016

Younger Sibling Linked To Lower Obesity Risk In Children

Becoming a big sister or big brother before reaching first grade can reduce the child's obesity risk, a new study found. Here's another reason to love your younger siblings.

Life March 12, 2016

Peanuts, Peanut Butter Key To Preventing Obesity?

How can something so tasty prevent obesity? It seems unlikely but researchers have found that turning to peanuts and peanut butter as snack substitutes led to a BMI drop in children at high risk of being overweight or obese.

Life March 7, 2016

Eating Too Much Fish During Pregnancy Ups Child's Obesity Risk: Study

EPA and the FDA urged women to eat up to three servings of fish per week during pregnancy. New study found consuming more than this recommended amount ups the unborn baby's obesity risk.

Life February 16, 2016

Parents Should Keep An Eye On Kids' Waist Circumference To Prevent Metabolic Syndrome

A new study found that lifestyle changes are the key factors to prevent metabolic syndrome. With this, experts recommend parents to keep an eye on their kids' waist circumference as this is a good indicator of health, together with body weight.

Life February 10, 2016

Children Who Eat High-Protein Breakfast Consume Fewer Calories At Lunch

Kids who eat a high-protein breakfast are less likely to overeat at lunch. They consume about 70 percent less calories at lunch than those kids who just ate cereals and oatmeal.

Life February 4, 2016

Passive Smoking Can Make Your Kids Obese And Stupid

A new study found that passive smoking may cause children to suffer from obesity and poor cognition. However, the researchers were not able to find a relationship between passive smoking and diabetes in the young participants.

Life February 1, 2016

Asia Accounts For Half Of Overweight And Obese Children In World: Childhood Obesity Causes And Prevention

About half of the world's obese children, 48 percent, live in Asia. It's a result of environmental changes and will require societal changes to fix, according to the World Health Organization.

Life February 1, 2016

Forty-One Million Preschoolers Worldwide Are Obese Or Overweight: WHO Panel Calls For Sugar Tax To Fight Childhood Obesity

A WHO-commissioned report revealed that that the number of obese or overweight kids under age 5 around the world has risen to 41 million. Its authors also backed levying sugar tax for fizzy drinks and high-sugar food products.

Life January 26, 2016

Mindfulness May Help Prevent Overeating In Kids With Obesity Risk

A new study recommends mindfulness for preventing unhealthy diet behaviors in children. Researchers sounded the alarm on the increasing and easy access to energy-dense food that make kids obese or overweight.

Life January 23, 2016

Water Dispensers In Schools Help Kids Lose Weight: This Is How Water Can Help Combat Obesity

Installing water dispensers in cafeterias has been found to help reduce cases of obesity in New York City. These electronically powered devices are inexpensive and effective, experts said.

Life January 21, 2016

Nine In 10 Toddlers Not Getting Enough Exercise: Tips To Get Kids Moving

Nine out of 10 toddlers in the United Kingdom are not getting enough exercise, a new report revealed. With that, health experts are calling on the Government to develop policies that involve exercising for kids aged five and below.

Life January 21, 2016

Offering Water In School Cafeterias May Help Students Lose Weight

Providing cool fresh water to schoolchildren may help fight childhood obesity. Students in schools with water jets were found to be slimmer than their counterparts in schools without these water dispensers.

Life January 20, 2016

Experts Call For Increase In Sugar Tax To Fight Childhood Obesity: How Much Sugar Is Too Much For Kids?

Obesity experts called to increase sugar tax by 50 percent. The move is said to limit parents from buying sweet treats for kids and to help them adhere to sugar recommendations more strictly.

Life January 12, 2016

How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink? This Free App Can Tell

A new free app by Public Health England and National Health Service can track how much sugar food and beverage contain. Parents are urged to use it to determine the sugar content of their children’s food and drink.

Life January 5, 2016

Excess Body Fat In Obese Kids Linked To Weaker Bones

Children with excessive body fat may have weaker bones and these bones carry most of the body's weight. The excessive fats may compromise important body process specifically bone growth.

Life December 25, 2015

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