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Google To Pay Pixel Owners Up To $500 In Class Action Settlement

Google settled the class action lawsuit over the defective microphones of Pixel and Pixel XL. Here's how to find out if you are eligible and how to claim your payout.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech August 12, 2019

Starbucks Lawsuit Alleges NYC Stores Exposed Customers To Toxic Pesticide

Customers of Starbucks in Manhattan filed a lawsuit claiming that the iconic coffee store exposed them to poisonous pesticide. The legal complaint said Starbucks' sanitation and infestation problem led to the reckless exposure.

Public Health May 22, 2019

Google Targeted By Lawsuit Over Shady Location Tracking Policy

Google is facing a lawsuit for violating California’s privacy laws. The case stemmed from AP’s report that it still stores location data even if the user turns off the Location History.

Google August 21, 2018

Did Dish Telemarketers Call You? You Might Be Owed Up To $1,200

A lawsuit against Dish Network confirmed that eligible individuals can collect $1,200 per call compensation. This is part of the $61 million awarded to people who were on the Do Not Call Registry but still contacted by the company's telemarketers.

Business Tech May 8, 2018

Remember Last Year's 'Pokémon GO' Fest Disaster? Niantic Labs Will Pay $1.6 Million To Attendees

Niantic Labs agreed to pay about $1.6 million to the attendees of last year's 'Pokémon GO' Fest disaster in Chicago. The event was supposed to be the culmination of the 'Pokémon GO' experience, but it was plagued by connectivity issues.

Video Games April 2, 2018

If You Bought The Fat PlayStation 3, You Have Less Than A Month To Claim $65 From Sony

If you purchased the fat PlayStation 3 between 2006 and 2010, you may be eligible to claim $65 from Sony. Think of it as a parting gift for the previous-generation console, as it enters the twilight of its life.

Video Games March 19, 2018

Australian Class Action Case Filed Against Johnson & Johnson Over Vaginal Mesh Implants

More than 700 women in Australia have filed a class action lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over its vaginal mesh implants. The plaintiffs argued that the devices caused them to suffer excruciating and irreparable pain.

Public Health July 5, 2017

Google, Huawei May Soon Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Nexus 6P Early Shutdown, Bootloop Issues

A U.S.-based law firm is looking to put together a class-action lawsuit against Google and Huawei for the reported early shutdown and bootloop issues of the Nexus 6P. Affected users are highly recommended to participate in the lawsuit.

Business Tech April 17, 2017

Lack Of Oxford Comma Leads Truck Drivers To Win Overtime Dispute Against Maine Company

The lack of the Oxford comma could lead Oakhurst Dairy to lose an estimated $10 million to its truck drivers. The class-action lawsuit centers on overtime pay being disputed based on the lack of a comma in an exemption clause.

Business Tech March 17, 2017

Did You Buy A PC With DVD Drive From 2003 To 2008? You May Be Owed $10

Users who purchased computers with DVD drives about a decade ago may be owed $10 as part of a class-action lawsuit settlement. Here are the requirements to file a claim under the settlement.

Business Tech February 8, 2017

Apple Intentionally Broke FaceTime On iOS 6 To Save Money And Force Users To Upgrade, Lawsuit Claims

A new class-action lawsuit alleges that Apple broke FaceTime on iOS 6 on purpose back in 2014. The company reportedly resorted to this scheme to cut costs by forcing users to upgrade to iOS 7.

Business Tech February 4, 2017

Milk Money: You Might Be Eligible For Cash Payout Under This Dairy Lawsuit Settlement

If you bought milk or another dairy product from 2003 to 2011 in one of the 16 affected locations, you may be eligible for a cash payout from a recently settled antitrust class-action lawsuit against dairy producers.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 17, 2017

Note 7 Owners File Class Action Suit Against Samsung Over Smartphone Debacle

Samsung's hard times are far from over, as a class action lawsuit might hit the company in the U.S. Three former Galaxy Note 7 owners joined as plaintiffs in the legal action, which could hurt Samsung significantly.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech October 20, 2016

iPhone 6 Plus Touch Disease: More Law Firms Pressure Apple To Acknowledge Engineering Flaw Of iPhone 6 Plus

Apple was in hot water again, as three more law firms joined the class-action lawsuit involving the company’s 'Touch Disease.' The engineering flaw involves unresponsive screens on the bendy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices.

Apple October 12, 2016

iPhone 7 Preorder Issues: Apple Faces Lawsuit For Prioritizing New Customers Over iPhone Upgrade Program Members

Disgruntled iPhone upgraders have filed a lawsuit against Apple over the company's iPhone 7 preorder system. The lawsuit alleges that Apple prioritized new customers, while loyal iPhone Upgrade Program members were told to 'check back later.'

Apple September 13, 2016

Former LG Employee Accuses LG, Samsung Of Driving Down Wages Through Non-Poaching Agreement

A former sales manager for LG Electronics has filed a lawsuit against his former employer and Samsung Electronics, alleging that the two companies have a non-poaching agreement. The arrangement drives employee wages down and violates antitrust regulations.

Business Tech September 13, 2016

Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Apple Over iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus 'Touch Disease'

Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit, as reports are mounting about iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices packing unresponsive screens. The plaintiffs are still few in number, but the suit could gain traction soon.

Business Tech August 31, 2016

Judge Rejects Uber's $100M Settlement Of Class Action Lawsuit Filed By Drivers: How Will This End?

U.S. District Court Judge Edward Chen rejected Uber's proposed $100 million settlement of a class action lawsuit filed by drivers. According to Chen, the offer was unreasonable, inadequate and unfair.

Business Tech August 19, 2016

Detroit Couple Files Lawsuit Against Niantic Labs: 'Pokémon GO' Transformed Their Street Into A 'Nightmare'

A couple from Detroit, Michigan has filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic Labs as 'Pokémon GO' transformed their once quiet street into a 'nightmare.' The lawsuit is seeking for a share of the profits generated by the game.

Video Games August 17, 2016

Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Customers Could Get $30 Refunds In False Advertising Settlement

Nvidia has proposed a settlement for the class action lawsuit filed against the company over false advertising claims on the GeForce GTX 970. The settlement, if approved, would refund $30 to customers for each unit of the GPU purchased.

Computers July 31, 2016

Underfilled Lattes: Judge Allows Lawsuit Against Starbucks Over Underfilled Lattes

A federal court judge in California has allowed two Starbucks customers to seek damages against the Seattle-based coffee giant through a class action suit for false advertising and fraud. The complaint stems from Starbucks allegedly underfilling its lattes.

Business Tech June 22, 2016

Ticketmaster Class Action Settlement: How To Claim Your Discounts And Free Tickets

Ticketmaster is sending out free tickets and discounts to customers who purchased tickets from 1999 to 2013. Here is how you can claim the compensation.

Business Tech June 20, 2016

Here's Why Uber's $100M Settlement Is 'Disastrous' For Drivers

The main plaintiff name on a class action lawsuit against Uber has dropped out after filing his objections to a $100M settlement from the company. He claimed that the settlement is not in his nor the other drivers' interest.

Business Tech May 17, 2016

Starbucks Sued For $5 Million Over Too Much Ice In Iced Coffee

Starbucks is in hot water after a lawsuit for $5 million was filed against the coffee shop chain. A customer from Chicago complains that Starbucks uses too much ice in its cold drinks, thus deceiving its clients.

Business Tech May 2, 2016

Facebook Facing Class-Action Lawsuit Over Stock Scheme To Put Zuckerberg In Control

Facebook faces a class-action lawsuit over its plans to create a new class of shares. The lawsuit claimed the move as an unfair deal and called for a halt on the company’s issuance of new Class C stock.

Business Tech May 1, 2016

Old Spice Deodorant Causes Armpit Rashes And Burns, Lawsuit Claims

Procter & Gamble (P&G) faces a class-action lawsuit filed by a customer who suffered chemical burns after using the company's Old Spice deodorant. Rodney Colley is not the only one who suffered rashes and burns but among hundreds, if not thousands, of unsuspecting customers.

Life March 29, 2016

Court Scraps Lawsuit Against Luxury Lip Balm Sugar Lip Treatment

An appeals court ruled in favor of Sugar Lip Treatment balm over alleged consumer misinformation. ‘Whether it is worth the effort to extract any remaining product with a finger or a small tool' or not is up to consumers.

Life March 21, 2016

Starbucks Faces Lawsuit Over Underfilled Latte Drinks

Two customers filed a class-action lawsuit against Starbucks for allegedly underfilling drinks. The lawsuit said that not filling up the drinks is in violation of many laws including negligent misrepresentation and fraud.

Legal March 19, 2016

iPhone 6 Error 53: Seattle Law Firm Throws Class Action Lawsuit At Apple Over Bricked Handsets

A law firm has launched a class action lawsuit against Apple for the Error 53 message that some users are getting on their devices. The error bricks the iPhone, with Apple claiming that it is for the protection of the smartphone owners.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 12, 2016

Google Faces Class-Action Lawsuit As UC Berkeley Students Sue Over Gmail Scanning

A class-action lawsuit began in California, this time with Google as the defendant. UC Berkeley students accused the company of scanning their emails and using their private information for advertising purposes and they are demanding a hefty compensation.

Legal February 4, 2016

Lyft Agrees To Pay Drivers $12.2 Million Compensation, Still Not Classifying Them As Employees

Lyft agreed to pay its drivers as much as $12.25 million in a settlement agreement. However, the company declined the drivers’ request of being reclassified as full-time employees, avoiding the 30 percent increase in labor costs that comes with the reclassification.

Legal January 27, 2016

US Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Microsoft Appeal Over Xbox 360 Class Action Lawsuit

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal on a class action case filed against Microsoft by several Xbox 360 owners over a design defect on the game console that causes damages on game discs. The plaintiffs are challenging an earlier ruling by a lower court, which has denied their request for class certification.

Legal January 16, 2016

Lawsuit Alleges EOS Lip Balm Causes Blisters, Rashes

A class-action lawsuit against EOS lip balm claimed that the product caused reactions such as rashes and blisters around the mouths. EOS is a heavily advertised product endorsed by Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and a number of beauty experts.

Life January 15, 2016

Spotify Slapped With $150 Million Class Action Lawsuit Over Unpaid Royalties

The complaint alleges that the music streaming service reproduced and distributed copyrighted music without paying the artists royalties.

Apps/Software December 29, 2015

Celebrity-Endorsed Hair Care Product Wen Sued By Users For Causing Baldness, Scalp Irritation And Other Adverse Reactions

More than 200 individuals filed a class action lawsuit against celebrity-endorsed WEN hair care products. The complaints included hair fall, hair loss and scalp damage such as bald spots and rashes.

Life December 16, 2015

Court Sides With Apple, Dismisses Class-Action Case Over Bag Searches

A class-action lawsuit filed by workers seeking payment for the time they spend undergoing bag searches has been dismissed. The court ruled that the time spent waiting for and during bag searches should not be compensated.

Legal November 9, 2015

AMD Faces Lawsuit For Allegedly Lying About The Number Of Cores In Bulldozer Chip

AMD gets sued over allegedly advertising its Bulldozer processors with the wrong number of cores. The class-action lawsuit claims that the octa-core chip is technically only a quad-core chip.

Legal November 9, 2015

iOS 9 Wi-Fi Assist Feature Fuels $5M Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple

A couple sued Apple and asked for $5 million in damages. The class action lawsuit started because the Wi-Fi Assist feature from iOS 9 led to the client’s mobile data overage, which pushed their phone bills through the roof.

Legal October 25, 2015

LinkedIn Settles Spam Email Class-Action Lawsuit, Agrees To Pay $13 Million To Affected Users

LinkedIn sent an email to its members to let them know it was sued over sending unwanted emails. It agreed that it will pay $13 million into a settlement fund.

Legal October 5, 2015

Volkswagen Scandal Aftermath: CEO Resigns, EPA To Road Test Cars And Lawyers Line Up

Volkswagen has hired a new CEO, Martin Mueller, who will likely face a whole slew of lawsuits over the company's emissions cheating scandal.

Legal September 26, 2015

Sony Pictures Entertainment Settles In Ex-Employees' Class-Action Lawsuit Over Data Breach

Sony Pictures Entertainment has reached a tentative settlement with its former employees who filed a class-action lawsuit against the studio over a data breach.

Legal September 3, 2015

Ashley Madison Hack: Canadian Members File $578 Million Lawsuit Against Avid Life Media And Avid Dating Life

Two Canadian law firms have filed legal action against Ashley Madison's operators - Avid Life Media and Avid Dating Life - representing Canadian members of the site in a $578 million class-action lawsuit over the privacy breach.

Legal August 22, 2015

Nike, Apple Settle Class Action Lawsuit Over Nike+ Fuelband For $2.4 Million: Your Rights And Options

Nike and Apple have settled a class action lawsuit for $2.4 million. The lawsuit was over the sale of the Nike+ FuelBand, which the suit claimed was falsely advertised to be able to accurately track things such as calorie burn.

Legal July 28, 2015

Court Approves $60 Million Settlement For Video Game Class Action Lawsuit Against NCAA, Electronic Arts

The court has granted a $60 million settlement to players whose names and likeness were used illegally by the NCAA and EA in video games. The athletes have until July 31 to file their claim.

Legal July 20, 2015

The NFL-DirecTV $12 Billion Deal Is Under Attack By Class-Action Antitrust Lawsuit

A complaint deems it's unfair to make bars pay $2,314 for the 2015 NFL season so their patrons could enjoy out-of-market games via the Sunday Ticket package.

Movies/TV Shows July 14, 2015

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