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SpaceX Announces No Tourist Landing On The Moon Until Mid-2019 Or Longer

SpaceX is not catering commercial spaceflights this year, according to an e-mail sent to WSJ. No reasons for the delay were provided, but critics said such events are expected given SpaceX’s history of flight postponements.

Space June 5, 2018

US Startup Rocket Lab Gears Up On Upcoming Launch Of First Commercial Spaceflight

Rocket Lab is sending its Electron rocket into space sometime between June 23 and July 6. Unlike SpaceX’s Falcon 9, the Pasadena-based company is a dedicated launcher of smaller satellites into the planet’s orbit.

Space May 29, 2018

NASA Ties With SpaceX, Boeing To Launch Astronauts To Space Again

The U.S. space agency has collaborated with SpaceX and Boeing to launch crewed missions to the space station. The tie-up will enable NASA to send astronauts from the United States.

Space January 7, 2018

New Zealand Reaches For The Stars With Space Rocket Launch

New Zealand joins the world’s space race through a first attempt to fire the commercial Electron rocket into space. Learn more about Rocket Lab, the company aspiring to achieve this feat, and prospects for it in the spaceflight industry.

Space May 22, 2017

China Sets Sights On Building The Largest Spaceplane In The World

China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology released a statement saying that it's aiming to build the largest spaceplane in the world. With that, the state-owned company will be able to accommodate up to 20 passengers in reusable rockets.

Space October 6, 2016

Astronauts Install New Docking Port On Space Station

On Friday, two NASA astronauts successfully installed a new docking adaptor on the International Space Station. The docking adaptor will serve as a 'parking spot' for incoming spaceships.

Space August 19, 2016

Jeff Bezos Wants To See Millions Of People Living And Working In Space

Jeff Bezos addressed the audience in the 32nd Space Symposium in Colorado and shared his plans of bringing affordable commercial space tourism that would enable millions of people to work and live in space. Blue Origin, Bezos' investment in space exploration, was able to relaunch for the third time its reusable rocket, New Shepard last week.

Space April 13, 2016

Holiday In Space? Bigelow Aerospace And ULA Team Up To Make It Possible

Bigelow Aerospace teams up with United Launch Alliance to develop a habitable volume in space. The companies are planning to offer the space habitat on a timeshare basis.

Space April 13, 2016

Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin Rocket Launches And Lands For The Third Time

For the third successful time, Blue Origin launched the reusable New Shepard rocket and landed it back on Earth last April 2. The unmanned test vouches for reusable booster technology championed by Blue Origin and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and helps make his space tourism vision a closer reality.

Space April 3, 2016

Fast Forward To 2116: Earth Scrapers, 3D-Printed Food, Commercial Flights To Mars And More

A new SmartThings report predicted the existence of Earth scrapers, underwater cities, 3D-printed homes, and space colonies come year 2116. With the smart home revolution, these ideas are thought to be no longer a product of wild imagination.

FUTURE TECH February 16, 2016

UK Announces Shortlist Of Candidate Locations For Britain's First Spaceport

With locations being whittled down, the UK is a step closer toward building the first spaceport in Britain and realizing its dreams of being the center for commercial spaceflights in Europe.

Space March 7, 2015

British Singer Sarah Brightman to Visit Space Station

Sarah Brightman is set to become the eighth space tourist to visit the ISS, flying aboard the Russian Soyuz capsule. Her trip as a spaceflight participant will last 10 days.

Space January 16, 2015

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