Fast Forward To 2116: Earth Scrapers, 3D-Printed Food, Commercial Flights To Mars And More


A new report paints a vivid picture of life in 100 years, saying it will likely involve Earth scrapers, bubble cities, 3D-printed homes, and, yes, family vacations on Mars.

The SmartThings Future Living Repor, authored by leading academics and futurologists, was commissioned by Samsung-owned Internet of Things company SmartThings for a look at how humans will probably live in the future.

One of the predicted conditions in 2116 – mostly influenced by space constraints and dwindling resources brought by rapidly growing populations – are “Earth scrapers” that will tunnel 25 storeys deep or more.

Report author Maggie Aderin-Pocock said what is happening today was virtually unrecognizable a century earlier.

“Over the next century we will witness further seismic shifts in the way we live and interact with our surroundings,” she said in an official statement.

The scientist broached the possibility of lofty megastructures along with sub-aquatic “bubble cities” and advanced flying drones for transportation, which could be powerful enough to bring entire residences to holiday destinations.

The report highlighted other possibilities:

  • 3D-printed food, furniture and houses, where humans can print exact replicas of massive structures like houses out of local and recyclable materials and then eat our 3D-printed pizza or cake;
  • Smart walls, where LED room surfaces will remove the need for home decoration and simply suit one’s mood;
  • Home medi-pods that will provide digital diagnoses, medicine or a remote surgeon at the comfort of one’s own bedroom or living space;
  • Virtual meetings using hologram technology; and
  • Space colonization, from the moon to Mars and even far into distant galaxies.

The company also surveyed 2,000 British individuals to identify which predictions are most likely to become a reality. Virtual work meetings, commercial space flights and LED walls emerged as the top three with 48 percent, 41 percent, and 26 percent.

James Monighan, SmartThings managing director in the UK, cited the role of Internet technology in already paving the way for smart home revolution, where homes can now intelligently establish the presence of people, lighting, humidity and moisture, to name a few.

“This is just the beginning,” Monighan said.

By the looks of it, the recent prediction only serves to strengthen previous claims that Internet of Things will dominate the Internet world less than a decade from now.

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