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Mini MarCO Cube Sat Dead In Space Beyond Mars Orbit, Says NASA

The MarCO CubeSats that were launched last year have been unable to communicate with NASA. WALL-E has been silent since December while its twin EVE last sent a message in January.

Space February 6, 2019

First Deep Space CubeSats Head For Mars: What Are The Objectives Of NASA's $18.5 Million MarCO Mission?

MarCO-B encountered a problem during the trajectory correction maneuver but NASA engineers are optimistic MarCO mission will make it to the Red Planet. What are the objectives of sending these interplanetary CubeSats to Mars?

Space June 3, 2018

On The Way To Mars, NASA Satellite Snaps A Photo Of Earth And Moon

The MarCO CubeSats accompanying the InSight lander headed to Mars wanted to check if the journey is going well, so it snapped a photo of its antenna. But there were a couple of photobombers.

Space May 16, 2018

NASA E.Coli Experiment In Microgravity May Offer Clues On How To Treat Infections In Space

How do E.coli bacteria that cause urinary tract infections respond to antibiotic treatments in space? NASA's EcAMSat small satellite experiment may reveal how to more effectively fight bacteria in microgravity.

Space November 27, 2017

NASA To Launch Four New CubeSats To Test Earth Science Technology In Space

NASA is set to launch four new CubeSats to aid planetary exploration and space research. The four new satellites will help improve weather forecasting, mitigate radio frequency interference and test emerging technologies on planetary research.

Space February 25, 2016

NASA's Space Launch System Rocket Will Send 13 CubeSats Into Deep Space

NASA's SLS rocket will launch 13 minisatellites and its Orion spacecraft in 2018 to further investigate deep space.

Space February 3, 2016

Is It A Bird? Is It Superman? No, It's Mars' First Airplane

The Prandtl-m aircraft could glide through the atmosphere of Mars, arriving as early as 2022. How would this revolutionary vehicle work?

Space June 30, 2015

NASA Will Deploy CubeSats In Next Mars Mission: What Will The Little Satellites Explore?

NASA's next mission to Mars will include the deployment of CubeSats, marking the first time that this class of spacecraft is flown to another planet. The scheduled launch is in March 2016.

Space June 13, 2015

NASA's CubeSat Initiative Aims To Explore Solar System With Tiny Spacecraft

CubeSats could be utilized to explore the solar system at a fraction of what it costs to use conventional methods. How would they function on Mars - or Titan, Saturn's largest moon?

Space May 24, 2015

NASA Opens Cube Quest Challenge, Winner Gets $5 Million

NASA puts $5 million into prize purse for mini-satellite design competition. Winning team will see its satellite launched to the moon and beyond, space agency says.

Space November 26, 2014

Science Breakthrough of the Year: What's Your Pick?

The greatest scientific advancements of 2014 will soon be named by the prestigious journal Science. Readers are being asked to vote for their choices.

Healthy Living/Wellness November 20, 2014

What are CubeSats and why are they posing a hazard to other objects orbiting in space?

A new study by researchers at the University of Southampton warns that the influx of CubeSats into the Earth's orbit could eventually result in collisions with and damage to other objects there.

Geek October 1, 2014

Students crowdfunding as part of Time Capsule to Mars effort

Social media will be gateway for young people to participate in a mission to Mars. Small 'CubeSats' with digital payloads envisioned for mission to the Red Planet

Space June 24, 2014

ISS ejects earth-watching mini satellites into space

The International Space Station (ISS) has launched a "flock" of tiny "cubesat" satellites to keep a watch over planet Earth.

Space February 13, 2014

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