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Scientists Solve Mystery Of How Rare Blue Diamonds Are Formed

An analysis of 46 rare blue diamonds revealed how deep into the Earth these precious gemstones were formed. The analysis also revealed a new information about Earth’s geological reactions.

Earth/Environment August 2, 2018

Diamonds Are Not So Rare, If You Look Deep Inside Earth

Diamonds are not as rare as previously thought when taking a look at the entire geological picture of the planet. Scientists have discovered over a quadrillion tons of diamonds hidden deep inside the Earth.

Earth/Environment July 17, 2018

Not Forever: For The First Time, De Beers Will Sell Diamonds Made In Lab

De Beers confirmed that it will soon offer synthetic jewel-grade diamonds for sale. The company plans to market the products under the Lightbox brand and also admits there is a market for lab-grown gemstones.

Culture May 30, 2018

Nanotechnologists Discover How Diamonds Bend When Turned Into Ultrafine Needles

A study showed that diamonds have the ability to stretch when it is shaped into a microscopic size. Researchers said this surprising find could transform how diamonds are used in various fields.

Material Science April 20, 2018

Diamonds In Sudan Meteorite Are From A Protoplanet: How Are Space Diamonds Similar With Those From Earth’s Surface?

The diamonds in meteorites that crashed in Sudan were compelling evidence of a lost planet billion years ago, according to a new study. Analysis of its composition revealed that it is similar to how diamonds are formed on Earth.

Space April 19, 2018

Space Diamonds Found More Than A Decade Ago Were Formed Inside Of Long-Lost Planet

Tiny diamonds from a meteorite that crashed on Earth a decade ago originated from a long lost planet. A new study determined where the space diamonds came from.

Space April 18, 2018

Smartphones With Diamond Screens Could Launch Sometime In 2019

Industry experts shared their predictions regarding new technology for smartphones next year. In 2019, consumers could see Diamond screen on their mobile phones.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech February 7, 2018

Planet Uranus Could Be Full Of Giant Diamonds

Scientists mimicked the intense atmospheric conditions of Uranus to simulate how the ice giant could form diamond rain. The laboratory experiments successfully created tiny gems.

Space August 25, 2017

Scientists Create 'Time Crystals,' A New Form Of Matter

After months of research, scientists have finally come up with a new form of matter which they are calling 'Time Crystals'. These crystals are said to have thermal equilibrium and as a result of which, they remain in motion eternally.

Material Science March 9, 2017

Researchers Use Microscopic Diamonds To Assemble Atoms Into Tiny Wires Like LEGO

Microscopic diamonds known as diamondoids were used to make tiny wires measuring just three atoms wide. What are the potential uses of the technique and the tiny wires?

Material Science December 26, 2016

Harvard Researchers Build World's Smallest Radio Receiver

Engineers at Harvard have developed a tiny radio receiver using atom-sized defects in pink diamonds. This new device is highly durable and biocompatible, which means it can be used in space and even inside the human body.

Material Science December 20, 2016

World's Biggest Diamonds Hold Clue About Composition Of Earth's Mantle

Minerals and metals trapped inside the world's biggest and most valuable diamonds reveal the composition of our planet's mantle. What do the inclusions in the rare gemstones tell about the deep Earth?

Earth/Environment December 17, 2016

Not Just Girls' Best Friend: Diamonds May Also Accelerate Quantum Computing

Diamonds will not just take your relationship to whole new level. A research found that diamonds can also accelerate quantum computing and finally make quantum computers.

April 12, 2016

Forget Diamonds, Extremely Rare Sardinian Ichnusaite Makes Better Gift For Valentine's Day

Diamonds are a girl's best friend but not for long. Scientists have come up with an initial list of rare minerals that can soon become the best exotic gifts for Valentine's Day.

Animals February 13, 2016

Diamonds From Ancient Rock Formations Hold Clues To Primeval Earth

Geoscientists have long been debating about the right period that plate tectonics began to operate on Earth. Three diamonds unearthed in Johannesburg during the 19th century may finally help shed light on the matter.

Animals January 25, 2016

A New Type Of Carbon Is Harder Than Diamonds And Can Glow

Researchers at North Carolina State University have created a third type of carbon — one that is harder than diamonds and can glow when exposed to electric fields.

Animals December 2, 2015

Scientists Discover New Technique To Create Diamonds At Room Temperature

North Carolina State University researchers have discovered a revolutionary process to create diamond-like structures using a new state of solid carbon known as Q-carbon. The characteristics of the material make it an ideal component for the production of new electronic displays.

December 2, 2015

Dave Somerville Dies At 81: The Diamonds Frontman Will Be Missed

This diamond will live forever in our hearts. Diamonds frontman Dave Somerville dies at 81.

Movies/TV Shows July 20, 2015

What Can We Do With Magnetic Detector 1,000 Times More Energy Efficient Than Current Models?

Lots, it turns out! From imaging for medical and material purposes to contraband detection and even naval measurements, the new magnetometer developed by MIT researchers has a number of uses under its belt.

April 7, 2015

Brikk Outs $75,000 Diamond-Studded Apple Watch. Anyone?

Yes, $75K for Apple's first wearable watch with a diamond touch. It's not for the average wearable smart watch user in any shape or form.

Wearable Tech February 27, 2015

Lady Gaga Engaged To Taylor Kinney: Here's The Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

Check out Lady Gaga's heart-shaped engagement ring. Actor Taylor Kinney popped the question to Mother Monster on Valentine's day and she said YES!

Movies/TV Shows February 17, 2015

Diamond imperfections could be key to advancing quantum computing

Atomic-scale defects in diamonds could bring quantum computing a step closer, researchers say. Quantum equivalent of traditional computing bits can be the result, they say.

FUTURE TECH August 6, 2014

Diamonds strewn in Jupiter and Saturn's atmospheres: Research

Jupiter and Saturn may have diamonds in their atmosphere. Lots of them.

Space October 15, 2013

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