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Giant Hole In Mars Atmosphere Responsible For Loss Of Water On Red Planet

A team of researchers found two atmospheric processes that allow water vapor on Mars to reach the upper atmosphere where ultraviolet radiation splits it into hydrogen and oxygen. To this day, the Red Planet is still leaking hydrogen into space.

Space May 14, 2019

Mars’ Monster Dust Storms May Have Blown Away The Red Planet’s Last Traces Of Water

Where did all the water in Mars go? Scientists say that monstrous dust storms that enveloped the entire planet may be partly to blame for the Red Planet's absence of water.

Space May 6, 2019

Martian Dust Can Cover Planet Up To 39 Feet Deep, And Scientists Now Know Where It’s Coming From

Researchers pinpointed a specific geologic formation on Mars responsible for stirring up all that dust on the planet. The Red Planet can get buried up to nearly 40 feet if all that dust settled down.

Space July 25, 2018

Spectacular Image Of Dust Storm Over Martian North Pole Released By ESA

ESA unveiled a stunning new photo of a Martian dust storm brewing over the northern region in May 2018. The photo shows towering clouds of dust covering the Utopia Planitia region near the north pole.

Space July 23, 2018

Thickening Haze In Mars Is Now A ‘Planet-Encircling’ Global Dust Storm

The dust storm in Mars has engulfed almost the entire planet as haze levels reach the highest in history. The Curiosity rover is not affected by the lack of sunlight as it is powered by nuclear energy.

Space June 21, 2018

Is NASA's Mars Opportunity Dead? Rover Silent Amid Massive Dust Storm On Red Planet

Mission engineers failed to make contact with NASA's Mars Opportunity rover, which is now on low power fault mode after failing to recharge its batteries sufficiently. Can Opportunity survive the intense Mars dust storm?

Space June 14, 2018

NASA Wants To Predict Weather On Mars: Study Shows Seasonal Dust Storm Pattern On The Red Planet

NASA rolled out a study that shows predictable patterns in the storm behavior of Mars. The space agency explained that there is a long way to go before it fully understands the phenomena, but the first step is promising.

Space June 13, 2016

Squeaky-clean NASA rover Opportunity says, "But first, let me take a selfie"

NASA's Mars rover Opportunity took a photo of itself, showing cleaner-than-usual solar cells. What does this mean for the mission?

Space April 19, 2014

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