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Eating Later In The Day Linked To Weight Gain

Compared with early-day eaters, late-day eaters tend to have higher BMI and body fat, researchers found. Here's why eating late in the day may lead to weight gain.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 25, 2019

Free Office Food Is Making US Employees Fat: How To Resist Unhealthy Snacks At Work

American employees tend to consume office food that are high in calories and not aligned with dietary recommendations. Here are ways to avoid unhealthy food at work, including the sweet treats and cakes served on birthdays.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 12, 2018

Fast Eaters Get Fat, Study Shows: Taking Your Time With Your Food May Help You Lose Weight

New research revealed that the time it takes for a person to eat and the time at which the person eats are factors in weight gain. People who eat faster, skip breakfast, and eat midnight snacks have higher obesity risk.

Healthy Living/Wellness February 13, 2018

Reduce Your Food Waste To Ease Global Warming

As the world's population continues to increase, so are the food items wasted. It is well known that food waste contributes to global warming so practicing smart ways to reduce it is important to help address environmental problems.

Earth/Environment April 13, 2016

Goodbye Obesity, Hello Weight Loss? Scientists Find 'Stop Eating' Switch In The Brain (Of A Mouse)

Researchers found a 'Stop Eating' switch in the brains of mice that can signal when to stop eating. When confirmed, the research can lead to novel intervention methods to help fight obesity and assist in weight loss and maintenance.

Life March 18, 2016

Restricted Eating Stimulates Hunger Hormone Ghrelin To Increase Appetite

Experimental rats with restricted feeding schedules learned to eat more as assisted the hunger hormone ghrelin. Previous research emphasized ghrelin's ability to increase both circadian and external cues in increasing food intake and therefore driving obesity.

Life December 19, 2015

Stress Can Interfere With Ability To Control Urge To Eat: Study

Researchers have discovered that stress changes the brain to affect food choices, showing that people are likelier to indulge after experiencing a stressful event.

Life August 6, 2015

Google Rolls Out Smart Spoon by Liftware. Perfect Holiday Gift for People with Parkinson's, Hand Tremor

The Liftware Spoon is a simple device but it’s making a huge impact on the lives of those living with essential tremors or Parkinson’s disease by simply making it easier to eat for them.

Life November 26, 2014

Joey Chestnut Eats 9+ Pounds Of Turkey In Just 10 Minutes

Pro competitive eater Joey Chestnut just smashed a world record by downing as much turkey as he could in 10 minutes. He swallowed so much, he gained almost a pound per minute.

Internet Culture November 25, 2014

Size of our dining companions influence how much we eat: Study

Eating with an overweight dining companion can boost appetite for unhealthy food regardless if the person opts for healthy food choices, study suggests.

Life October 6, 2014

Eating alone is now the norm in America

If you are eating meals by yourself, you are part of the majority, according to some date released by the NPD Group.

Internet Culture August 25, 2014

Eating alone fast becoming the norm for the American household, claims study

Family dining is going the way of the dinosaur, claims a new study, with most Americans eating many meals alone. A new report claims over 50 percent of eating and drinking is happening on a solo basis.

Life August 9, 2014

Sugar label proposal draws opposition as FDA review kicks off

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing public comment regarding a move to stipulate how much sugar has been added to a food product. The proposal is not going over well with at least one major food manufacturer.

Life August 5, 2014

Saturated fat may not be bad after all, claims 'The Big Fat Surprise'

Saturated fats could be part of a healthy diet, according to new research from a journalist. Her ideas are being supported by a growing number of researchers.

Life June 7, 2014

Fasting is beneficial to the immune system: Study shows it triggers stem cell regeneration

Having trouble with your immune system? A new study shows that fasting may be a great solution. It triggers a process that's akin to recycling for the immune system.

Life June 7, 2014

Here's why you don't bite your tongue while chewing

Researchers used a special form of rabies virus to better understand why we seldom bite our tongue when we eat, whether or not we pay attention to out chewing movement.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 5, 2014

Two hefty meals, not grazing all day on food, is best for diabetics, says study

Study reveals greater weight loss on two-meal day approach. Study focused on Type 2 diabetic diets.

Life May 16, 2014

Eat those fruits and veggies and you'll keep heart stroke risk low, says study

Not only do apples keep the doctor away, four to five daily servings of fruit and vegetables can keep the heart stroke risk down.

Life May 8, 2014

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