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Eczema Drug Helps Regrow Hair In Patients With Alopecia

An eczema drug has caused a 13-year-old with alopecia to grow hair on her scalp for the first time since she was a toddler. A new study hopes this could lead to clinical trials that could prove whether or not the drug can counter alopecia.

Medicine October 11, 2018

A 23-Year-Old Woman Suffering From Eczema Murders Her Parents And Takes Her Own Life

Police in Hong Kong located three bodies in an apparent murder-suicide. The 23-year-old suspect suffered from eczema, a skin condition, and blamed her parents for it.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 20, 2018

Probiotic Treatment For Eczema Shows Promise In NIH Clinical Trial

An NIH clinical trial showed positive results in reducing symptoms of eczema by applying good bacteria in the affected skin areas. The study involved adult and pediatric participants, who showed no side effects and adverse reactions.

Medicine May 4, 2018

People With Allergies At Higher Risk For Psychiatric Disorders

Findings of a study conducted in Taiwan showed that Individuals with allergic diseases such as asthma, eczema, and hay fever are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. Why?

Public Health April 25, 2018

Invisible 'Second Skin' May Treat Eczema And Reduce Wrinkles, Eyebags

A material that turns invisible when applied to the skin can potentially reverse signs of ageing. The second-skin known as XPL does not also cause irritation or allergic reactions.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 10, 2016

Experimental Eczema Drug Dupilumab By Regeneron, Sanofi Effective In Late-Stage Trials

The late-stage trials for the eczema drug dupilumab have been a huge success. Now the makers are working fast to get it into the market as soon as possible.

Life April 1, 2016

Crisaborole For Atopic Dermatitis Is Effective In Phase 3 Trials, Anacor Reports

Anacor released a report saying its atopic dermatitis medication crisaborole is effective, putting the company a step closer towards making the drug available in the market.

Life July 13, 2015

Creams For Eczema And Athlete's Foot Can Reverse Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis remains incurable but two drugs found in ointments used for treating athlete's foot and eczema could potentially reverse the condition. The drugs can also help patients suffering from other myelin-related conditions such as dementia and cerebral palsy.

Life April 21, 2015

Researchers Find Curious Link Between Washing Dishes And Allergies

A study shows that chores and health benefits mix as it is found that using hand-washed dishes may help keep children from developing allergies.

Life February 23, 2015

People with Eczema at Higher Risk of Obesity, Heart Disease, Other Health Problems

Eczema is more than just a skin problem. For people with this condition, the health problems go far beyond the skin.

Life January 17, 2015

Selfies can help cure skin problems. Here's how

Selfies can help eczema patients to get rid of skin problems. Dermatologists can evaluate eczema by viewing its picture and then recommend treatments or prescribe medicines.

Life October 27, 2014

Childhood eczema symptoms will most likely continue through adult life: Study

Although it is widely believed that eczema in children goes away when they reach adolescence, a new study suggests that children with mild to severe eczema may continue to have the condition lifelong.

Life April 5, 2014

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